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  1. I have a series of Mission Impossible Secret Agent Missions, located thru a series of municipal parks, they are formulated to help people use their GPS functions such as triangulation, UTM, decimal coordinates, projections etc. (they are easier than they sound!). Log MUST be written as if you are a secret agent. Mission 1: The Secret Service: Find a dropoff container left by another agent. Mission 2: BelaRussia: The agent goes missing. Mission 3: Venetone Manifesto: Eliminate the double agent. Mission 4: McMillan Doctrine Find the scientist and his formula. Mission 5: The Fight for Picasso's Mind Deactivate the satellite jamming beacon. Mission 6: The Promethian League Capture the Evil Mastermind and save the world.
  2. Yes, I agree. Depending on the cache it can be shown as a Multi or a Puzzle cache. I would think that more than one stage denote it a multi.
  3. Chances are only 20% that it might rain, but just in case, if anyone is attending and happens to have a canopy could they please bring it along? Thanks, the Captain
  4. That's why I wear bright orange t-shirts! So other cachers don't mess with me because "Hey I am dangerous, both to myself and them!"
  5. If we know how many people are coming, they will reserve half the restaurant for us! So write a note if you plan on attending
  6. Monday, July 19, forecast the event: Sat, Jul 24 Cloudy 76°/59° Low Humidity 20 % chance of rain Let's hope this stands.
  7. Monday, July 19, forecast the event: Sat, Jul 24 Cloudy 76°/59° Low Humidity 20 % chance of rain Let's hope this stands.
  8. Great seeing you again at the LI event. Display your button with pride! Congrats!
  9. Drop off your t-bugs at the event and e-mail me their missions so I can keep track for people. We will have a travel-bug bucket on hand.
  10. Wow! Event was a blast! Thanks to JMBella and StayFloopy for letting me tag along with them. (even though I spotted every cache first! Some people like to bushwhack, I stick to the trails!!! Had a great time meeting a wonderful group of cachers, with professional catering and a bunch of cool caches. For those of you who have not tried it, the Mayan adventure is well worth it, especially to see Jbadger and StayFloopy up to their knees in a stream! Thanks
  11. If you haven't already RSVPed, please add a note to the cache page so I can get rough numbers. Hope to see you all there! Avroair
  12. bump! (just wanted to bring this back to the top)
  13. I was going to write a long response to this posting, but I was just putting the finishing touches on my Beer and Ribs event and I need to goto the fridge to get another beer so I will be brief. If you don't like the bud keyring. Trade it out of the cache and keep it or throw if away or whatever. Did the keyring have a bottle opener? Cause that's useful when you are caching!
  14. I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, Baby Back Ribs Event! Come one and all to the best Ribs in Town
  15. Congrats to Agent Dhenning for completing Missions 1-5. It took him just over 5 hours! I checked on Mission 1, Stage 1 and Mission 6, Final Cache - both are high and dry and still there! CMHQ
  16. It is 58 miles away from me! The Long Island event this weekend is closer!
  17. Your definition of a short hunt can last for 3 hours! I had to go back to this cache 4 times: Son of New York Sometimes you get find them, sometimes you don't. I also managed to lock myself out of my car looking for a cache... If we found them ALL the time the logs would be boring!!!
  18. Hello agents CMHQ here, Special Cache Mission kudos to agents of Team Total Perspective Vortex who completed both missions 1 and 2 in a torrid downpour with heavy enemy activity reported! Reciever for cache mission 2 has new batteries and spares in the hold. CMHQ out.
  19. Generally, badly placed, poorly thought out caches tend to go missing sooner so it all evens out. I have finished a number of BrianSnat's caches and would say everyone of them has been superb (other than the lame roadside one, which has its own story). I have cached in 4 countries and 5 states in a variety of settings and his caches still rank above 95% of the junk out there. I am not keen on micros in parking lots - it is technically it is private property so they shouldn't get approved there. (just like you can't get a ticket in a parking lot because it is private property ) But who would stop people from opening multiple accounts if they restricted cache placement?
  20. Food so far: NEED VOLUNTEERS TO BRING: hamburgers, buns, chips and dip, lettuce and tomato salad, soda (is this really necessary?), Desserts (yum!) and Charcoal and Lighter fluid, matches. Dhenning and Team Shibby are bringing extra grills and dhenning is also bringing a travel bug bin to store unwanted bugs! FOOD: Hot Dogs: Team Shibby Hamburgers: Hot dog buns: Team Shibby Hamburger buns: Condiments(ketchup, relish mustard etc): Potato Salad: SemperS Pasta Salad: SemperS Lettuce & Tomato Salad: Chips and dip 1: SemperS Chips and dip 2: DRINKS: Water1: Bldebabe Water2: Quoddy Gatorade: Bldebabe Soda: Cooler with Ice1: Team BamBam Cooler with Ice2: Team Shibby Cooler with Ice3: Quoddy Rum: Avroair, Just kidding! DESSERTS: Cookies: Team BamBam Cupcakes: SUPPLIES: Plastic utensils: TeamDEMP Charcoal and Lighter fluid, matches: BBQ tools: Avroair Table Cloth: Avroair Paper products (cups, plates): Avroair Paper towel roll, napkins: TeamDEMP
  21. Oops almost forgot... the Stage 13: You plan your first event. It has to be perfect. No need to recruit others, you buy all the stuff you need for the themed event yourself (about $196.52). You go out and place 10 caches near your event, it consumes your whole weekend and you haven't been able to find a single cache in that time... Kneeling everying evening by the bedpost you pray for good weather and that other cachers will actually show up. You have every little detail planned and timed down to the minute... it has to be perfect. In an effort to bring you back from the dark side your spouse proposes a hike. A real hike. You haven't really hiked in years. Your spouse enjoys hiking, you enjoy caching and there is an incompatibility problem there... the two a mutually exclusive But you manage to survive the hike anyways, sobbing to yourself, lamenting the missed caching opportunity....
  22. Do you have coordinates so I can look it up... Thanks.
  23. Thanks to everyone who has placed a cache I have found Hope to see you all at the Pirates of Harriman Picnic Event. Captain Avroair or was that Cache Mission HQ.... oh well.
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