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  1. i got it going, so thanks to you all
  2. when i rec. it from pocket querry i send it right to my Tungsten-E fast install???i have both PRC form cachemate at the sametime to my palm too.
  3. ok.i have added cachemate to my Tungsten E.and rec.my infor from pocket query.and still no infor? WHY
  4. got a palm from the wife and can't seem to get the caches pages on it.i have e-book on my PC.and it loads to the palm but can't read it? help thanks
  5. i like it .send it to VA,
  6. it took me 2 try to find my first cache.i was on the wrong side of a hill.
  7. they are very nice.i have 2 and used one for a multe cache.i like the way the bottom open to help keep water out .
  8. pick one up that a car race and made a cache out of it..
  9. i have one or two of them.they are very nice.
  10. i have no problem with it.as long as you respect the place
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