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  1. Hey, TG - where'd you find that fire map? Here ya go TFTC. Thanks! I'd found this one, but I like the google one better. Though overlapping the 2003 fires is informative - almost lets us predict where the next round might be. I can't speak for South County but there's not much left in North County that has not already burned in the past four years. So I hope we have a long reprieve. Oh there is always more to burn. Its been a few year since the Harmony Grove Fires, so they are due again. But any who, Mt. Israel cache is still definitly accessable, but you can go no further.
  2. Didn't that area get fried in the fire? I know that cache is a virtual now but the park might be closed if the park did get fried. I know all SDRP is closed up here. Nope, that area is very much open. I was there yesterday checking it out. Grabbed the George Washington's cache while I was out there. Elfin forest is closed on everything East of the Escondido Overlook. Mt Israel is located right at the Escondido Overlook. So assuming that Elfin Forest's web page is acurate, it should be accessable. Never the less, I will be finding out today
  3. I am going to be doing the Mt Israel cache today in Elfin Forest Mt. Israel. I plan on starting at the trail head at 3:15pm. If anyone wants to come join me on the trip it would be great!
  4. Great idea Tom! The event is a great place to collect things. Paul Since we are on the subject, has there been any word of other cachers that lost their home? Anyone heard the latest from Eric and Hill? Hill's folks lost their place in RB. See Post #12301. Currently Hill's parents are being taken very good care of by the insurance. They are living in "Corperate aparments" for the next year or two. We have adopted their Yellow Labrador as they could not take their pets with them into the apartments. All is going well, its just going to be a couple of years before they are back in an actual house again. Here are some Before/After pictures of their home that where taken by news reporters.
  5. Thanks for the congrats - couldn't have picked a better group or venue to reach this first milestone. 100 finds seems like small potatos amidst this crowd but gotta start somewhere, right? Thanks again to all who have helped provide information and answer questions to get us started. Congrtatz on 100 WOO HOO!!!!
  6. wut? seriously. there must be some story that goes along with this pic. That is The Great Cache Bandit , he goes from cache to cache removing ammo cans and putting shoe-boxes in their place.
  7. Here is a picture of My wife's (Hill's) parent's home. This is the home she grew up in.
  8. It looks like my father/mother in-laws (Hill's parent's) house is gone. They are all safe but they where living in the Westwood area of rancho bernardo. They where showing clips of the neighbor hood and about 3 in 4 homes are destroyed. We are still praying for the best though.
  9. This was part of a wash that ThePolarBear and myself came along in our journeys. Needless to say I wanted to try and go down it from above. He found the correct way to bypass without killing ourselves and we took a picture from the bottom. The picture doesn't do it justice but it was about a 50ft vertical drop from top to bottom. And of course, for bonus points, which cache was this on the way to?
  10. Congratz to Thunder-4 on 2200 and 2300 While out in the desert!
  11. And Congratulations to ThePolarBear on these milestones! 1800 1900 and the big 2000!!!!!!!
  12. I just released a new Travel Bug. Keep an eye out for it at Events and around the town The Geo Crasher!
  13. What is it about Europeans (Spaniards and Swedes, anyway) that makes them want to rearrange the landscape??? (From the GC.com Banner Gallery...) PFT.... I am all American baby, I am still trying to convince ThePolarBear the difference between Bread and Crackers...... They just don't get it
  14. While out caching with ThePolarBear we got an idea to hide a cache. The only problem was building the Geopile. We found some rocks that worked however! For bonus points, where is this cache?
  15. Just a friendly Reminding for Hiking fun! Hopfully I beat this cold by tommrow!
  16. GC15MZ2 Nice score! Link above for the lazy. D! I liked the log just before LeoGeo's first attempt to score the FTF... Could that be the record for "Oops, I entered the wrong coordinates..."? Congrats, LeoGeo! Its only 3000 miles away. Well within the GPS's error ratio. They should have just broadened their search radius.
  17. I have done that before when I was about 19.... Ended up driving around TJ in my parents car for about 2 hours... Nothing happened but still..........
  18. Iron Mountain Caches! After our recent victory against all the Mt. Woodson caches, ThePolarBear and myself are planning to attack all of the Iron Mountain caches up in Poway this saturday. We are planning to meet at the below coordinates at 7:00am. This should be an all day adventure with about 10miles of hiking. Anyone up for the challenge is more then welcome to join. See my bookmark list with the planned caches. Iron Mountain Caches Meet at the below coordinates at 7:00am 9/29/07 N 32° 58.670 W 116° 58.382
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