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  1. You guys are SO lucky. I plotted my name to somewhere in Tahizstan. Each cache is over 99.9 miles apart there!
  2. I am away this weekend. I was thinking North by the Lurker cache. There are about 40 caches within 5 mile radius!!! It would be the 8th or 9th of August (or both).
  3. Any interest in a group hike in the northern part of Harriman Harriman/Bear Mtn? (or if the link doesn't work above, click below and then click on geocaching maps) Lurker Cache No date set as of yet, just looking for interest.
  4. Anyone up to being a Secret Agent and attempting the MI6 cache missions nearby?
  5. I did, they were the black and white copies on the table. Didn't you pick one up Mac? I gave you one
  6. Here are the cache locations for those who found them:
  7. Thanks to everyone who attended. I hope you liked the themed caches. Avroair
  8. I was told by various weather channels that yesterday's forecast was thunderstorms, rain and more rain... They couldn't have been so off! Despite the downpour in Northern NJ at 8 a.m. the weather steadily improved so that by 10 a.m. the sun was peaking out and by 11 a.m. sunny skies, low humidity and no rain! As Rusty O Junk said at the Pirates of Harriman event: That must be the only job where people get things wrong 80% of the time and STILL don't get fired! I don't remember the weather forecast being so off before!
  9. What a blast!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the event. We had 42 Teams attend with about 85 people in attendance!!! I was a little disappointed not seeing anyone fall in the water on the Treasure Island cache.... but oh well!!! Special thanks to Mr Map and the Night Person for their generous donations to the X Mark's the Spot cache, I have never seen such a well stocked cache! Also to Mrs Avroair for organizing and feeding the hungry pirates after their raiding and plundering! Thanks to all those who attended. By 11 a.m. it was sunny and a cool 73 degrees! Arrr...
  10. Hey Joe Frog let me know what day you are going to be in the city or Northern NJ. I am away Wed-Sun, but Mon and Tues might be free.
  11. Sorry I made you work so hard for #401, was it at least a pretty view from up on top the mountain?
  12. Boating fees: $15.00 Put in anywhere and try not to disturb the fishermen! (That's what the Ranger told me!) Rain, it's only water right?
  13. I will have copies of the trail maps and topo maps at the event for those who are interested. (The immediate area around the Picnic give or take a couple of miles). with all Geocaches marked. Compliments of BrianSnat. Way to go Brian!!!! Arrrgh!
  14. I have two other loop series planned: South America Loop Series: Amazon, Tango, Andes, Samba, Coco, MonteVideo, Inca, Patagonia Lost World Adventures multis: Mayan, Egyptian, Indus, Mesopotamia, Inca, Meso-American, Mongol Just need time to place them. Harriman has lots of potential loops: 1. North from hiker lot on Rte 106 Bald Mtn, Stahehe Highpoint (9-11) 2. South from hiker lot on Rte 106 Africa loop (7) 3. Seven Springs mountain loop - 3 very old Cache Ninja caches (6) 4. Lake & Mine series, including Hogencamp, Pine Swamp and Skannatati (5) 5. Bear Mountain - lots of caches up there, haven't gone there yet though (?) 6. Elk Pen lot off Ardem Valley Road - AT trail + Island pond caches (7)
  15. WHO WILL WIN? [/color] StayFloopy and his ski-mask and pole vs. Squealy and his cat like reflexes! AT STAKE!!! The Little Blue Dog Come see all the action at the Pirates of Harriman Picnic Event (this show is not yet rated)
  16. Are there any other really old caches you are researching and going after?
  17. Are you buying cigars for all those guys? Cause I can place: Mayan Adventure II: Montizuma's Revenge cache for one.
  18. The Africa Loop buttons are in place, thanks to the Frantic Cachers. Can you please let me know how many are left when the next person finishes the loop. Thanks.
  19. The event has 9 caches being activated the morning of the 24th. Plus a bonus mystery prize cache already activated. Doing all of those will take 1/2 a day at the least. Africa Loop Series Is a nice hike, but no abandoned stuff. Boston Cache Has a cool mine/cave and was placed in 2000 so it is one of the areas oldest caches. Keep on Hiking Large bushwhack, but the view is great. All the shelter caches by Brian B. are great. You really can't go wrong with a good trail map.
  20. I'm already on it! Playing keep away should be fun. Hey Nik, Brian's not allowed any of your signature item since he complained so much about it during the CITO event!
  21. Quite screwing around Brian! There will be enough food for you as well. Actual weather will be nice and balmy.
  22. Ahoy there maties! Looks like a crew of about 50 so far! I have printed out and put together cache sheets for all 10 pirate caches so please remember to pick one up when you arrive.
  23. Set up a Where's George fund to get your egalitarian friend an honorary premium membership. Makes me think I should make all of my caches premium
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