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  1. Wait a sec, you can have 20 characters for the cache name? :o


    Thanks for the other info Clyde. Garmin helped me with my other issue by having me uninstall MS 6.1 and go back to 5.4, but it helped.


    Has anything been done by garmin to make better use of the note window? It seems it's limited to 1-1/2 lines but could be a lot more.

  2. Yeah what he said, USB! But besides that, a few things I've noticed. when saving to Garmin Mapsource it only lists versions 3,4,5. yet I'm using 6.1. Now something I've noticed and I'm not sure what's causing this, but when I open a file I saved from GSAK in MapSource and I click on start tracking, that the waypoints, cursor and even scale symbol flash at a high rate of speed making it useless to even use tracking if you're looking for waypoints. Any ideas?


    Also how do I select multiple waypoint in GSAK, say I want to delete x,y & z caches from the database without doing each one individually.



  3. Yeah WestCoastAdmin was posting a question about my cache less than 1 minute after submitting it, I wasn't even done finalizing it! But I also had to teach him/her that they can't log a find on my cache just because they approve it first! LOL :unsure:


    Now the question is, who is WestCoastAdmin? So far they won't tell me......... :tongue:


    SoCalAdmin used to do the same thing as Hemlock, you'd see cache approved late at night, his schedule was predictable, not anymore though. But it doesn't seem many people are hiding caches either. Speaking of which, time to go hide some more!

  4. Thank god I have great hosting companies! In 7 years I've had my domain expire twice and Network Solutions held the domain for me both times and it was a painless experience that had me up again within 24hrs. Then once my webhosting company shut me off when I forgot to pay the bill. I called them up, gave them a new card number and within an hour we were back up after being down for 2 days.


    Somehow I think Rich has used the wrong companies for services. Especially the one he registered the original domain name with. Oh well everything will get worked out in the long run.

  5. I seem to have a glitch I can't figure out. I've even tried reinstalling. When I run 6.1 and download waypoints from my GPS to it, then I select start tracking, the waypoint start flashing on and off. Even the scale graphic goes haywire.


    Anyone else?

  6. I've been on plenty of car accidents where they have been split in half. Usually the victims are in the car or not, almost always dead. Even if the seat belt held you in the deceleration G-force is enough to kill you, that's why there isn't any gore. Not that I mind gore :lol: But it's people like this that keep me employed! I average cutting someone out of a car once every 2 weeks, that's an extremely high rate of using the jaws of life. We had bad accidents 3 thrusdays in a row, we started calling it Cut-n-Rescue Thursdays, it was just bound to happen. But we graduated from that to train accidents trapping people.


    Anyways, blunt force trauma is a huge killer of people. Accidents where you think people should be torn up, yet there's no visible injuries but the person is quite dead. These type of injuries do not have a save factor usually. Life in the fast lane!

  7. Oooh, also forgot. I wish Garmin would let us make full use of the notes window. It appears to be about 4 lines big, yet we can only use about 1-1/2 lines. Man if I had four lines I'd never need printouts again for the most part!


    Garmin can you hear me!

  8. I use a flag symbol for my caches, no idea why.


    One problem I'm having is GSAK is not showing all of the caches I've found. Now I don't know if this is a PQ problem or what, well I guess it must be. But between running 3-4 seperate searchs it's only showing about 90% of my finds. I only have 263 finds.


    I have 3 PQ's:


    1. All my finds within 500 mile radius, 500 max

    2. All caches within 100 miles, 500 max

    3. Then I have several other searches overlappring in 4 direction finding all caches again.


    Any ideas? This is even counting the archived caches.

  9. Time to yell.




    I did a 13hr caching and hiding tour and when I got home over 1/2 of the track log for the trip was gone! With my legend it wouldn't even have come close to filling the track log completely, Frustrating! I don't why we can't have 50,000 track points or automatic rollover into a new track log.


    I also don't like the compaction of data if you save the track log. We got 54mb's of room, let us use it better.


    GARMIN READ THIS PLEASE!!!! it's my only complaint since you fixed my other one, thanks!

  10. Same here, glad we're paying for this option!!! I know Jeremy says he's working on things, but man this site has just got ridiculous to use. Even though I'm basically on a T1 line it like old school and I'm using a 14.4k modem in actuality. Sucks! I love the site completely except for the removal of the new caches from the main page and the performance of the site.


    So I sit here and twiddle my thumbs waiting for my PQ's that says were posted 4-5hrs ago.

  11. Nobody has addressed this yet, so I will.....


    You DO need to re-calibrate the compass EVERY time you change batteries.


    I have been using the Navigation Screen when doing a goto for a cache (not the e-compass), and have not had any problems unless I get under thick tree cover which blocks the sats.

    Ugh, that's everyday!

  12. I noticed today when I use the geocaching.com maps that they will not list new caches as they did a few days ago. Say if I have the map open and only select "new caches" it shows a handful of caches, so I click on "identify" it doesn't display the links to the "new caches". I've noticed this gliche once before. A tad frustrating since we can't get new cache alerts anymore.



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