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  1. That's what Californians refer to it as! In Oregon it's pop. What do you call it in NM?
  2. Slack? I was desperate!!! All caches were created equal...
  3. Pirates & Picnic Event in Harriman State Park. When: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Date: July 24th. Where: Read the link
  4. Au contrare... BrianSnat's Lameside caches are anything by lame
  5. TN L: my keys in the car. S: the back of my dirty car window. Thanks for the cache.
  6. Walkin Ed finished the series today too... Congrats! It only took him 1 1/2 hours! It took me 4 hours the place them! You're finding them twice as fast as I was placing them!!!
  7. I hope to place a couple more Pirate themed ones in the area... if anyone else wants to place some nearby, so I can grab them too, be my guest! See ya on the trails, I will be in Harriman on Saturday afternoon... maybe.
  8. Can I borrow your 2400 baud modem sometime? Make sure you punch a hole in the other side of the floppy then you can use BOTH sides at 712k!
  9. I will be canoeing to Goose Island cache (I hope!). FYI: Harrald did the whole loop and logged it today. I brought along some safety kit items (bandaids, sterile pads, snake bite kits etc) but totally forgot to add them to the caches as I placed them. If anyone has extras of any of these can you help me out and place them in the caches as you do them
  10. I work in the city and can pick you up a keychain if you want. E-mail me
  11. July 24th I am planning an event picnic nearby. I might actually join you before that, I have a Premier Members only cache I am working on in the area
  12. Hmmm.... no none of them are supposed to be premium only. It has now been updated... Timbuktu Thanks for catching that!
  13. I agree, but that is what 'they' named it. I guess you can add some more trail on the lower left and circle round further to make it look more like Africa!!! The stages would then be called: Amazon, Incas, Andes, Patagonia, Samba and Tango.
  14. Last time I said that to my wife she replied, get that thing out of my house! And the travel bug too. You are worse than the cats! Wife will be coming too to make sure I don't come back early in the morning.
  15. Easy for you to say since: 1. You don't live within 10 miles of the Trade Tower site 2. You haven't already been picked up by the FBI for placing an ammo can on public county land 3. You aren't a foreign national 4. You're wife isn't looking for any excuse to get you deported to London so she can move there These had me nervous... you miss the point of my story entirely.
  16. Friday before Memorial Day weekend I skipped out early (noon) to pick up 6 ammo cans BrianSnat had left for me in the woods, then move on to bag 4-5 caches in the area. My wife had asked me to get a haircut, fill the propane tank and goto the bank to withdraw some money for going out to dinner in Morristown that evening. I was to pick her up in the green at 5:30 pm. I drove from Rutherford to Kinnelon in good time, and parked in Snat's suggested location and went into the woods to get my ammo cans. There was a light drizzle, but i knew I would find them quickly and get on to some real caching. My GPSr was jumpy under the canopy and the leaves were dripping with moisture. 60 Feet this way... no 74 feet that way... After 15 minutes of doubling back on myself I read Brian's directions... near a log... hmm... so I began to search every log in the area. This is ridiculous, I am searching for 6 ammos cans not one and still can't locate them! Well, the last place I looked I found them, neatly in a row covered with leaves (and mud and wet leaves). I hauled all 6 to the edge of the woods and waited for an opening in the cars. Each time I went down the muddy bank, a car would appear coming up the hill so I would scutttle back up the bank. So I decided to take two in my backpack. I crossed the road in a nonchalant manner and opened my trunk. Saw a cop car coming along so I quickly emptied the ammo cans and in a moment of panic slammed shut the trunk to my car. The cop car passed without incident and I got back to opening the trunk. Well, it was locked with the keys inside so i walked around to the car door. Locked. The driver door. Locked. Every door was locked! Then I realized I had also locked my backpack in the trunk with my cellphone and wallet as well as the keys. The only thing I had on me was my GPSr. I thought about rigging it as a transmitter instead of a reciever, but decided against the move and flagged down a masonry truck. The guy was kind enough to let me use his cellphone to call AAA. He also offered a beat up umbrella, which I politely declined. He waved goodbye and I waited for the tow truck. Then it really started to rain. I passed the time writing in the dirt on the back window of the car. Reorganizing all my waypoints and data in my GPSr and strategically relocating the remaining ammo cans across the street near my car for quick retrieval. Every car that passed I hoped was a geocacher or BrianSnat who would help me out some way! The tow truck arrived an hour later and the guy got out grinning and said "Bet you feel like a jack4$$" I mumbled, I just wasted an hour of good caching time. He asked "you missing out on getting paid?' Not that kind of cache... nevermind. Well, he mangled two of his tools and broke a third trying to get into my car. After an hour of cussing and swearing he finally broke in and I was good to go. It was now close to 4:00 pm and I still hadn't bagged a cache. I drove down the hill and found Brian's Lame Roadside cache #1 quickly and then went for Mountainside. Bad mistake in work clothes. Through a quagmire, up a mountain, down a mountain. I got to the GZ and searched for over 30 minutes. Then I remembered my wife! My cellphone was in the car, I hurried back over the mountain and called her at 5:42 pm. There were 5 messages in my message box. "Hi honey, got locked out of my car... yeah, i'm okay.... yeah, I had to stand out in the rain... no, I don't think I can make dinner tonight." Despite not being an avid cacher, she was very understanding. I missed dinner, didn't pick up the propane, didn't get a haircut, didn't find the 4 caches I had earmarked... but the afternoon was not a total loss... I did succeed at picking up 6 ammo cans and I was able to bag a Lame Roadside cache...
  17. Hey people I wrote an article for Today's Cacher about our group experience night cachering. Hope you check it out. Thanks to all those who attended.
  18. Hey fellow cachers, Just wanted to tell people about my Africa Loop Series of caches located in Harriman State Park. There are six caches in the series: The Nile, Sahara, Congo, Zulu, Serengeti, and Timbuktu. (Shelters of Harriman: Tom Jones by brian b GCHQRG is also within the loop). Do all 6 as a loop and spend a nice morning or afternoon of hiking in a variety of terrains and some lovely vistas. The hike should take about 2-3 hours with both varied terrain, scenery and elevations featured. Total hike distance is 4.1 miles with opportunites to bag other caches in the area.
  19. Congrats! Dave! Knew you would get there... now back to the 5/5 stuff... As people can see by your record you have bagged some of the Tri-State areas meanest caches! Great job! ... hope the new baby won't slow you down!
  20. The Third Group solves Blood and Guts! Congrats to the Suffering Angels of the Iron Brigade... Kber, PerfectTommy, SplicingDan, dhenning25 and Avroair!
  21. Winter... No ticks. I hate ticks...
  22. Hmmm... why do snake converations have to come up before I go camping in Harriman... lots of hidey holes up there... I am now bringing along a telephone pole. I hate snakes...
  23. Came back from caching today. Did a tick check... nothing. Showered, cooked on BBQ and showered again... Wife found a tick in my back... little $%! It was a really small one too.. Those are the nasty ones... glad I got it all out... I hate ticks...
  24. 7:30 pm is past your bedtime Quoddy!!! Last time I visited this tavern I got to bed just as you were getting up!!! Wife wasn't too happy about that so this time she is coming along!
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