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  1. Well there's still major problems it seems. It's taken me about 1-1/2 hrs to log 11 caches, ridiculous. I have another 40 to log and I don't know what to do. Besides being SLOW I'm getting the usual "Server too busy" or "timeout" errors. Bottom line is the servers are WAY TOO overloaded! HELP!!!
  2. Tried that once altely, I love looking for archived caches! LOL
  3. Yeah no PQ's today! Usually I can trick the system into getting them to me right away, but not today. So here I sit waiting to go caching for my PQ's
  4. Stanley Cup unused playoff ticket from the Mighty Ducks vs. NJ Devils game #6. wish I had kep it, but someone probably traded it for a little green army man!
  5. Someone say the VK's have a 60CS now? Now maybe they'll catch up to me with finds! Anyways. I see Garmin is always upgrading the software has there been any discussion about increasing the ability to use the full notes window instead of just a line and a half? What's the improvement on the track log?
  6. How about how often you log off. I'm always on it unless the server gets whacky, ok that's most of the time!
  7. Doesn't seem to be a bandwidth issue either. I notice the server is the same speed whether I use a 56k PC or my 3MB PC. There should be a huge difference but there isn't.
  8. I take it the forum server is different than the gc.com databases? I can't connect to anything right now, keeps popping into a weird search engine asking if I want to search for gc.com! LOL I'm not getting email notification too, well one topic and that's it. Took three times to get this message posted: PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\sources\Drivers\mySQL.php on line 101
  9. Why not just make a new cache! One more never hurts.
  10. Welcome to the world of top notch servers! Some processes I can do, other crash after submitting them. I've done my share of retyping today. I've learned with GC.com that anything I do I need to copy and save it elsewhere until I complete the task. Maybe thiis is another reason I'm still having major delays in getting my PQ's?
  11. What's the status on new cache alerts? I know there was supposed to be something in the works since we lost Rusticwebs cache alert tool.
  12. One just posted, called Riverside. I submitted two this morning at 7am PST. One arrived an hour ago and the other just showed up. Very unusual, usually it's just minutes after I submit them. I usually like to run a fresh query of the area I'm going to cache just to make sure I got everything up to date. Which I found out the hard way today, a cache had been disabled last night and here I am wasting 20 minutes looking for it today. LOL Thanks,
  13. What's up with the PQ delivery speed as of the last day. I submitted three queries this morning and usually I have them minutes within submitting them. But today I did three at 7am this morning, one just showed up and the other 2 haven't been sent yet. What's the problem?
  14. I concur, I noticed the same thing yesterday when doing a new cache search. Good eye!
  15. Speaking of which why am I not receiving my PQ's this morning. Normally I submit a PQ and within minutes I get it, it's now been 2hrs and I'm still waiting!
  17. I just posted a similar subject over at SoCalGeoCachers.com Forums. I have a cache (Founder's Garden Sluice) where people were posting way too many hints, then even some posted photos. To me the cache went from a 4/3 rating to a 2/1 rating, not what I had in mind. Many said email the other cachers who posted or remove the photos, do nothing, or to delete logs. Finally there was some adjustments made by some cachers so I left things alone. My thing is to have everyone have the same experience in finding/retrieving it.
  18. I just thought I'd post to make GeoFD drool a bit. Yesterday, last day of our shift, 15 runs, 2 working fires including a well involved attic on a 2 story 3000+ sq. ft. house. One auto vs. ped, auto = 1, ped = 0. I haven't slept since yesterday at 5:30am (37hrs ago). This shift rocked compared to last week, which we thought was stellar
  19. Well talk for yourself, I could use an ATV on some fires. I'll just use it to follow you up the hill! LOL I kick most kids half my age into the ground, but that doesn't mean I'm not lazy if there's an easier way to do it.
  20. What if you go to do maintenance on your own cache and it takes you 15-30 minutes to find it because it was moved from where it should have been? Now I haven't done, but god knows I deserved the "found it" for that cache!
  21. LOL yeah last week we had a classic 16 shift. No sleep til 4:30am the first night, the last night 5 hours sleep in 2 parts. Averaging 8-10 calls a day. 3 vegetation fires, a arson vehicle fire and a train fire. And as we're working the train fire we see another fire in our area, 2 buildings and several vehicles going strong! Then add in the normal medical aids, the 2-12/hr job to remove a 600lb man from his house (required 3 engines and 2 medic untis). Ok I need a drink! LOL
  22. I didn't start this to attack any admin, not by any means. I just wanted to get other cachers input and feelings on this. I have never had any issues with SoCalAdmin, Hemlock or WestCoastAdmin. It seems though now I'm getting chastised on a new cache I just submitted, now be it if it's in humor ok, but if they are making me out to be an a**, then that's not fair for me just having an honest question.. SoCalAdmin had been swamped with work, so WestCoastAdmin has picked up the slack, caches have been getting approved as quick as ever, any issues are dealt with coordially. We had a real issue with a cache last week and he even called me at home and we worked out the issue, and he was willing to give in to me, but I made the change. I guess I was a little upset about GeoFD's caching getting disapproved, when there are other caches much more blatantly commercial. All's good in love and war!
  23. Actually it was my $.10! LOL and it's been several days of slugging around. But thanks for finding the fix Jeremy!
  24. When my eyes open, I'm awake. Must check for new caches, must decide game plan for the day, must cache cache cache! I've woken up at 4:30 and checked for caches. It's usually the first thing I do when I wake up. Anytime is the right time!
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