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  1. I dont know how im going to attach the two yet. I think string will look a little cheap.


    Ball Chain??


    It would be a fair bit mmore than i would be wanting to spend :(


    I forget to mention you could get cheap plugs in a hardware store and use that chain.....we do in the crafting world as that does work out a little cheaper??


    that sounds like it could work, i will nip over to homebase and check them out :) cheers!


    you are more than welcome, good luck with the shopping....I hope to be able to find one of your items one day :D:laughing: -( laughing coz not getting to your neck of the woods anytime soon)

  2. They're listed under Lost and Found Event Cache for some reason. Just use the first pull-down menu to select them - at the bottom - to get the full list. Have fun folks. Fingers x'd for decent weather for any outdoors ones (I'll be dressed as a gorilla on top of a hill. I don't want to be hit by lightning like that; it wouldn't be a dignified way to be remembered).


    Thanks for that image.......gave me a chuckle B):anibad:

  3. Have you thought about the new forest? There are plenty of campsites there, and its a wonderful area. Plenty for kids too.

    The forestry commision campsites are gopod plus there are lots of private ones. Let me know if you need specific site suggestions.


    oo forgot about there :lol: did some nice caches around there....think that was were we did a multi and was next to an airport

  4. just need to find a weekend that my daughter is over and an event with lots of kids about her age (12 but hangs around older kids too).


    Piratemania 23rd - 25th July. Kids of all ages at that one!


    wanted to come to that but would not be able to get there until late Sat as school doesn't finish till the Friday.......like the sound of the Yorkshire ones......planning to pass through there on route to Scotland :blink: Great thread, interesting to read as I have to sons, 4 and 10 so caching needs to be easy to get at :DB)

  5. Recommending Eastbourne area (beaches as said as there is a trail along the whole front).....and the Cuckoo Trail.....few of mine up there :P One is Fab for children :P A treasure trove :P


    No sure about the camping.....think there is a nice one at Norman's Bay??....not been there though :P


    We also camped at Theobald's Park near London and did some caching in Epping forest (if memory serves right :( ) was a short drive away.

  6. .......does anyone have any news about the Mega Camping......tried emailing but their box is full and bouncing back

    Put your question to the committee on their forum, you can locate it here

    It will also be worth pointing out that your email is bouncing back. Big Wolf has the email system set up so that dependant on which email link you use, will depend on who you are actually sending the email to. So it could be a single persons email box which is bouncing back or it could be a problem with the whole of the Mega Scotland email system. I am fairly sure he will be appreciative of issues like this being highlighted.


    Thank you Haggis Hunter :)

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