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  1. Thanks for the info. Yeah I'm a bit confusing. Guess I was used to my 60CS. Routing is not a priority, but would be nice to have. I got what I got and I'm sure it'll do more than I need. Mostly I need the topo maps for an upcoming trip to Southern Utah and finding places way off the beaten path. The price for the bigger units was an issue too, but this is not something I'll be using everyday or for that that often probably. Mostly for areas I've never been before.

  2. I'm not really concerned about the street routing as much as just entering all the places I want to visit and have roads lead me to them if I get lost ;-) I have my smartphones mapping if I really need it. It just would be nice to have one unit, like the one I bought LOL


    So I got I can use Navigator, but isn't it discontinued? I know you can still buy it though. And the Nuvi maps won't work with the 64ST. What program is used for making a waypoints map now? It's just funny how much has changed.




  3. Since 2003 I've been using a Garmin 60CS. I finally needed to upgrade and got the 64ST, which I get tomorrow. It seems everything I knew has changed as far as maps, making routes and waypoints, or so it seems. The hardest thing I'm trying to understand is the mapping/routing. It comes with the preloaded TOPO maps and the basemap, but I can't figure out what is needed for detailed street maps and routing. Everything I've read is as clear as mud to me.


    Can anyone bring this old timer up to date? Thanks.

  4. Ditto here, it's absolutley terrible. Two pages to print about a paragraph of text and one map. the old version was much better IMO. Is there some way to have actuall printer friendly, cacher friendly pages?


    Print Friendly does not print coordinates for me.


    Example GC155G3 only has large blank area with waypoint name in large bold for top 1/3 of page then Short Description then Long then attributes then on pg 2 the map.


    How do I get the coordinates to printout?

    IE 7.0.5

  5. Is there a way to make the geocache symbols not show without deleting them?

    I don't believe so, it's one of the things we've complained about to Garmin. When you email them :lol: Also tell them to let us use the full notes window, thats the big one!

  6. It's all about the preparation, plain and simple! when we did our 144 in 15 hrs we were still ready to do more but had only planned on doing 100, so 44 or so were a last minute add on.


    But if anyone can do it I think firefighters can, we're used to working long hard hours! I'm already planning another big number trip, but unfortunately the density out here won't let me get any numbers that high. I've done too many caches in too many area and there isn't many virgin areas left.



  7. It would be nice to get a reply from the TPTB when a request is asked for. Either say NO WAY, or WE CAN DO THAT, or maybe GOOD IDEA! :laughing:


    Just something to let us know they actually read the forum about the website! :blink:

  8. I e-mailed them about this last week, pointing out that there is a lot more room in that field, room for maybe 60 characters. I got a canned response that said the notes field held 30 characters. Maybe if we all keep bugging them . . .

    Yeah there isn't any reason that open it up and let us use the whole notes window. Why have a 3 line window and only let you use 1-1/2 lines? DUMB!


    EMAIL THEM, CALL THEM. Make them change it!

  9. Well on the listing page they make the reference to the micro being 35mm cannister in size. The regular Altoids container is 3x the size of a 35mm cannister, 3X. That's why I say small not micro. I mean is it really micro? No, but the breath strips one defintely is!

  10. How about when you're on a watch list or receiving a cache notice as an owner where a photo has been placed in a log, that you are notified? :D I just happened to be going thru some of my TB and cache pages today and for the first time saw photos I never would have unless I happened to be going thru them today! :D


    I'll hide now :D

  11. There's starting to be quite the little controversy about the new cache size, small.


    I take it as anything smaller than a 35mm cannister is a micro. Small would be anything slightly bigger than a 35mm cannister up to 4"to 6" Tupperware?


    So in the small category I'm placing Altoids tins since they can hold more objects than a 35mm cannister, as well as decon containers and any small Tupperware containers.



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