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  1. I guess, since this is the final one, they wanted it to be special and made it bigger...which I probably would've been okay with, if the increase had not been so last minute.


    I had a couple people email me. The decision to go with a 2" coin was made over 2 months ago. If you notice the artwork coming back from the mint it says 2" on the side so I am not sure what happened with a price increase. I haven't seen any invoices yet. I (Oakcoins) used to mass email people the details or if any changes were happening, that might be a good measure moving forward with any group project.


    Michael is working very hard on this project, it's a ton of coordination and scheduling and I appreciate all the hours he's put into it. Just need to smooth out some the details and kinks.

  2. The Tengwar and Garmin Colorado are the only two you have that would probably fetch much more than the retail value. Probably about $20-$30 on each, altho the Tengwar I've seen go higher on ebay. The other two are lovely coins, Tuit probably $15 and the Parrot was a contest coin that's non-trackable so for insurance purposes I would also venture $15. If they are activated or not affects the value too.

  3. I don't know if anyone took advantage of or appreciates the AI (Adobe Illustrator) file that E&Cplus3 offered. Absolutely amazing. Lot's O' work involved in putting that out for us. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU B) Wow! Well done!


    I certainly did! :P

  4. Best regards from Portugal,

    Nuno, Xana & Fraldinhas - Team GeocacherZONE


    Hey Nuno,


    I already sent you an email a month ago explaining all the reasons why, I am sorry you are not part of this project.


    Best regards,




  5. AG compiled a list so far, if you're not on it, pipe up!


    1. Avroair, Seattle WA

    2. Hnielsen, Utah

    3. DresselDragons, Pittsburgh PA

    4. Woejam, Netherlands

    5. Gorfner, Fayetteville NC

    6. Djds Clan, Sacramento CA

    7. Crowesfeat30, St Louis MO

    8. ScifiCollector/Gelugon, Emerald Coast FL & Dt Walton Beach FL

    9. CA Royal Flush, Bakersfield CA

    10. E&Cplus3, Halifax Nova Scotia

    11. Volanges, Newfoundland & Labrador

    12. T@ndre, Guarda Portugal

    13. AlliedOz, Perth Western Australia

    14. LadyBee4t, Michigan

    15. NoSnow, Twin Cities MN

    16. AtlantaGal, Myrtle Beach SC

    17. FunkyMunkyZone, Auckland NZ

    18. Steben6, SoCal High Desert CA

    19. Fatkidsotwunite, Columbus GA

    20. Oaklakers, Eksjo Sweden

    21. Manu Luq, Costa Brava Spain

    22. Lizzardman, Manchester UK

    23. Brave Defender, Scotland

    24. Cache_Kitty, Indiana

    25. Mo Pirate, St Joseph MO

    26. Kini_Ont/Eltada/Wheezor, Central Ontario

    27. Lucecitka, Praha Czech Republic

    28. -gonefishing-, Wellington NZ

    29. Doctor A, Fresno CA/Fredericksburg VA

    30. BoTL, South Bohemia Czech Republic

    31. Guwapo, Dunedin, NZ

    32. Nessie3d & Ynka, Kontich Belgium

    33. Sillygirl & Jrr, Honolulu HI

    34. CCWelch, Cedar Rapids IA

    35. Car Dinister, Devon UK

    36. Longtomsilver, Koeln Germany (2 versions)

    37. Sepp and Berta

    38. JoenSue, New Jersey

    39. Mar-elendili, Rances Switzerland

    40. Ken Notaro/Peoria Geocachers, Peoria IL

    41. Glacier_ice/MBGA, Winnipeg Manitoba

    42. Three Bottles, Washington

    43. Vanelle, Rochester NY

    44. MMcgown, Long Island NY

  6. Can we have artwork posted that distinguishes the lower levels on the artwork (ie: which ones you will need a translucent enamel to see)? I have not idea (other than the circuits) which details would be visible under translucents and which are not.

    Yes, This too, please!! :)




    Yep. I have given Micheal a file without the lines and with 50% gray to show semi-raised.

  7. Anyone who hasn't got an invite yet:


    I don't see an email with your Email address, name, cacher name, and location. can you resend to Michael@oakcoins.com


    There will be a second email going out with address, trade opt-in and minting quantities later next week.

  8. I love the digital. I am using the same sort of thing on one of my upcoming event coins so I steered away from it, but I think it looks great. Out with the old (Mayan) in with the new (Atomic!)

  9. Here's an FAQ:


    A gallery of previous multi-event coins can be seen: Here. B0tl's coins


    What is a multi-event?

    A multi-event is a group of event locations that share the same theme and geocoin (with the same icon).


    Who can host an 11-11-11 Multi-event?

    Anyone! An individual, geoaching organization or group.


    Are there any restrictions on where I can host my event?

    The event format is totally up to you. The only rule is that events that don't share the same color combination be more than 100 miles apart. Two events with the same color/metal combination have no distance restrictions.


    What if two people would like to do an event but they live within 100 miles?

    Avroair stays out of regional disputes. I would suggest the two hosts work together on the same coin or find some other solution amicably. Preference will be given to a veteran event host over new host if parties can't agree. Options such as sharing a coin, moving events further apart or dropping one event have worked in the past.

    Who designs the coins?

    Avroair, although the design is posted in the forums and critiqued by the other hosts. The design is meant to be versatile so that many color and metal combinations are available. The coins are trackable at GC.com and have a custom icon shared by all the versions. Avroair is open to other people's designs.

    What can I customize (what will make my coin unique)?

    There are two main options:

    1. Choice of metal finish (antiquing adds to the cost)

    2. Choice of color enamel fills. The color options include sub-options like glitter, glow, translucent and pearl enamels. Some of these options add to the costs to the coin.


    What's the minimum order size?

    Minimum order is generally 50 coins. But there is a price break for ordering 100 coins. There is also a 25 coin buy back program where you can opt to have the vendor sell them for you. This is available before you get your coins.


    How much do the coins cost?

    Depends on what options you use. But typically starts at $6.00 per coin. The hosts decide on the retail price as a group. The 12-12-12 coin will probably be large and intricate.

    How do I pick colors, metal and enamels?

    Avroair will provide a 'color by numbers' outline of the coin artwork used for picking colors and enamels.

    What happens if two hosts submit exact or similar colors?

    The host who handed in their colors second will be asked to alter their colors.


    Will we see mint artwork?

    Yes, you will have a chance to approve mint artwork to make sure colors are correctly chosen. But there is no opportunity to change your colors at that stage, just confirm they are correct.


    Will we get a sample?

    Only if time permits and we only do samples of the first 2-4 coins submitted.

    When will the coins be delivered?

    Two weeks before your event. You will get a shipping notice when this happens.

    How much is shipping?

    Depends based on whether you are an international event host and how many coins you ordered.

    How can I trade to get more of the versions?

    There will be an opt in where each event host gets one of every other version that opted in. For instance if we have 40 versions, 25 hosts opt in, then 24 of your coins will be put in the opt in and you get 24 different versions, one from each event host.


    Can I pre-sell the coins?

    Reservations for coins is allowed, but these are event coins, they should be sold at an event.


    Can I trade them before the events?

    Only with other hosts. It's preferable not to have them sold on the open market before 12-12-12.


    Can I buy a coin version for my shop and sell them?

    No, please refrain from just commercially selling them on a website. This is an event coin, please take the time to list an event. If you have leftovers then it's fine to sell them on a webstore, other events or ebay etc.

    What should I do with extra coins after the event?

    Anything you want, they are yours. Trade, sell, melt down...

  10. Ok back to the coin. I have incorporated some of the changes. Other's like the font I think look fine as is, there are a bunch of different languages on it so you aren't supposed to be able to read it lol!


    For the back I am at a bit of a loss. We can do a digital theme with 12-12-12 big across the back, and a 12-sided star burst that could look pretty cool and would also be cool to color.


    Any other ideas? I will be working on the design today and early next week.

  11. Finally, please don't include any backsides... Need I remind you, this is a family show. Whatever artwork people do on their backsides, they do so in the privacy of their own homes... :)


    LMAO! Two front sides it is!

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