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  1. I won one of these in the poker at GCF! Figured it was the only way I was getting one, but made it really worth the while trying to hang on in the game to take 3rd place!
  2. What he said! I'm in for one of each.
  3. The coin I designed was for a multi event. It has the lilypad with 366 on the front. And a circular calendar with a 29 pointed star on the back. Similar to the 10-10-10 or 10 years. Do we need two separate threads.
  4. I have a couple of NW Washington (purple and gold) left if anyone needs one.
  5. So is this Texas's coin? Texas didn't have a unique version as far as I can tell.
  6. Yeah, mine pushed the limits. The pizza place seats 160 and there were people standing all over the place. But it's central, local and they are nice!
  7. It was raining here in Seattle (what's new!) anyways, had a huge turnout much bigger than I expected including two tables of lackeys! Came with 95 coins and I am sold out. We packed the pizza place and the $7.99 all you can eat pizza buffet must have been a huge hit since I went to the stand three times and there was no pizza left at all! Onward to 12-12-12!
  8. I would try posting in the trade thread up above. Maybe you can trade for one.
  9. Agreed. The coin is cute and suitable for the day but just isn't very customizable. CF30 I am not sure a coin has to be customizable, for most of the attendees they like what they can take home from an event. I found out there are lots of cachers trying to fill all the days in my area so it fits fine. It could also be conceived as a day to kick off trying to get all the days in a year!
  10. I'm not sure either. I thought that Doctor A had one planned, Avorair and also Nosnow so I guess before I commit to any one I would need to have clarification on who is doing what and see the artwork as Atlanta Gal mentioned. I can step aside for this one and go with NOSNOW's posted artwork, less artwork for me to develop. With custom colors or all-the-same, makes no difference to me. Just need someone to step in and coordinate it.
  11. All bags have been mailed. I have one 20 pack left and two 5 packs left.
  12. Mark I thought that the white rose one was the geoswag camo and the red rose one was the geoswag stock but I could be wrong....That's what I have mine labeled as. Sounds good!
  13. Ok I am trying to identify two mystery 11-11-11 versions: Mystery 1: white rose, green background, green small roses black outside band Mystery 2: red rose, yellow background, orange roses, green outside band Can anyone identify them please? b0tl's website is waaaaayyyy behind!
  14. Mailed the first 8 packages today. I have a few more you can email: avroair@sbcglobal.net
  15. Ok, so it's almost the holidays and fall is in the air and I have a bunch of coins from trades and Geocoinfest! So I have 10 grab bags of trackable coins for sale. 5 coins for $25 + $5 shipping (10 bags) or 20 coins for $100 + $15 shipping (3 of these bags). Shipping to Europe will differ. All coins are trackable. They contain at least a myriad of coins, not all recent stuff. Yes they include my designs but some are not. NO coins are duplicated! They are event coins, seasonal coins, generally sold coins, club coins (from multiple clubs) and geocaching group coins. Please email me if interested. And state the $25 option or the $100 option.
  16. My favorite: But I also love others like: Lemon Fresh Dog Bone Goblindust 2dolphins Brahean Knight's Templar (original) Pirates of Harriman
  17. These are new metal/color combinations Cool!
  18. Definitely one of my favorite versions!!! really nice coin! That's a nice one too!
  19. Um... actually no. I usually like most of the color choices but there are a couple that really look great.
  20. That's one of my favorites!
  21. The coinfusion was originally a mystery coin project but they let the cat out of the bag early. Each of the four early personals: team fisur, dhobby1, moun10bike and indydiver each had their own metal version. I am not sure any metal versions were spared! If I remember correctly waypoint15 was approached by was not interested since they had stopped caching by then... Man! They should do a new coinfusion project with trackable versions! Sorry kinda off topic. Moop covered all of the IndyDiver parts.
  22. How about making new metals or new colors.
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