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  1. I think that goes for 90% of the posts in this thread... All I was looking for was a couple of volunteers to goof around on camera and act out something from a cross between Men In Black and X-Files... oh yeah and I need a person with an alien head... natural or otherwise.
  2. Okay, that's about enough steps for one thread Less posting, more caching... despite the snakes...
  3. Hmmm... This makes me wonder about caching. I shouldn't have read this thread! I am off to Harriman tomorrow. Hope it's a cold day.
  4. I still find things in the woods... yet Beer and Wings night counts as an event whereas searching a swamp in the dark for an ammo can for 45 minutes with 15 other cachers is NOT an event...
  5. I am just following the rules Apparently, gathering 15 cachers to hunt in the dark for a cool cache, also isn't considered a cache event...
  6. Did I mention I was buying the first round?
  7. Congrats... 37 states and counting... Fall trip to Alaska?
  8. Nah, he just stole them from one of his elves!
  9. No way , I'll be there to get my free drink and then I'm outta there. No ticks allowed at this Night Sweats event!
  10. Whoops! The event is June 9th... so much for cutting and pasting from someone else's event. JUNE 9th JUNE 9th JUNE 9th
  11. Step 18: You host your first event cache. Then as soon as it's approved you post a note in the forums so people can see the event. You spend the next 20 minutes at your computer refreshing the forum webpage to see how many people 'look' at your post. Sad, I know, but also very exciting... looks like I'll be having beer and wings alone.
  12. Night Sweats 2: The Sequel Wednesday, June 9th, in Clifton, NJ. no need to bring your flashlight no ticks, mosquitoes or swamp gas no bloody meat bags no annoying decoy reflectors Just drinks, food and good company. (listed in order of preference). Please post if you will be able to attend since I need to give the waitress rough body counts.
  13. One in a million shot Doc. I only have space for small travel bugs... no larger than the dog tag... Now if i just... HOLY MOTHER OF.... YIKES!
  14. I am not sure what is worse, HartClimbs as Santa or the fact he is wearing that ridiculous suit in the rain!
  15. Glad you only spotted him once, I have to put up with this on my walk to work.
  16. Night Sweats 2: Beer and Wings Night June 9th in Clifton, NJ. (I am jumping the gun abit since it hasn't been approved, but I hope so soon. ). * no need to bring a flashlight * no mosquitoes, ticks or swamp gas * no muddy puddles * bring $$$ the nearest ATM is over a mile away according to one cacher * no travel bugs under the age of 21 * no bloody bags of meat * wheel chair accessible * no annoying decoy reflectors
  17. Now where did I put that travel bug?
  18. What was he playing on the guitar?
  19. According to the Kanawauke Ranger: * Kanawauke swimming begins June 21st through Labor Day * no key required * You DO need a personal lift jacket Not sure is any of this is applicable unless there is a geocache in the water Now who volunteers to put one there? BTW: Yes, Bakonta, you just volunteered to grab a table. I was planning to be there at 7:30 a.m. but if you can snag one before...
  20. I would rather not think about that... all I want is a scene acted out, no scripts... and NO TeamDEMP you don't need to have an accent!!!
  21. FOR THE RECORD!!! This is a self-analysis. Any references, suggestions, statements and characterizations are based solely on myself and are not intended to reflect any other geocacher within the tri-state area. If you feel that you fit any or all of these categories than the rite of passage into the geocaching world is complete. Happy trails and I will definately see you at the next event
  22. Okay update: Harriman State Park - Lake Kanawauke July 24th * Parking area with picnic tables and grills * Beach with swimming and boating available ($15 boat fee, $10 key fee) * Need to be there early to grab a spot, no reservations (geocachers rise early, right!?!) * 3 AP shelters within 1 mile for those who would like to camp overnight I will sacrafice my sleep to get up and 'grab' a spot! Once grabbed the day is free for morning hikes and caches... back for lunch at noon and more hikes and caches in the afternoon... Entrance to the park is $6 and i have been told if you want to bring a bus you have to pay extra fee.
  23. I am developing a new cache which will involve a home-made movie, casting call. Casting call is for two Men in Black style characters, a heroine and an an alien? Any volunteers? Involves: * no pay * no benefits * nighttime shooting on my digital camera * you don't have to know how to act * no experience * belief in UFO's is preferred! * shot in an exotic location in Northern NJ B)
  24. When was the last time you went to Northern California. Wine Country - 45 minutes from the beach 1 1/2 from the mountains (real mountains!) Wine everywhere!!! The seasons don't change but you can move about to take advantage of all kinds of terrain and weather!!!
  25. You also need a boat permit, so I asked if I could bring the QE II, the ranger said "Sure, if you can launch it from the boat ramp!" Not sure he knew his boats...
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