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  1. I am really loving the new version 4. You can do a field note where you have the options of Don't publish where it will be on the phone, publish as a field note which is what I use or Publish as Log. With the publish as field note the next time I log onto GC it will show I have field notes so I can edit the brief note which was my info on the find and easily visit with my logging bug.
  2. OK now I feel really foolish. I got it working. Battery pull, reboot and it is working fine
  3. This had been displaying as normal site earlier with just the browser. What is interesting is even the wap site just displays the numbers.
  4. Can someone help me? I have a Blackberry torch when I log into geocaching.com and the page comes up all of the links just show up as underlines. For example on my caching name is just an underscore when I click on that, since I know that is what it is, the page comes and and all of the links just show up as underscores. Not much good so I am guessing I have done something wrong can someone help. It worked before so something happened. Oh I should say it is a BB Torch on AT&T Thanks
  5. I am very much looking forward to the return of virtuals. The tour of Washington, DC via virtuals is an experience I will always cherish. I was very concerned that caches like To a man on his day that was at the Martin Luther King site was gone permanently. So to answer some of the questions I think one thing we can pretty much all agree on is no armchair virtuals. Agree Should Virtuals not count toward your Total Finds ala Benchmarks? Yes caching is about using coordinates to find something as far I am concerned Should Virtuals be required to be educational ala Earthcaches? No though most are Should Virtuals have specific requirements for logging? Example: requiring questions to answered about the site in addition to photos (ala Earthcaches). Yes the learning is part of what makes virutals so enjoyable Should they be restricted to certain types of locations and if so what kind? Limit it to historic buildings/landmarks, statues, and monuments? Man-made objects only not natural ones (i.e. natural objects must be Earthcaches)? Part of what I love about caching is caching getting me to places I would never have visited otherwise. The CO wants me to visit for a reason so restrictions should be really thought out. Should saturation restrictions (the 0.1 mile limit) apply to Virtuals now? This could limit "Virtuals spam" and help limit them to areas where physical caches cannot be placed. I vacillate on this, some times there can items of interest in close proximity. On the other hand have one every 10 feet does not make them special Thanks for bringing them back amid all of the controversy.
  6. On the Hide and seek page when I input the zip code of 58401 I get cache listings for the Czech Republic. When I enter 58402 which is a second zip code for Jamestown, ND it is correct
  7. OK let's clarify some things. I was the cacher who started this whole process. I got to the GZ and the cache was already destroyed. The only thing that remained was the container so I knew I was at the correct location. In the area were a number of items that with limited education on meth, but I have had some, I believed could have been used in the production of Meth. I contacted the cache owner who contacted someone they knew on the at the police department. That was the last I heard of it until I was told about this thread. I am not at all surprised nor unhappy that this cache was removed. This was once a place that kids played. I was very concerned that if it was a meth lab that other cachers, especially those with children not get into what had the potential for a bad situation if it was one. The reason I wanted to do this cache in the first place was it was near the home my daughter once owned. When I told her about it she was not surprised and pointed out that OK has long had a meth problem. So to complete this discussion the cache had already been destroyed, LEOs were asked to be there, and they were doing what they should be doing trying prevent illegal drug production. The unfortunate thing is that happened to be at a geocache.
  8. Ok I know it is simple and I am just missing something. How do I delete an old bookmark list. Thanks
  9. gnies

    OK I apologise

    I expressed my dismay on this forum when I saw the early versions of the test maps. Thank you for the new maps. I look forward to really getting to know these new maps and their features.
  10. I am trying to figure out why these are better than the old maps We 1) no longer have the list of caches on the page making the map a lot less friendly 2) 15 mile limit makes the maps a great deal less usable out here in the rural areas of the Plains So I am wondering what the advantages are. I am trying to be nice
  11. gnies

    Google Earth

    I can't get geocaches to show on Google earth. I have had it in the past.
  12. The 15 mile limit may make sense some places but look around this cache GCZNH1. Is there a way this can either toggle on or off or to a larger range.
  13. When I look at the map I can get the listing but I don't know which listing goes with which geocache unless I do a rollover and that is only one what is missing is some way of correlating the listings with all the caches on the map. On the old maps there were numbers that did that. Is there a way that I'm not seeing. I use this to print the map to take along and that would not work at this point. Is there a way to label the place marker? I am using Firefox browser. I did try IE and did not get any maps. Thanks
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