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  1. Cache Mission HQ: Couple of updates to the mission log. Intel spotted so unfriendlies in the vicinity of the cache... they moved it slightly... I proceeded in stealth mode to return and update the clue. Make sure you print out new logs for: Cache Mission 4: McMillan's Doctrine Cache Mission 2: BeloRussia Good luck!
  2. I shall plead with my better half and beg to see if I can make it. She is passing... but maybe I can come along...
  3. And that original cache was archieved long before the latest wave rolled through They logged it twice! No wonder they have 1160! January 21, 2003 by K-TEAM (1160 found) Nice cache,Thanks for putting it out and for bring me here.TNLN K-TEAM of Winfield Missouri
  4. How about a China or India loop in Harriman? I haven't been to either of those two locations! (But I am guessing with only two ammo cans, it would be better to do Mauritius and Taiwan)
  5. How am I suppose to pad my numbers if everything was in higher quality locations and fewer!?! People can lay them where they want, it is the thought that counts. I prefer the well-thought out ones, but I'll do any of them.
  6. Well put. I think our area offers a good variety. I have cached in other places have only found dirve-ups and drive-ups with a twist Rifle Camp has 3-4 caches... Hilltop now has 7!!! Whose fault is that for over-saturation!!! 3 of Hilltop's 7 are mine! Sorry!
  7. Well put. I think our area offers a good variety. I have cached in other places have only found dirve-ups and drive-ups with a twist Rifle Camp has 3-4 caches... Hilltop now has 7!!! Whose fault is that for over-saturation!!!
  8. looks good! thanks. Avro
  9. NS2: Beer & Wings: If you arrive early and order a drink then that is considered your first round If you arrive late and I already have a drink that is considered my first round 7:30 At the Grande Saloon - read the thread or the cache page for directions. Please drink responsibly. And don't drink and cache...
  10. Hey there, Anyone know where i can by the little plastic toy novelty aliens, about 2 1/2 high... either glow in the dark or regular. I have tried every Party store, $1 store and toy store in within 20 miles of my house... have they discontinued them. Example: Example here Discontinued. Item # 15-39-1047 Description: 2 1/4" Vinyl Alien Characters. Any help thanks!
  11. I think these caches suffer from placement in a different era of geocaching.... Golden Age caches such as Cache Ninja's are often very hard to get to, let alone find.... wonderful spots, well thought out and well placed, but they suffer since they are now surrounded by easy grabs. Silver Age caches such as the Artful Dodgers have been found by most long-time geocachers and also involve great ventures in to the wilderness! I just completed Cauldrons of Courage which took me most of the day... Most people will not devote that much time and energy for isolated caches like that one and skip it. Despite its novelty. Are we getting too saturated with caches in this area?
  12. I recently wrote a GPS review for Scientific American among the units I tried out the: Magellan SporTrak color an excellent unit for suburban caching - the difference between roads and creeks is quite excellent! and the Garmin 60CS if you are looking for a rugged type with great functions. I also reviewed the sportrak map, etrex legend which are both dependable. The geko series may be too simplistic for your planned use.
  13. Just a regular backpack. I could fit 4 in it. Why do you think the Nile is so close to the parking coordinates!!! Actually, I brought my wife with me, but it hurt her back. So I had to lug them Not that I am complaining since she only weighs 92 lbs.
  14. I hope it is, since I bought the ammo cans from him and he did them up all pretty like But when I plan my next loop series I am gonna bring a buddy so I can share in the ammo can lugging... Tom Jones Mtn was a real pain in the backside carrying 5 ammo cans, 3 32oz bottles of water and a decon box... all I forgot was a partridge in a pear tree. Thanks to everyone who completed them! I was thinking of running up and grabbing the t-bugs, but then I remember how far I would have to hike to reach them.... ah forget it! Let the next sucker grab them
  15. StayFloopy my boy!!! Got his a** in gear to complete the series! He has also provided detailed pictures of each cache site! GeoKender also visited all 6 + the Tom Jones bonus! geobernd did the 6 too... Congrats to all three of you Great job slogging in the rain!
  16. Tell me you are a dispatcher?
  17. Cache Mission HQ: Walked thru all 'Theaters of Operations" today to verify no mission has been compromised... Green lights, fellow agents... all missions are GO, repeat all missions are GO... remember your cache log sheets and standard equipment. Enemy mosquitoes are patroling so bring your portable anti-bug canisters. Good Luck Mission Briefing Closed.
  18. We'll be there for Saturday
  19. PET POLICY: * Dogs on a leash 6 feet max BOAT POLICY: * No boat rentals here - but you can bring your own. $15 fee * swimming is allowed, but watch out for water snakes Once again NO BUSES!!!
  20. Cache Mission HQ here. Seems the enemy complexes close at 10 p.m. You can insert at night but we will disavow and knowledge of your missions if you get caught. Any mission can be completed in the dark, just remember to apply your camo paint and bring a light emitting device. CMHQ out.
  21. Means... please stay in your Secret Agent persona while logging your visit. Such as... Insertion @ 0130 hrs. Didn't have intel maps of area and was forced to depend on GPS coords from previous tactical mission! No problems finding insertion point. Encountered some unfriendlies and resorted to stealth mode at the first objective. Near end of mission, tube immitter device was nearing its low power cycle. Had to grab a mini slinky and scoot. Be creative
  22. My Secret Agent Caches are finally online and ready. Six caches in all. They will teach you how to better use your GPS unit. Enjoy
  23. I don't drink soda so I wouldn't really know.
  24. I can't keep finding them it you don't keep placing them! Thanks for all those who have visited my caches, and a special thanks to all the owners of caches I have found. (You know who you are).
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