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  1. Sorry to give you something to rip on. I didn't see that this was talked about last year. You can lock this thread, and I will go back to lurking. Don't stop posting dude,just do like i do and ignore worthless comments like that.Those ar the kind of comments that keep a lot of people lurking and not getting involved because they are scared too. I think it's an interesting topic that i have never seen before.
  2. what department in walmart and what's it called?
  3. So with the new beta maps is it not possible to create a query from the map page anymore? And is the beta map all we have now? Is the old map still available or is it gone?
  4. Personally,this is just my opinion. Ive never seen saturation as a bad thing,i want more caches and i think 250ft would be a good distance between caches. Probably won't be many here that agree but that's always been my thinking.
  5. I would never ever use a sheet of kleenex for a cache container,just wouldn't hold up i don't think!
  6. Maybe a small baggie wrapped in duct tape and inserted in a small crack? I thought that was Florida Style. I have only found 3 of them in California. Florida-California... same thing
  7. Maybe a small baggie wrapped in duct tape and inserted in a small crack?
  8. would that be the same as 200 gpx files or 5000 geocaches????
  9. I have been using the nuvi 650 for caching for quite a while using the macro and poi loader and it has worked flawlessly until now. What started happening all of a sudden is when i load the gpx file to the nuvi from gsak it now tries to load all the files from gsak. If i use the manual download i can take all of the files out except the gpx file and they load. The problem is now all that shows up is the gc codes,no names of caches,details,hints or anything but the gc code. Any idea what may have happened or what i could do to fix this.
  10. Is this saying that beta firmware is unstable and should be avoided?
  11. I have a oregon 450t.How can i tell what software version i have and where can i find the latest software to down load? Also is it worth it to download the latest?
  12. Look at it this way,there are 170 other logs,no other complaints about placement in any of em.... just sayin
  13. i use reflective tape on small clothes pins. Clip them onto limbs and put a tie strap around the jaws. I have some that have been out for 4 years.
  14. Yeah, and with that it saves time. It's the whole point of having computers around, to save you time, so you don't have to do everything yourself. I already know what I want to do with the PQs, so it makes sense to just tell my computer to do that for me. Only that Groundspeak doesn't let me with the larger PQs, for no good reason.
  15. We will be in Nashville the 1st week of march for the womens sec basketball tournament. We will be doing some caching while in town and wondered if someone would like to volunteer to be a lifeline if needed? Hope we won't need one but you never know.
  16. I have looked and can't fins a definate answer. Can you place a pysical cache within 528ft of an earthcache as long as there is no pysical container there?
  17. I have a cache that a squirrel keep wanting to move. I am thinking of moving the cache about 100 ft. Can i change the coordinates on the cache page myself or does the reviewer have to do this?
  18. For about the last week every time i try to open the geocaching app on my android i get this message. Sorry the application geocaching (process com.Groundspeak. geocaching) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again. Anyone else had this issue? And who do you contact when having problems with apps?
  19. I believe the limit is 50 miles. Thanks,thats what i had about figured out but just wanted to be sure i wasn't doing something wrong
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