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  1. When was the last time you went to Northern California. Wine Country - 45 minutes from the beach 1 1/2 from the mountains (real mountains!) Wine everywhere!!! The seasons don't change but you can move about to take advantage of all kinds of terrain and weather!!!
  2. You also need a boat permit, so I asked if I could bring the QE II, the ranger said "Sure, if you can launch it from the boat ramp!" Not sure he knew his boats...
  3. I prefer caching in California!!! Haven't found one there yet though But I did grow up there and know what the weather is like. Otherwise, Winter is best for me... no mosies, no ticks, no poison ivy, no poison oak and no humidity!!!
  4. Congrats to both of you!!! The race to 200 begins!!!
  5. Hmmm... so if we all show up at a mine and talk about geocaching and mining... does that make it an event? I am tired of attending non-wannabe events... hey wait, scratch that, I organized the last one...
  6. PET POLICY: Dogs are allowed on a leash (shorter than 6 ft) on the trails. They are not allowed in campgrounds, picnic areas, beaches and just about everywhere else we could possibly hang out As for cachers, they are also only allowed on the trails with a leash! If we can confirm 25 people the ranger told me we can reserve an area... or was it he told me we had to tell him... hmmm, I had better check on that! Oh yes, and I am supposed to ask if anyone is bringing along a bus? Just curious since we need a permit for it. Nice to know upfront.
  7. Okay looks like July 24th is the best bet. I will look into four potential spots: Lake Welch Lake Sebago Lake Tiorati There is also a nice picnic area at Lake Kanawauke, but no playground, cabins or camping. Here is my idea so far: Lake Welch Beach - Harriman State Park * Picnic by one of the lakes * activities available to people: swimming, fishing, boating, picnicking, hiking and camping * this won't be official overnight event but people are welcome to camp, there are campgrounds, cabins or shelters * we must bring our own grills * we will need a permit if more than 25 people show up or if we arrive in a bus! * Appalachian Trail - camping within sight of any shelter is also permitted! (this could be fun!) * boating permits: $15 (rentals available on lake welch) * parking fees my be applicable at any of the areas we choose * fishing requires a NY state license (under 13 not required) * Pets: All picnic and camping areas, pets NOT permitted (sorry Quoddy and Bella) * Horses allowed on horse trails only, mountain bikes on bike trails only I am going to scout out three locations this following weekend.
  8. Okay, I have two weekends free to play: July 10-11 (one day would be 10, if overnight 10-11) July 24-25 (one day would be 24, if overnight 24-25) There are currently over 30 caches in the park
  9. Yup sounds like fun!!! Wouldn't mind checking them out. Just putting my finishing touches on my *****/***** multi cache: Mines of Moria.... Stage 1: You are attacked by a huge hydra which chases you into the mine and the opening colapses behind you. Stage 2: You find the Tomb of Balin, his book has the next coordinates... Fool of a Took! You are chased by orcs to stage 3. Stage 3: Bridge at Khazamdum: You have to get past a Balrog and decrpyt the clue to the cache... Final cache... located just inside the woods with the elves... (BTW this is a joke!)
  10. Okay looking at people's schedules... and my own. I would think 24th-25th July would be tentative dates... I was thinking of a picnic with lots of hiking, lots of walking and food. The area has a very diverse activity schedule and lots of landscapes.... like I said before.... and of course lots of caches bunched together on different mountain tops! My favourite: .25 miles away... but 1500 feet up! Anyways, chip in what you think: Hiking, Picnic, Camping... I will check with the Park Rangers office tomrrow, I called them today at 4:33 and they were closed. (they close at 4:30). July 24th or 25th or both...
  11. What do people think of having an event in Harriman State Park NY? Just curious, seems like a good spot: varied terrain - mountains, lakes, woods, swamps, mines lots and lots of caches picnic tables and grilling areas Just curious
  12. Cool thanks. Got what I need
  13. Hey, Does anyone know of any safe mine shafts around Northern NJ, Southern NY? By safe I mean one that isn't a waterhole: An actual shaft you can walk into, which IS NOT already a geocache. Or a cave will do Is there a book I can read on mines in the area? Thanks.
  14. Welcome aboard FosterBass! Guess you are still reading it too!
  15. Impartial list of East? CCCooperAgency 5344 StayFloopy 2617 SBUX 2165 Geo13 2013 WaldenRun 1595 K TEAM 1313 THE DAM TROLLS 1264 BigCall 1159 BassoonPilot 1111 njski 1082 Doug26 1038 Gaiter Man 1038 Congrats to all these cachers with over 1000 finds! Now if I can just find a team of 12 people and we can all log eachothers finds, we'll catch them in no time!
  16. Thanks for posting the pin Quoddy. This subject is now closed. Thanks to everyone who showed up... and for my next non-event...
  17. Nah it bothers me because I now live in a world who care little for the environment. If Jeep really wanted to do something way don't they make more efficient cars? But that debate is for another thread. Happy hunting for the jeep t-bugs : If of course you are still on Step 5.
  18. BrianSnat's latest two caches: Dog poop park cache and Walmart micro - look for them soon in the woods! It would be cool to get stats, but who cares about the numbers... it's not about the the numbers, right people? Ascend to step 12. If you have more than 100 finds then you are probably in the top 5% of cachers worldwide... mainly because the rest of the world hasn't caught up and you have to drive 50 miles between each cache in most countries I am sure some other websites keep track?
  19. Link to the pins: Night Sweats Pin
  20. Of course not, none of us are there yet... But I do love your purse.
  21. Hmmm.... Can't say I have a geocaching 'purse' where can I pick one up? Do they sell them on Groundspeak? I know they have an acessories page... Step 18: You go out and buy some ammo cans at the nearest Army/Navy story and get totally ripped off paying $12.00 when other places sell them 6 for $12.00 Grrrr... (then of course the bomb squad conficates the first one you place... something about gas pipelines, powerlines and top secret government buildings...
  22. I would like to add to the step: And you hear yourself telling someone at work "mosquitoes and ticks aren't all that bad" (I work in NYC!)
  23. Yeah, but it was dark so the photo came out black... hmm....
  24. Special Thanks to Quoddy for handing out 'Night Caching Pins! Awesome!
  25. Glad I still have more cache finds than forums posts... barely!!!
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