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  1. Just as a workaround until you find what you want, mark a waypoint where you take the picture then go a few feet in the direction that you took the picture and mark a secondary waypoint. That will give you a bearing. I don't recall if the 60 CSx records a time that a waypoint was marked. If it does the earlier time will give the location of the picture and the later the bearing.


    This would probably be the easiest solution. You could even write a program on the pc side to match up each pair of waypoints based on their proximity to each other, calculate the direction, then output a gpx file that contains one waypoint for each pair that contains the date/time, location, and direction.

  2. So I've managed to save my $110 for maps so far. I hear that the new version will be released sometime in June? I'm ready to buy, like, now; do I wait for the new version release, wait for it to come up on Amazon and get it, or does Garmin usually provide the free upgrade to recent buyers. I would really hate to buy a map that will be replaced shortly since I've waited so long already.


    Will all regions in City Nav. NT fit on a 1GB card?


    If they stick with the same schedule they have been on for the last few years, you won't be albe to have it in your hands until the end of July or begining of August. With the new policy, you won't be able to upgrade for free. Yes it will all fit on a 1Gb card.

  3. I also got some. I made a shield for my 60CSx. At first it looked great, but after a couple of weeks a small weird bubble appeared causing a little distortion around that area. I think that happened after leaving it in the hot car for a while.


    I also made one for my iQue 3600. The materal is a little "grabby" when using the stylus. Sometimes it's worse than at other times. I think it may be related to the humidity.


    For the PDA I'm going to stick with the boxwave screen protector, but for other devices that don't use a touchscreen I'll use this. It is very tough I wasn't able to pierce it with a ballpoint pen.

  4. For the record, The limit was nearly doubled to 2,025 shortly after the "x-models" were released. There must be some logical reason for Garmin engineers to implement the limit in the first place. Our tiny, little minds simply can't comprehend why.


    The 60csx builds some type of index of the mapset (you can see it do this when you insert the microSD card into the gps and turn it on for the first time, you'll see a status bar across the bottom of the screen). The more segments the bigger the index. The index is stored in internal memory so it's size is limited by the amount of internal memory, which limits the number of segments you can have loaded.


    In this thread:


    I explained that the topo maps can be regenerated with larger segments and said if enough people were interested that I would write a program to automate the process. Not a single person responded that they would be interested.

  5. Well I think I partially answered my question but I am still unsure on what POI types are NOT searchable on your gpsr.


    I surmise that when you "find" "Geographic Points" that those points are


    Code (Hex) Filter (Decimal) GPS Description

    • 0x6400 100 Manmade Feature
    • all other 0x64XX types
    • 0x6500 101 Water Feature
    • all other 0x65XX types
    • 0x6600 102 Land Feature
    • all other 0x66XX types

    These 6400 through 66XX numbers are searchable on your GPSr. It would appear that 0x4900 is not however. Anybody have any thoughts?!?!


    The 0x31xx to 0x63xx types aren't searchable on the gps.

  6. I noticed on the Garmin website that FH is now discontinued, but Inland Lakes seems to be going strong and even getting new updates. They look the same to me.


    Is IL the successor to FH? I've got a legend C that I use for Weiss Lake, Alabama and I'm always looking for better lake software and waypoints if anybody has em!


    P.S. For you demonoid users i've uploaded my entire weiss lake backup file for mapsource! Feel free to use it!


    For the two big lakes in my area, Falls Lake and Jordan Lake, FH contains more detail than IL.

  7. Disney World over my dead body.


    Oh and I emailed Garmin and got this response:


    "I hate to have to confirm it, but the second unit unlocks with the road

    products are going away. If you wanted to update two units it would be

    a matter of buying two update unlock codes."




    So has anyone asked if they are changing data suppliers from NavTeq?

  8. Most GPS users are VERY computer savy. It will only be a matter of time before someone figures out how to obliterate the unit lock downs. There is no such thing as hack proof software.


    I Have been told that TOPO Great Britain has been CRACKED!!!!!! (No Unlock Key) <_<


    The only "Cracks" I've seen are simply recompilations of the locked maps. When you do that you will loose

    autoroting information and if the free version of cgpsmapper was used in the process you will also loose

    address and phone numbers from POI's.


    There does seem to be evidence that some people have the ability to generate unlock codes and charge to do so.

  9. Thanks a lot for the research. I ordered 2 square feet of the VentureShield (for $10 plus shipping) and put it on my 60CSx last night. It looks great. I have enough of the stuff left to put on my two pda's, my camera, and any other device with a screen that I may buy in the forseeable future!


    It seems to me that it would be a bit tricky to get the shield cut to fit your screen. I take it that that part will depend on your personal skills with scissors or similar.


    The pda's will be easy since the screens are rectangular, I'll just take the material down to staples and use the paper cutter so the edges will be very straight.


    The 60csx was trickier since it has the curvy bits at the bottom. I cut a rectangular piece to cover the screen, put it on, used a ball point pen to trace around the edge of the screen, took it off, cut it to size, used alcohol to remove the ink marks from the edge and put it back on. I ended up getting some fibers stuck to the adhesive side somewhere in the process of taking it off and putting it back on, so I did a second one using the first one as a template which worked out well. If I was to do it again I would get an overhead transparency or tracing paper or something to get the shape and use it as a template.

  10. I bought the Invisible Shield kit for my Garmin Venture Cx about a month ago. I think it's great. It's perfectly clear and does not distort the screen at all. Seems tough as nails and it's very stuck to the screen. The only difference is that I get a little more reflection off the screen.


    A friend picked up a screen protector called from bestskinsever.com and it appears to be the same thing but they sell it without the bottle of application solution and sqeeegee. It's a little cheaper.


    I got curious what this stuff is so I did a little looking around. As far I can tell, it's a urethane film with an acrylic adhesive which is sold in rolls and pre-cut kits as a car paint protector (like an invisible car bra). It's called VentureShield. The adhesive solution seems to be water with little soap in it. You can buy it by the foot here:




    At $5.99 a square foot I'm kind of tempted to buy a foot and try it on some other devices. Just something interesting for those of you who are tinkerers and have an Exacto knife handy and have a sense of adventure.


    Thanks a lot for the research. I ordered 2 square feet of the VentureShield (for $10 plus shipping) and put it on my 60CSx last night. It looks great. I have enough of the stuff left to put on my two pda's, my camera, and any other device with a screen that I may buy in the forseeable future!

  11. I have tried that. That will work only when I have the time to sit down and create a detailed route in Mapsource and then transfer it to the unit. I have dozens of customers around the Chicago area and since they have started a large construction project on one of the major expressways (a 3 year project) I want to avoid it if possible. When I leave one customer and want to navigate to another, the unit will not recognize that I want to avoid the that particular section of the expressway and send right on it.


    The 76Cx doesn't support road avoidence.


    For the units that do, I don't think the avoidence areas you set up in mapsource get transfered to the gps, you would have to set up the same avoidences in the unit as well.

  12. Initially the limit was 1000 and change (don't remember the exact number) and Garmin was very responsive and quickly upped the limit to 2025. The change they had to make to do that was probably very minimal, probably just had to change a #define or a constant. So why not just up the number even higher if that's all it takes? My guess is that they can't make the value any higher because they are limited by the amount of internal working ram (memory) that the unit has. I doubt you will see a higher limit than this.


    I think the only case this limit makes any difference at all is in the US Topo 100k maps (at least that is the one I always hear complaints about) and maybe the US Topo National Park 24k maps (not sure of the sizes there). With a large enough SD card you could load the entire City Navigator maps for North America, Europe, Australia, and any other City Navigator maps Garmin produces.


    The solution, wait until Garmin releases a new version of US Topo....may happen, may not, personally I wouldn't hold my breath.


    So what can be done about the problem? Regenerate the US Topo maps with larger map segments yourself. The process isn't that complicated and can be done with free tools that are available such as cgpsmapper and gpsmapedit. The process isn't complicated, but it would be pretty tedious. If there is enough interest, I could write a program to automate the process. How many people would be interested in such a program?


    Do you mean 12? Are you sure it comes with maps?


    www.walmart.com has the garmin I3 (yes the I3 which is the color unit) on sale. The I2 is the black & white unit. The unit includes CITY SELECT on DVD. If I do not like what I get, then I drive over to Walmart and they take it back, full refund at the local store (even though I bought via mail order).


    Ok, I thought you said "13" instead of "I3".

  14. Garmin GPS 18 Deluxe for about $105. It comes bundled with City Select maps, but can be upgraded to the latest City Navigator maps for free.


    That is a bargain!!


    I just cancelled my order for a 76CSX at least for now. I will see if I can get one used that includes CITY SELECT or CITY NAVIGATOR activation and DVD already.


    The Garmin 18 deluxe gives you a PC with UNLOCKED software for doing route navigation, as this GARMIN is just a sensor. I do not think I can use the extra UNLOCK code from the bundled CITY SELECT (aka CITY NAVIGATOR) to activate and install maps to my external stand alone GPS (like a 76CSX).


    Yes, you can. It's the cheapest way to get City Navigator maps. The only drawback is you only get one unlock code to use for another unit since one code is tied to the GPS 18. But it has the advantage of another gadget to play with.


    Now that the GPS 10 has been discontinued, you can get the GPS 10 Deluxe package (with maps) for about $120. You might find a better price if you search around.


    If you want the NT maps, then the Garmin Mobile 10 (GPS 10x with maps and software) for about $160. You could buy the maps cheaper than that, but I bought this package to use with a PDA.


    If you already have a Palm TX, a Palm Treo phone, or a pocket pc, then you might consider the GPS 10 or Mobile 10 to use with it.

  15. I like the iQue 3600. It's been discontinued but you can get a factory refurbished unit with detailed maps for about $250.


    Not an all in one unit, but you could get the GPS10x (otherwise known as Garmin Mobile 10) and use it with a palm such as a Palm TX or pocket pc such as the Dell Axim. Right now the software (Garmin Mobile XT) is still a bit buggy, but it will be a great combo once they get the bugs worked out.

  16. I think you are right that the odometer uses speed multiplied by the time interval to calculate distance. I also think this is the more accurate mesurement.


    For example, take your gps and mark a waypoint at your current position. While standing at the same spot, navigate to the waypoint. You'll see that the distance to the destination is going to vary, one second you'll be 1 foot away, the next you'll be 4 feet away, the next you'll be 2 feet away, etc. A change of position of 3 feet per second is equal to 2.046 mph. However if you look at your current speed it would have read zero or very close to it. So standing in the same spot over a period of time the distance recorded by the tracklog is going to increase. The odometer will not increase (or increase much slower than the tracklog). The gps uses doppler shift of the gps signals to calculate speed and is accurate to .1 mph. So calculating distance by speed * time will be more accurate than calculating distance by comparing two coordinates taken 1 second apart.


    As to why your odometer showed a higher reading than your tracklog, I'm not sure.

  17. i want to review a route in utah that im planning to take. i live in ct. how do i fool the 60 csx to think im in utah so i can see this route and make sure it will follow my preplanned route.


    From the Satellite page, menu->Use with gps off, then menu->New Location.

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