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  1. Great idea, you can get to hilltop from the 'backside' along Mountain Ave in North Caldwell as well. I will have to check with the wife if we are away that weekend, if we are available, we shall attend!
  2. How many 'teams' are currently working on this one?
  3. I currently have two goals. One long term: to complete 365 caches in my first geocaching year (I think I signed up in mid-August) +1 for Feb 29. And a nearer term goal is to bag all the geocaches within a 10 mile radius of my house. Which includes a couple of nasty ones I plan to conquer soon Now if people would just hold off placing them near me my job would be easier Avroair
  4. "He wrapped himself in quotations - as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors." - Kipling
  5. Thank you for the kind words. Going to a location with few caches (Prague) and discovering locationless caches is a boon!!! I was able to log a bunch of them.
  6. Count me in I live in Northern NJ and this is only 20 miles away I haven't cached in the area so there will be lots o' stuff to find Avro
  7. The caches i have in mind are puzzle ones with specific places
  8. Congrats! Another night at McSorley's is in order!
  9. How quickly can we place a new cache in an area where someone else's cache has been archived? I have a couple of caches I have been holding off placing since the previous cache in the area has only just been archived. I have contacted each owner with no response. Guidelines? logical rules?
  10. Congrats! The first guys we met caching! Here's to your next 100!
  11. avroair


    The new Bassonist Pilot picked up one of my travel bugs today from one of my caches. He currently has 7 +2 geocoins. Hopefully, they will all be unleashed as a great mightly horde across this entire area. And yes, it does seem silly to ban prolific cachers, he is intitaled to his opinion as I am intitaled to mine. My correspondence with him has always been cordial, or else a debate of principles. Either way, good luck to him and good luck to the rest of you... maybe now some of us can log a FTF!!! Just my 6 cents worth
  12. Their long term durability is dubious at best. I would stay away from them. Animals can get in them quickly (as I found out in my back yard) and they dent, and rust quickly.
  13. Congrats to Splicing Dan #100 Hope it wasn't too hard!
  14. Yup! Found one cache and 3 ticks yesterday! One got on me too. But I've been told the big ones are not the ones to worry about. Hate them, going to have to cover up!
  15. At McSorley's when I told Haggeus my Five Star New York cache was 10 miles of walking around NYC he just shrugged! No big deal. Harrald then leaned over and replied, ever heard of a subway? No where is the fun in that! And yes he also has me vote, he came up to do one of my caches and couldn't find it. Now I feel bad since it probably took him all day to get up and back.
  16. Jbella and Squealy, You should now try Snat's time tested caches, the aptly named: A Walk In The Park by BrianSnat (GC4F43) - basically a plunge into a mosquitoe and tick infested swamp with aligators the size of buses! And The Passaic Hidaway by The Artful Dodger & BrianSnat (GC51DF) - a slog through a flood plain with briars and pirhana biting at your feet! Each are... well, interesting, and have very Snatish qualities. And yes, I just said Snatish (the language of a true cache placer).
  17. Or you can do the ultimate tourist cache: Five Star New York. Which takes you to many of New York's Midtown Landmarks. Starting in Times Square
  18. I did a cache right on the American Side island. (can't recall the name), and there were others in the series along the niagara gorge. all were very cool. and of course on the Canada side there is a virtual for the falls.
  19. Hey Brian, that cache is NO WHERE NEAR Newark, as I look at the logs and see you were the last, and I was the last before you! But it is a lovely spot and a good crossroads for people headed to other parts of the country by car. The Orlando Travel Bug hotel is a hotbed for t-bugs, always seems to have at least 2-3 to choose from! I am sure the busiest airport in the US should have something near it. Any ideas Artful Dodger?
  20. Such a wonderful heart our hart climbs has! Since I have been officially caching since last August, just over 6 months am I now initated as a total geocache freak? (Yes, I leave myself open, swing away!)
  21. Would that be the huge, groupie American roblin or the beautiful, dainty English Robin! Anyways, pulled two ticks from my clothing last weekend and saw Mossies in Washinton State Park in early Feb! Mosquitoes, hate mossies! Trying to finish as many swamp caches before the heatwave!
  22. Hey Krandor, Start forming another group. I think there is enough interest out there.
  23. I'll be there , but sadly , my wife can't make it
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