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  1. How much space is required for loading all of the east topo's from mapsource?

    But the number of segments exceeds the current limit (2025?)

    You're absolutely right, Herzog, I neglected to check that. To load all the segments from the US Topo - East CD would require 2565 map segments, which does exceed that limit.




    The segment limit varies with the different units, the 60 and 76 x series units have a limit of 2025.

  2. If you can get it to display what you want then there is always the print screen button.

    Thanks, i know this funktion, but i want to plot an area of 50x50 miles with all details on an A0-Plotter


    It looks like GlobalMapper (www.globalmapper.com) might be able to print such a map. However right now getting the .img data into GlobalMapper might pose a problem. At some point I'll have a program that will be able to convert a .img file into a format GlobalMapper can read.

  3. Go to the Garmin site and compare the viewer for Metroguide & CN for the specific area you want.

    I think my old Metroguide 5 was closer to CS than CN - imho.


    All features are the same. The only difference between CS & CN is the directions are a little more explicit in CN than in CS. I also think the directions might be a little more verbose on the PC for CS than MG, but not sure about that. So yes except for the autorouting on the gps CN and MG are pretty much the same. However there are ways to get autorouting on the gps with MG. For instance if you load the maps with sendmap20 instead of mapsource than you get routing on the gps but loose global indexing, but there are ways around that as well.

  4. I did a search and really couldn't find what I was looking for....sooo....Can you remove a memory card from a 60csx and place it in a 76csx and still be able to read the maps? I have a 60csx and was thinking about buying two more for my kids so they can go do their own thing and leave mine alone.... :ph34r: I have city select and topo right now and I know garmin lets you use put software on up to two units...Just curious if anyone has tried! Thanks...


    It would work if you have unlock codes for all the units.

  5. I use City Select 7. Near me is an off ramp that has been there well over ten years. However, City Select 7 doesn't show any off ramp. I suspect that Navigator 8 won't solve this problem. If I can get a free update, then I will upgrade to Navigator 8. Otherwise, I prorbably won't. After all, I don't replace my paper maps every year. Of course, if I drove for a living, I would upgrade right away.


    Is the ramp in google maps? If not it won't be in v8 of City Navigator since both use data from navteq. Have you reported the problem to navteq (http://www.navteq.com/updates/mapfeedback.html)?

  6. I've heard of other people having this problem where the GPSr will always shut off at the same location when they are autorouting. This sounds like a bug in the map data.


    But did I read correctly that you have had the unit shut down both when autorouting and not autorouting?


    Yes, it shuts down making this one particular turn whether or not it's navigating.


    Now, GET THIS!!! If I turn OFF the GPS, do a GO TO and say YES to simlulate/demo the route, as the route is SIMULATED (I'm not moving) it turns off at exactly the same place.


    What happens is there is a turn, that arrow saying to turn come up, but the tracking triangle does not make the turn. It passes the turn, turns around, and comes back to the turn (in like a second) and starts to get ready for the turn and then turns off!!


    Explain that! :rolleyes:


    Well, since you can reproduce the problem in demo mode, give the repro steps to garmin so they can fix the bug.

  7. How do i change the map color on a Garmin 60 cs.When you look at Garmins web site the map is yellow.On my gps it's brown.I have city select mapsoure with all the latest downloads.Anybody please help i'm tired of looking at all the brown roads.


    The brown you see on the unit is actually yellow. You can change how different types are displayed in mapsource and on different units using a new feature. You can create a TYP file (using the latest version of cgpsmapper) and then add a registry entry for the map product you want to change. Here is the .typ file that I use for City Select North America v7:


    and the .reg file to add the entry to the registry. Be sure to edit the file first so that it points to where you put the file:




  8. The problem I see is that in the past (according to their website, I have no personal experience), it's usually a month and a half or so from the date software is released and the date it actually starts shipping. Although would they really stop selling the previous version if it were that far off?


    Garmin usually anounces the new version somewhere in the middle of the "announce" date and "ship" date. So they could announce it today but the website would have an announce date of May 1st or June 1st.


    Honestly since this is the third or fourth time I think they are just making dates up since they assume it will be released soon and since they are the only site offering it, kind of cornering the market on it at this point. Although I don't know that for sure.


    Yes, they could just be counting on the fact that Garmin has come out with the new version around this time for the last few years to corner the market so to speak.

  9. The 60CSx does have some internal memory (it stores the track log to it). If you loaded maps to the

    micro sd card using a card reader, you will notice that when you insert the card and turn the unit on, it

    will have a progress bar at the bottom of the welcome screen. It seems to me that it is building some type

    of index in internal memory for the maps on the card. So the limiting factor in the number of maps you can

    have on the SD card is the size of the index file that it can put in it's internal memory.


    2025 is the current limit imposed by Garmin. It used to be one thousand something and they upped it a couple months after release.


    I'd like to think they will update it again when the 2 GB cards start to appear.


    Does anyone know why Garmin has imposed this limit??



  10. I have a brand new 60CSx I need to sell, see:


    With shipping to Australia (USPS global express mail) the price would be $450 US.


    As I said in my other post, I'm new here, but I'm well known over at http://forum.brighthand.com/forumdisplay.php?f=53

    and run the Garmin map site:



    It's in stock and ready to be shipped out. <_<


  11. Due to an order mix up on my part (canceled an order from one vender and ordered from another before I got confirmation that the first order had been canceled) I now have two new Garmin 60CSx units. I'm keeping one and will sell the other (still unopened). Cost is $429 shipping included to anywhere in the US.


    As an added bonus I'll make the buyer a custom 24k topo map of any area in the US (up to 20 USGS quads).


    For details on the 60CSx see:



    I'm new here, but well known at http://forum.brighthand.com/forumdisplay.php?f=53 and run the site:



    I will ship outside the US for $429 + additional shipping cost.



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