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  1. Yup. That's the plan I am working on
  2. I printed out the trail map at 200% and looks like we can start at Weis Ecology - Do Roomy Mine, move onto Yoo-hoo and then the overlook and falls. We can then go across and nab SW two and Buck Mtn two and up and ack around for Assini Mtn... crap! thats 10 miles. Dave, I will e-mail you an alternative when i come up with one, for now we should look to start at Weis.
  3. The View was placed May 30th by AddedValue. So yes, it is new. Only one finder so far! Do you want to join us Brian so you can find that one cache?
  4. Then it's time to find it! Hey Dave, What do you think of parking at the Ecology Center like Brian said?
  5. Hey there. Anyone up for a group hike in Novin Green State Forest. This Saturday, June 19th. We are starting around 9:15 am - 9:30 about a 4-5 mile hike, bagging 10-12 geocaches... we will be parking at the Otter Hole parking lot on Glenwild Ave. Caches on the agenda: 1. Buck Mountain Overlook 2. Buck Mountain Summit Micro Chalenge 3. Sierra Bravo-05- Stone Living Room 4. Osio Rock Ramble (multi) 5. Chikahoki Falls 6. Wanaque Overlook 7. The View 8. Assiniwikam Mountain Cache 9. Wyanokie High Point 10. A Mine is a Terrible Thing Also nearby: 11. Windbeams Windfall 12. Go take a hike 13. Speak Friend and Enter 14. DMP: The World's Easiest Puzzle Cache Happy trails...
  6. Sure, whatever... it's a purse. It's a purse here, and a purse in Europe. They just call it a carry all to sucker more people into buying it!
  7. Step 20: You travel further and further away to get to events. Now, driving to a cache or an event that is over 100 miles away is no big deal!
  8. No worries there, they automatically debit you according to Bassoon Pilot's page. He was annoyed they didn't notify him.
  9. Harriman Event is posted: GCJKP7 Harriman Pirates & Picnic Event Swimming, BBQueing, Boating, Hiking, Talking, Caching, Eating... PIRATING! I have 9 caches planned for the event, I have mapped out the locations, I will probably place all of them, I need 4 people to host a couple each for me 1. Water multi-cache: 1st stage in water 2nd stage on land 2. Island cache: on an Island! 3. 3-stage land multi 4. micro in the woods 5. traditional cache 6. traditional cache 7. water cache: placed in da water! 8. Mystery, Projection - offset 9. Mystery - Pirates Treasure. You will need to visit the other caches and solve the puzzle Any volunteers? Don't be shy. No need to even place them! But that would be nice!!!
  10. If you can only log it one day out of the year wouldn't you call that a difficultly 5!!!! It would be difficult to verify, would go on the honor system, since all cachers are honest, maybe upload driving license (with photo and address etc. edited out!) Milestone cache - great idea!!! I was already planning a Geocaching Anniversary cache, August 26th on my 1 year anniversary.
  11. A cache that you can only sign on your birthday Difficulty ***** Terrain ** What do you think?
  12. HEY! Didn't you need help finding that multi at the Gamboree!!!
  13. 3 simple goals: 1. All caches within 10 miles of my house - I have 5 left but they all suck! 2. 365+1 caches for the year - I joined in August on the 26th That gives me 72 days to find 36 caches or one every two days. I only cache on Sat or Sun so that leaves. 3.5 a day. 3. Have fun, meet new people and gather large groups to go caching. It's a social thing Oh yeah and a semi goal is to run a minimum of 4 events a year. Are these compatible?
  14. I had the same experience in Pennslyvania, I left off over 20 bills and none have recieved hits, even though people have visited the caches since. They seem to just take them, or else they are still sitting in the caches. I traded 5 with a friend of mine in Colorado, he distributed them to different caches and none of those every showed up again and that was 4 months ago! Oh well. At least the secret agent caches are well stocked!
  15. How naive But that's okay, the story was posted in humor, not as a point.
  16. avroair

    Team Ekitt10

    Congrats! Secret Agent man! #400 at Needle in the Pines
  17. Not everyone spends all their free time on these forums.
  18. So they were fine, since you think it is rude to take them all, and they only traded for 2 of them. What's the problem?
  19. Congrats to JonBoy who completed the Africa Loop backwards so he could go UP Parker Cabin mountain, instead of down. He also incorporated the Dutch Doctor 3 miles south into his loop.
  20. In other words, geocaching and WG$ don't mix.
  21. If the person left TWO trade items then there isn't a problem... Otherwise, that would be greedy.
  22. Friday before Memorial Day weekend I skipped out early (noon) to pick up 6 ammo cans BrianSnat had left for me in the woods, then move on to bag 4-5 caches in the area. My wife had asked me to get a haircut, fill the propane tank and goto the bank to withdraw some money for going out to dinner in Morristown that evening. I was to pick her up in the green at 5:30 pm. I drove from Rutherford to Kinnelon in good time, and parked in Snat's suggested location and went into the woods to get my ammo cans. There was a light drizzle, but i knew I would find them quickly and get on to some real caching. My GPSr was jumpy under the canopy and the leaves were dripping with moisture. 60 Feet this way... no 74 feet that way... After 15 minutes of doubling back on myself I read Brian's directions... near a log... hmm... so I began to search every log in the area. This is ridiculous, I am searching for 6 ammos cans not one and still can't locate them! Well, the last place I looked I found them, neatly in a row covered with leaves (and mud and wet leaves). I hauled all 6 to the edge of the woods and waited for an opening in the cars. Each time I went down the muddy bank, a car would appear coming up the hill so I would scutttle back up the bank. So I decided to take two in my backpack. I crossed the road in a nonchalant manner and opened my trunk. Saw a cop car coming along so I quickly emptied the ammo cans and in a moment of panic slammed shut the trunk to my car. The cop car passed without incident and I got back to opening the trunk. Well, it was locked with the keys inside so i walked around to the car door. Locked. The driver door. Locked. Every door was locked! Then I realized I had also locked my backpack in the trunk with my cellphone and wallet as well as the keys. The only thing I had on me was my GPSr. I thought about rigging it as a transmitter instead of a reciever, but decided against the move and flagged down a masonry truck. The guy was kind enough to let me use his cellphone to call AAA. He also offered a beat up umbrella, which I politely declined. He waved goodbye and I waited for the tow truck. Then it really started to rain. I passed the time writing in the dirt on the back window of the car. Reorganizing all my waypoints and data in my GPSr and strategically relocating the remaining ammo cans across the street near my car for quick retrieval. Every car that passed I hoped was a geocacher or BrianSnat who would help me out some way! The tow truck arrived an hour later and the guy got out grinning and said "Bet you feel like a jack4$$" I mumbled, I just wasted an hour of good caching time. He asked "you missing out on getting paid?' Not that kind of cache... nevermind. Well, he mangled two of his tools and broke a third trying to get into my car. After an hour of cussing and swearing he finally broke in and I was good to go. It was now close to 4:00 pm and I still hadn't bagged a cache. I drove down the hill and found Brian's Lame Roadside cache #1 quickly and then went for Mountainside. Bad mistake in work clothes. Through a quagmire, up a mountain, down a mountain. I got to the GZ and searched for over 30 minutes. Then I remembered my wife! My cellphone was in the car, I hurried back over the mountain and called her at 5:42 pm. There were 5 messages in my message box. "Hi honey, got locked out of my car... yeah, i'm okay.... yeah, I had to stand out in the rain... no, I don't think I can make dinner tonight." Despite not being an avid cacher, she was very understanding. I missed dinner, didn't pick up the propane, didn't get a haircut, didn't find the 4 caches I had earmarked... but the afternoon was not a total loss... I did succeed at picking up 6 ammo cans and I was able to bag a Lame Roadside cache...
  23. hey Brian, I am framing the portrait you did of me at Beer and Wings night
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