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  1. I just edited like, 90 of my caches. Changing little things, updating things and didn't have any problems changing a lot of micros to smalls. The only time i had a problem is if I forgot to check the 2 boxes at the bottom, then I just said DOH!

  2. Jeremy,


    A couple of things, besides my other requests.


    - There was talk about a owner being able to see who's watching their caches?


    - Being able to log TB's into a cache as an owner when the cache is new without having to post a note.


    - Notification, if you are watching a cache, that the cache owner has made a change to the cache page. This would be a HUGE addition!


    Worthy suggestions! ;)

  3. You're not getting it CoyoteRed, no one said there was anything wrong with puzzles, but it's each finders choice about how they want to find it. I look at puzzles around here, the hard ones, and I look at who finds them, I bet out of 10 finds only 2-3 actually solved it. From there it's all downhill...........

  4. Some people just don't like puzzles, they just want to find the cache. I'm in that category as are many other people I know. One time I decided to work on a puzzle, 3 days, countless hours, 8 visits to the site before I figured out where it was. Once I got there was it worth it? NO, freaking nano in a telephone pole with trash all over! :blink: Maybe that's not the norm, but it's not my thing. I don't have the patience for puzzles, having a short attention span doesn't help. Have I solved some, sure, did I enjoy them anymore than a regular cache, not really. It's just not my thing!


    I believe it's to each their own. Some like it some don't. How someone get's to the final cache location is their business, if they just want the answer and to not solve it, well that's their choice, it's a free caching world! Should the cacher be disappointed? well that's up to the individual, what's the difference if someone tells someone else where a regular cache is before they get there, same difference. I think puzzlers get pissed because they spent this time trying to fool people or make them use their Brain to some higher degree, well that's great! But it's not what I got into geocaching for. It's about having fun and finding caches my way, not yours. For me it's about the fun of the game the way I chose to play it. So why do I even think about doing puzzles, because it's another number and I want it off my list!


    This is why we have variety. Let the hider hide it their way, let the finder find it their way. Once you make the cache and release it it's out of your hands how people find it. Get off the control issue already. :D

  5. I want the solutions. Having only 6.2 minutes to figure out and find a cache doesn't leave me much time to do puzzles!~ ;) Don't blame me, I just happen to hang out with the #4 cacher in the world and he makes the rules! ;):unsure:;)

  6. Regarding the email, that would be great if that was the only email you were to ever get. But how would it decipher between regular email and emails with PQ's and grab them over standard email. Not worth the hassle to me. I mean does it's really take you that long to click open an attachment, open winzip, extract the file/files, then import it into GSAK. It takes me less than a minute to do 5 a day.

  7. Jeremy,


    When can we get a "preview window" added when we're posting logs or notes for a cache page? It would sure be nice to be able to preview your post before submitting it.

  8. Congratulations are in order for the Ventura Kids. They reached a new milestone finding their 4000th cache! :D


    It's been a pleasure to have cached with them over the last two months and see how they really cache. B) It was fun being with Steve reaching and achieving this 4000 cache mark and to introduce them to new geocaching software that Steve now kicks himself in the butt thinking "With this stuff I could have had 5000 finds by now!" ;) Steve is very good at finding caches in the old school style, but now that he's modernizing and been taught how to use GSAK, well stand back, 5000 is just around the corner. :D


    I'm sure the VK's are busy trying to catch up on his logs. His 3999th cache was called "Breaking News!" and his 4000th is called "Ventura Kids 4000th Find (VK's 4K)".


    So congratulations again! Maybe after this he'll quit for a week or two and rest up before continuing. :D

  9. We talked later and discussed if we had planned on more and went for a full 24hrs. Our intial goal was to do 100 caches, but then we realized that was going to be very easy. Then we say the prior record was 131. But it wasn't really about that, it was about what could we do. My worry the whole time was what was my co-pilots vision? Well he ended up being as excited or more than me and said he wasn't worried about time. So when we finished the initial route that had 127 caches on it we decided to just add more and see what we could do. :) Sure westarted battling a broken GPS, having to use flashlights, some DNF's or missing caches, working a route we hadn't planned. Hell I even thought I got for locationless cache, but others had already used the same locations, dadgum. :D


    No matter how many you do in a time period is irrelevant, did you have fun is the bottom line! :D

  10. I just set the California/Southern California records, 144 finds in 14.5 hrs. For me it was nothing more than a personal challenge. The pretrip planning was almost more important than the caching. But the caching was an extreme blast, not rushed as you would think (because the route was so well planned). I remembered every cache, did a personal log for every find. I did have a co-pilot from the area, but his main goal was to document everything we were doing. Most caches I found before he was out of the truck. A good percentage he hadn't done, more that he didn't remember, and many others that had been moved, so his actual help was fairly limited. I'm not bragging about this, I just feel with the right amount of preplanning and effort anyone can do it. Remember this was about nothing more than having fun, it's a game and this is one of the most exhilarating times I've had. Two days later I did 37 in the Palm Springs area, another fun filled day at a relaxed pace. Two days later I did 6 caches, that went from evil to somewhat of a hike. It all depends what your mood is. The reason for the 144 finds? I was approaching 1000 finds and wanted to do it with a personal challenge. Doing something like that is more work than you could ever imagine, would I do it again, without a doubt!


    Here's some stats:



    Left home at 4am, grabbed the first cache at 5:20am. Meet up with ShowStop at 5:56am (8 solo caches in 36 minutes). Stopped for lunch with Team Dakiba from 12:40pm to 1:20pm. Finished the planned route at 5:59pm 120 finds, 12hrs. Decided to add more caches in Moorpark and Simi Valley, finished trip with ShowStop at 9:15pm 24 more finds, 15.2hrs total time so far. Continued to Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Pasadena. 4 finds, 1.5hrs. Arrived home in Riverside at 11:33pm. Total trip time, minus drive to and from time, 14.5 caching hours. 6:01 minutes per cache including drive time.


    144 caches


    2 multis

    3 puzzles

    8 virtuals

    131 regulars


    By ratings:


    33 – 1/1

    42 – 1.5/1

    17 – 2/1

    8 – 2.5/1

    7 – 3/1

    1 – 3.5/1


    3 – 1/1.5

    13 – 1.5/1.5

    7 – 2/1.5

    3 – 2.5/1.5

    1 3/1.5


    1 – 1/2


    1 – 1.5/2.5


    1 – 4/3.5

  11. I thought they only made the 60CS, every cachers dream! :D I've gotten quite a few cachers to buy one, I should work for Magellan! I'm also converting some Magellan users over. When they see what I can do with the 60CS they're sold pretty quickly. :D


    But unfortunatelty I caches so hard in the last 2 months, 500 finds (200 in the last 2 weeks), I wore my 60CS out. So now I'm having to regress to my Legend, umm, I forgot how to use it :)

  12. Well thanks to my Garmin 60CS's auto-routing and MapSources auto-routing I was able to set a one day Southern California Geocaching record, 144 finds. I couldn't have ever done it without these two things. Of course my GPS was hooked to my laptop. A little auto-routing and some fine tuning, good too go!

  13. Just call Garmin and get an RMA number. Also when you talk to them ask them to lets us use the full capacity of the notes window, not just the 1-1/2 lines we currently can use. This is the biggest thing that would make the unit near perfect, being able to store the whole hint on the GPS, YES!~ :huh:

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