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  1. do you have the event page for last year, as would like a little info on what to expect iyswim
  2. I blog....mainly the text is the same as my log, but I put pictures there...as it is too time consuming to add to the log iyswim. Also makes it a nice diary for me of our adventures, rather than clicking back through our profile http://the-slaughter-family.blogspot.com/
  3. reading with interest as I have a cable to connect mine and not been able to export from GSAK...
  4. Welcome to the hobby, I mean addiction I believe that is the one I have and works fine for us.....200 today
  5. Yes lots of fab info here and fab people to share with........ if you HAVE to buy....then I bought (before I found this place ) Geocaching for Dummies......did help
  6. You both have time for another hobby? Shocking I know, but it links in nicely as I can journal about our finds, and also get some fabby pictures while out and about.....more on my blog ~ http://sarahs-scrap-book.blogspot.com/
  7. Sorry to keep you all in suspense!! Yes we do know each other though our 'other' hobby of scrapbooking and are chatting off forum now....sorry Nice to meet someone else though
  8. No, do you do papercrafts?? lol, yes I do :-) Scrapbooking... sound familliar? Yes!!!! Sent you an email Are you on Facebook??
  9. BTW your avatar, looks similar to a friend and her family......hhhmmmm........but then it could be coincidence......
  10. Mr B beat me too it There are lots of lovely cachers in the area (and caches). Feel free to join one of the events (I can't make Weds, but plan to be there Sun
  11. oo and then there are the 'Sidetracked' ones which are designed to be cache and dash
  12. a good plan I try to add a cache and dash tag to caches we have done on my blog if you are in our neck of the woods
  13. Leave it.....I have had a cache live for a while and no finds yet - easy one with a short walk to get answrs/cache.....I think there is something happening in the calendar at the mo which is making caching second choice (shock horror )
  14. GeoLex - The Lexicon of Geocaching. thanks for the link
  15. thanks for the reminder. I have submitted nos, but then emailed to say I sent the wrong ones - oops.......the email had the right ones......hope this is ok
  16. I have a tom tom go xl (i think) but not figured how to get caches on there without adding by hand and doing as pois!
  17. I had the same thought and then discovered off your trolley.......yes they may be micros, but the challenge is the stealth!!!
  18. though it is nice to see people have visited the waymarks you have uploaded....makes it worthwile that you have shared something 'meaninful' iyswim
  19. interestingly, having had a poke around to see what waymarks are near me, I can see more use, for me personally, in finding unusual places to take people for a cache (maybe as part of an offset multi). a VR post box fairly near me looks good, but its in a hotel foyer... could always use a number from outside the hotel......and note on the cache page about the pbox
  20. I enjoyed the virtual cache we did recently.....would never have visited te village without. WM are great to add more interest/education for my children too when out
  21. Go For It - they will have a whale of a time.......I know what my brother's ex's ferrets were like.....always up for an adventure (and she had sooo many)
  22. Benchmarking and other things can be found on Waymarking.com.....been to some nice places thanks to this. There is a link on every cache page to ones nearby. welcome by the way
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