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  1. v8 has 1,125,827 poi's and 3,957,519 miles of roads. v9 has 1,306,294 poi's and 4,633,513 miles of roads.


    Thx B)


    Heres the official thing from the Tech Support


    Thank you for contacting Garmin(Europe)Ltd.


    If you purchased Metroguide Europe v.8 you would not get a free update to Metroguide Europe v.9. Metroguide Europe does not have an update procedure, when a newer version comes out, if you wanted this update you would need to go and purchase it from a retailer.


    Please note Metroguide Europe is NOT the compatible mapping for the GPSMAP 60CSx.


    City Navigator Europe is the compatible mapping with the GPSMAP 60CSx and supports auto-routing.


    Still might get this GPS deal as its cheaper to get the crappy uncompatible v8 with the GPS than buy the GPS on its own from most places :laughing:


    All maps (ie. BlueChart, MetroGuide, City Navigator NT, City Navigator, City Select, etc.) except for maybe BlueChart g2 maps are compatable with the 60CSx.


    Normally MetroGuide maps aren't routable on the gps but there are several ways around that. You can get a patch for v8 here: http://forum.brighthand.com/showthread.php...646&page=11

    second to last post.



  2. The process will work for any map, however certain information can be lost in the process such as routing, street addresses, additional poi information such as address and phone number, and DEM information. The original US Topo maps don't have any of this information, so nothing is lost from doing the process on those maps. To use the process on another map such as the Canadian topo maps you will have to generate a set of .gdb files which contain the map segments you want to combine, this is a simple but somewhat tedious process.


    The Canadian topo maps have over 7000 segments. They do have routing so that would be lost. The size of the maps is over 3Gig so you wouldn't be able to load all the maps onto a 2Gig card even after eliminating the segment limit (but you would be able to load more than you would be able to otherwise).

  3. I just finished the process today and... all I have is the Eastern set of maps. I have all 4 installed on my PC... any ideas what I did wrong/how to do it right?


    What directories are the eastern, western, alaska, and hawaii maps in? What directory did you specify to the program?


    Thanks for getting back to me... they all reside in the "C:\Program Files\Garmin\Garmin Topo Disks" directory... \Alaska, \East, \Hawaii, and \West


    Send me the combinemaps.log file. Check my profile for email address.

  4. I purchased a Garmin 60cs several years ago. Right before Katrina I purchased the City Select v6 which after much todo we finally got the code unlocked and I have used daily on my GPS.


    My computer crashed last month. I loaded the MapSource disc on the new one and it says I need an unlock code. I have no idea where it is. I called Support who says I never registered it - basically tough luck. I have no reason not to have, but I guess with the Katrina/Rita ordeals it might have happened, though I doubt it. I have searched and searched, but I keep all of my discs in one place and though there are 4 discs total (with the original set up discs on 2 Garmin 60cs gps') there is no unlock code - either for mapsource OR for the city select. I even have all the little booklets! I am helpless with out it, and I guess I have no way to get it.


    Does anyone have any suggestions? I am very frustrated. We paid $400 each for 2 GPS's, and another $200 for the City Select to put on them. I am nearly in tears and have no idea what to do next.




    The unlock codes that you entered when you unlocked the maps can be extracted from the gmapsupp.img files from the gps units that you have loaded the maps to. You'll need to transfer the file from the gps and then use a hex editor to view the file.


    Download sendmap20 from here:


    and use that to transfer the maps from the gps to the pc.

    Then load the file into a hex editor. In the hex editor go to the bottom of the file and then search up for the string "City Select North" without the quotes. Before this string you will see a string of 25 characters, this is your unlock code.

  5. You've stated that this conversion method removes the DEM (elevation) data from the maps. Is this inherent in the method you use, or is it simply a choice you've made to reduce the size of the map set? In other words, can this method be used to combine the maps into fewer segments but still retain the elevation data? If so, how? I like to have elevation data so that when bicycling, I can check the elevation profile on the route the 60CSx has calculated, and adjust the route if necessary to avoid steep hills.


    It's inherent in the process. DEM data, routing data, and poi addresses will be lost. However since there is none of this data in the original US Topo maps you won't lose any data with those maps.

  6. Never saw any response by someone who actually used your code and instructions to create these larger segmented Topo maps that could all be downloaded onto a 2GB card and used in the GPSr. I used your routine last week and it worked like a champ. When looking around for a way to solve this problem, I found your post and this one:



    I tried both approaches out a little over a week ago. Running at the same time, it took about 48 hours for them both to complete. The other method mentioned above "seemed" to complete OK, but when I checked out the map segments in the GPSr, many of them were not available and I think this is probably due to the GPSr addressable map segment limit. However, with your methodology, I have the whole Topo US map set available in my GPSr. Thanks a bunch for making this available. It worked great for me.




    How much memory space does the whole Topo US map set take?



  7. Well, Garmin finally returned my email and sent me the same link you did. And the problem doesn't seem to be solved, although I haven't tried the install yet. The Legacy System download page specifically says "WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product." Well, DUH! I own it, but I can't get it off of the CD, so how will it know I own it? There seems to be a major faux pas is their logic.


    edited for digitus largus erronius.

    What they're saying is that MapSource alone doesn't really do anything by itself (except up/download waypoints, etc.). It's the interface for manipulating map data. So in addition to MapSource, you also need to own map data to really use it.


    He will have map data, he ordered US Topo 2008. The problem is that the version of mapsource that comes with his copy of Trip & Waypoint manager and the version that will be on US Topo 2008 won't run on Win98. He can download the version of mapsource for legacy op systems that will run on Win98 but since it is an update it checks the registry to see if a previous version is installed, if it doesn't detect that a version of mapsource is installed then the update won't install. To get around the catch 22 you have to manually add the registry key that the mapsource update is looking for, then you can install the mapsource "update" without having to install a "shipped" version of mapsource.

  8. ^^^^ Thanks for clarifying the dvd versus sd card unlock situation. But, it seems to me that maximum versatility would be obtained by purchasing the dvd and a blank sd card so custom maps and waypoints can be generated and placed on the card at will, no?


    (I am saying this from the standpoint of only having to use the maps on a single GPSr).


    The maximum versitility statement was in the microSD/SD card section and means that if you decide to get the card instead of the DVD then you should get the microSD card even if your gps takes SD cards, then you can use the microSD card with an SD card adaptor to use in your gps, and if needed at some other time use the microSD card directly in a unit that takes microSD cards.

  9. City Navigator on DVD:

    Is locked, the unlock code is tied to the unit serial number of your gps, can only use on one gps unless you purchase additional unlock codes.

    Advantage, can view and use maps on pc to create routes, waypoints, etc.

    Advantage, can mix maps from different map products (for instance City Navigator & Topo 2008) on the same card.


    City Navigator on microSD or SD card:

    Is locked, the unlock code is tied to the serial number of the card. You can use the maps on multiple gps units by just inserting the original card into whatever gps you want to use it on. You can't make a backup so if you lose the card you are out of luck. The maps on the card can be read and transfered to another card but since the unlock is tied to the serial number of the original card the gps won't use unlock them.

    Advantage, can use on multiple gps units (but obviously not at the same time). For maximum versatility get the microSD card and use an SD card adapter if your gps uses SD cards.

  10. Well, Garmin finally returned my email and sent me the same link you did. And the problem doesn't seem to be solved, although I haven't tried the install yet. The Legacy System download page specifically says "WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product." Well, DUH! I own it, but I can't get it off of the CD, so how will it know I own it? There seems to be a major faux pas is their logic.


    edited for digitus largus erronius.


    Instead of emailing them, give them a call, they are a lot more responsive on the phone. They should be able to tell you how to install the update even though you don't have a previous version installed. There is a simple registry edit that can be made to do it.

  11. Hello All!


    I have a Palm TX and am thinking about getting a Garmin Mobile 10 unit to add GPS to the unit. I currently have an Explorist 400 for geocaching but am wondering if anybody has used a PDA and the Garmin Mobile 10 for geocaching? Is there any shareware or other software that could utilize the Mobile 10 and PDA for GCing?!


    Thanks in Advance!



    Garmin Mobile 10 is a package which includes the GPS10x gps receiver, City Navigator Maps, and Garmin Mobile XT software (the software to display the maps). You can just buy the GPS10x receiver by itself.


    You can use the GPS10x receiver with any program that supports a gps receiver with NMEA output, so you can for instance use cachemate with the NMEA gps plugin to manage and navigate to the caches.


    For on road navigation you can use the GMXT software that comes with the Garmin Mobile 10 package, or you could use third party applications so for instance you could use Tom Tom software and maps with it. Currently the GMXT software is fairly buggy and unstable but they are actively working on the bugs. Once the kinks get worked out of GMXT it will be pretty good, it's the same GUI interface that the Nuvi's and new Streetpilots use but with a lot more features that they lack such as routes with more than one via point, track log recording, and setting of specific roads & areas to avoid.

  12. I'm in the market for a new GPSr and may purchase this weekend, but wanted to see if anyone knew of any special "deals" going on -- it is after all a three-day holiday weekend! Free shipping, discounted prices, anything you might know of and share would be appreciated.




    Check www.salescircular.com. The items currently listed are from the normal weekly ads, check back tomorrow morning to see if there are any from any specials in the Saturday paper.

  13. Hi!


    Seems to be the same problem. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=132398


    The gpsmap60-series is designed for MTB !!!

    There are a lot of advertisements in MTB-magazines!!!


    I thought it is a firmware problem. - Meanwhile i know it is a design problem of the gpsmap60-units and also the etrex-units seem to be similar (look at pic)

    It seems to be cheaper to replace some units as to built a better new generation :blink:

    Most people do not have that problems because it will only happen after some months of heavy use.


    here are some pics according to the problem and also pics of a insight-view and solutions:







    And this is the major problem - the unit loses contact on the marked position:


    Sorry, i do not know the owner of the picture.


    A lot of people in europe have the same problem - you are not alone :ph34r:

    There were many discussions about that problem on a german forum (http://www.naviboard.de)


    One link you gave has instructions to solder in a capacitor to solve the problem. Personally I would just solder a pair of wires from the spring connector to the pads.

  14. Just had to call to verify my order with them. Got the high pressure sales pitch for all the addons for it. Then he told me I was getting the imported model (all text would be in japanese :anitongue: ) and I could upgrade to the USA model for alittle more. Next words out of my mouth was cancel my order, do not buy from!! :anitongue:


    I don't believe that there is a Japanese model, Garmin doesn't even sell maps of Japan. In any case their website says:

    Included Software/Maps North America Maps, South America Maps

    which means that it has the North America basemap (why would the Japanese version come with a North America basemap?) or they are including City Navigator or MetroGuide maps of North America for free.


    I wonder what excuse the slimebags would come up with if you called them on their bluff and said the Japanese model would be fine.

  15. Its There a map source that has markers? Or can i use the old America recreation maps if i could find them?

    Do they have a lock code? Can they be used on more than one gps?


    oops Its called United States Roads & Recreation.


    US Rec Lakes & Fishing hot spots v5 has a lot of detail for lakes, for other areas it has the same coverage as the old Roads & Recreation maps. The old US Topo maps have bouys & markers for sounds and channels. Neither are locked products. Are you interested in coastal areas or inland areas?

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