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  1. I was having problems with the official gc.com app for android. So i had to uninstall it,now when i try to reinstall it is trying to charge me again. Is there a phone # to call for problems like this or is the only communication through e-mail,which is very slow. Thanks for any help
  2. Of course that bears the question: when is a cache the same cache as another? What if it's the same container, same contents, same log book, all in the same location, it just gets a new listing and a new GC code? Is that a new cache or still the same cache? New GC code = new cache
  3. "Its impossible to get to the rail bed from the road above the tunnel due to undergrowth and steep grades." Never underestimate a cacher trying to save steps,they will find a way!
  4. I don't want to be the devil's advocate, but I play geocaching to find containers, if I wanted to see something interesting id look for waymarks that interest me. AMEN!
  5. Just because it hasn't been logged doesn't mean it aint been found!
  6. I just read this post and i'm still laughing, surley you guys aint buying this or you? LOL Funny stuff
  7. Will the Gsak nuvi macro work with all nuvi's? Looking at getting the Garmin nüvi 3790LMT and want to be sure the macro will work on it.
  8. We have one in our area thats about 20ft down in a river. Its an ammo box with a thermos inside and a matchsafe inside the thermos and its full of rocks for weight. Its been there a month and we visited it again yesterday and everything inside is dry as a bone. The can looks rough on the outside but perfectly dry on the inside.
  9. When you are navigating to a cache using the pointer and you get a certain distance away you get the gray screen saying you are arriving. Is there any way to disable this so the blank screen doesn't pop up. I have looked through the menu but can't seem to find anything.
  10. GOOP,Best stuff ive found, Had some out a couple years in the elements and it hasn't failed yet.
  11. On my oregon 450 when i select a cache from the list and hit the "GO" Button the screen automatically goes to the map page. Is there a way to set it up where it will automatically go to the compass page? I have looked through the menu but can't find anything.
  12. I got one of these,inexpensive and works great. Just couldn't see paying Ram prices just to hold a gps to the windshield. http://cgi.ebay.com/Colorado-Oregon-300-400-450t-Garmin-Car-Suction-Mount-/130509127451?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e62f33f1b#ht_1161wt_1140
  13. Yep,thats the way i do it too,also have streets and trips on the laptop.
  14. Cable ties would be a bad choice since they would rot due to UV exposure then the cache would be lost. personally i have never had a cable tie rot and i have some thats been outside for years,not all on caches but other things.
  15. here's mine http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ae127798-8ed6-44ea-b7fc-69e9875b9e1b
  16. Just curious,how is putting a micro where there is a spot for a larger cache all about the numbers? It's one find whether it's a micro or an ammo can. Dont see how you run your numbers up there.
  17. I suppose the Jeep travel bugs weren't commercialism? How about the Ape caches? Groundspeak were not promoting those Yes they were! Project APE had their own category created. Jeep travellers were announced and promoted on the front page. "No commercial caches" where the cache owner gets the kickback... Donate tha kickback to Groundspeak and all is fine. Please raise my PM rate 10% and stop the hypocrisy! My bad,i didn't realize that. I'm not saying im against or for this. Just saying that with the hard stance on a business name being on a cache it surprises me to see this act of commercialism on their part. Sorry didn't know the history of those others.
  18. I don't think they are over populated. I love micros,i also love finding ammo cans,lock n locs and even nanos. I just like hunting caches,so to me the more the better. I like em all.
  19. I suppose the Jeep travel bugs weren't commercialism? How about the Ape caches? Groundspeak were not promoting those
  20. Wow,with all the talk about commercial caches being a big no no,i'm very surprised to see this. Is this not commercialism in caching?
  21. check this out,i think it's what you are looking for. It is about the same diameter as the snap tops but it has a cap and a oring. I have several of these out and have never had any wet logs in them. http://www.mygeocachingstore.com/cryomicro.htm
  22. Those bison inserts are for sure NOT watertite
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