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  1. Where is this? I have the whole of next week off.
  2. Congrats on a fine caching family! Hope to place some new caches for you to hunt soon! Avroair
  3. Let me clarify: I mean that some caches are not necessarily suppose to be found on the first try, or after a 2 minute search. People should be prepared for something out of the ordinary. They involve some work and effort. I have placed a couple where I would expect a finder will probably have to return. Some have found them on the first try, most on the second. They are a different and suppose to be tough, for cachers who like tough to find caches. Much like Hartclimbs, Not Far from a Tree and Christmas Ornament
  4. Kreiky! That a huge number! Is that caches found or snakes found?
  5. Lunaruby's log states that you (Brian) were there to the end at the ribs night. At the beer and wings I left you in the very capable hands of others to get you home. AND the Sparta event, (how far is that from your house!?!), I once again left you with the host and Tiffany Slaves.
  6. My first cache my wife and I did in Prague, Czech Republic was a 1.5/2 with a great view of the city. After checking out the soviet giant pendulum nearby we went down to search for the cache. My GPS was low on batteries but I was able to get within 20 feet for 20 seconds before it died. We hopped the wall and spent well over an hour searching the slope. It was lightly snowing so we called it a day. I did find a small plastic spice bottle, but the top was missing and the contents empty... I remember thinking, boy do they hide caches well here! I was planning to do a 2.5/2.5 how long is that going to take me to find!!! All day? All vacation? I posted a DNF and the owner told me that I had actually found the cache container (albeit 200 feet away) and that it had been muggled. Since I had found part of the container, he let me log the find since I wasn't going to be back in the country any time soon. On the other hand, I had to archive my Verona Park multi because a cacher got near the spot and didn't want to touch it and but still logged a find. The next couple of cachers followed suit. None of them even attempted to retrieve the cache.
  7. I plan to hit My Monkey after the Rep Convention.
  8. I stand corrected. Brian knows the guidelines best. Well, I now nominate you for the Mr Northern New Jersey, aka Morris County Cache placer award. And the guidelines clearly state: In lieu of and as of the opinion that BrianSnat, aka Briansnat and all of his constituants, aliases, guises, divisions, holding companies, subsidaries et al. Should be awarded annually the award of Mr Northern New Jersey, aka Morris County Cache placer, Best in Show. Continually until otherwise noted by the Chairman of Commitee for NNJGCPC (Northern New Jersey's Good Cache Placement Commitee). In which Avroair is the sole, lonely member of hereafter. By lays to commence. All kidding aside, thanks for the great caches and guildline clarifications in the forums. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
  9. What constitutes a log? If I don't have a pen, I write my name with a stick. Otherwise, I leave something in the cache to verify that I have visited it. On the other hand, my wife rarely signs the logbook. She just finds it, looks thru it and puts it back. I am encouraging her to sign it. Poking about for any length of time and not finding the container is still a DNF. I found a cacje. but the ammo can was frozen shut. I logged as a DNF, however I have subsequently been told by others it would have been acceptable to log as a find. (not by the owner himself though). So I went back into that forsaken swamp during the spring.
  10. Okay, I think I have some options open for future events. Thanks for the input. On an endnote: I logged my event as an 'attended' since I did indeed attend the event. If the wording was found I would have just posted a thankyou note. But it says attended, not found. BTW: I will be replacing the 6 archived with new permanent containers next Tuesday for anyone wanting to hunt for them. My containers for the event were themed (pirate chests etc) and didn't last the abuse of 40 finds in one day. Wish I had known the option beforehand , but you learn from mistakes
  11. I am up for end of August or first weekend in Sept (Labor Day weekend). Or just during that whole week if you can get out of work
  12. I nominate Mister BrianSnat. Not only does he place more excellent caches than anyone else I know, he also posts the most forum notes for anyone that I know! His knowledge is so deep in all areas, polices and guidlines and he is a true inspiration to all cachers. He is also the last to leave on two event occasions... Baby Back Ribs Night Beer and Wings Night Now that's dedication! I raise my glass to you.
  13. Whoops! The flood control problem posted this one twice!
  14. Congrats on the milestone! Great meeting you at the NYGO event. Here's to the next 100!
  15. Congrats Claire, great meeting you at NYGO. Here's to 100 more.
  16. Congrats! Great meeting you at the NYGO event. Here's to your next 100!
  17. We had 30 cachers trashing the Chittenango Falls area looking for an event cache until someone yelled SNAKE! Then there were only 4 cachers still looking for the cache container. It was only a foot and a half long, and it did have the most worried look in it eyes!
  18. Does mailing a cache to another cacher count as a place? Hmm... maybe I should form a group and we can all log eachothers caches! Yeah! Drive accross the country... wait a minute, wife would be pi$$ed, nevermind.
  19. Yeah, you did you poser! But you still can't handle your liquer!
  20. Thanks to those who attended.
  21. Okay to clarify since GPSaxaphone missed the point: Say you have an event with a kids cache at the event which is temporary. The kids who find the kids cache have no where to log it. So they log the event AND then log the Kids Cache clearly marking it as such. Get it now?
  22. Interesting aside... On October 9, 1997, President William Jefferson Clinton signed into law the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997. Among other things, it requires the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to write comprehensive conservation plans for all of the refuges in the System by 2012. It also designates six priority, wildlife-dependent uses to receive enhanced consideration in planning public recreation on refuges: hunting, fishing, wildlife observation and photography, and environmental education and interpretation.
  23. I had a recent event where I placed 9 caches that were theme specific to that event. I had planned on making them permanent, however some stages and cache containers were trashed during the event. I therefore disabled some for replacing in the near future and archived some others. I was told I had breached GC.com guidelines. I noticed at the geojamboree in Connecticut that the kids caches was a double log on the event cache page. Is this the way it should be done? My question is: What is the best way to handle event caches designed to be temporary? I would prefer not to get into a discussion over the merits or pitfalls of temporary caches in general, I would like clarification on how I should be doing this for future reference. Avroair
  24. I was hiking with Helmet of Skully & Mulder. I would be walking alongside him chatting when suddenly he would dive into the scrub, gone! There would be a loud scuffle, a couple of whacks with his walking stick, and his head would pop up above the scrub brush... he would dive back in and emerge with a 18 foot black anaconda!!! Kreiky! Not sure if he was handling it or it was handling him... anyhoo, I was sitting near by when he rolled over a log and grabbed a 1 foot baby... When asked if he saw the snake retreat under the log, Helmet replied, "Nope, just looked like a good place to find a snake!" I then very slowly inched off the log I had been sitting on... Here's to the Snake Charmer! With this snake: And this snake: http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/8567c...b5521f02f70.jpg And this one too: http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/4e8ed...75833679eb5.jpg And the baby one: http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/77991...7d96e6097c0.jpg
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