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  1. I just tried to respond to this thread and got: Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Flood control is enabled on this board, please wait 30 seconds before replying or posting a new topic. Which sux because lives hang in the balance...
  2. The central park to central park is a good idea. I would probably give each team coordinates to all 5 caches and have them go in whatever direction they wanted first. There would be some guidelines like: * team has to stay together at all times, no spliting up. * I could even have verification at each stage
  3. Be nice. 6000 no finds is still twice more than 3000 finds. I think. There is a way to stop prolific no-finds, cache owners can delete the logs.
  4. Why whatever are you talking about dhenning?
  5. Anyone from the tristate area planning on attending the: Letchworth Fall Gathering My wife and I are planning on attending and possibly camping. Anyone else interested. We would drive up on Friday and camp and attend the event and come back on Sunday. The area will be in full color!
  6. Saturday, Sept 4th at 9:00 a.m. meeting in Silvermine parking area.
  7. I was thinking of planning a brunch event at a diner and then have a team treasure hunt race throught the 5 boroughs. With a couple of rules: 1. only one mode of transportation can be used between boroughs. (manhatten to brooklyn on a subway, you would then have to use different transporation such as a ferry or car to get out of Brooklyn). 2. Everyone would start from the same spot. Or it could be done in amazing race style with people using different methods of transport and the last group disqualified. Any thoughts?
  8. It would probably take place on a weekend due to the length and would be open to adults and children.
  9. Are there currently any groups or individuals working on this cache? As a Blood and Gutter I am just curious if the hype has died down or people are achieving each stage in secrecy. (my travel bug has been held hostage in the cache for months!) Here is the B& G Cache Page
  10. Congrats to a fellow Blood and Gutter! Some impressive hides so far!
  11. Hey Floopy, where's the love? I've seen you at over 5 events and still no beers!
  12. I had thought this is what the race was like. In my experience with event caches dos and don't, I believe that setting up a picnic or BBQ as an event. Then have an specific event cache would work. That would be cool since cacher can then meet and greet. I guess the teams would have to be staggered.
  13. Wow! Sounds like I missed out on a whole bunch of fun. I was thinking of running a similar event in New York. I tip my hat to Geoman007 for organizing and to all the teams who participated... must have been a cool day, despite the glitches (and there are always glitches as people who have organized events know).
  14. I brought up the same topic in the NE forums. After reading the thread, there seems to be no benefits to placing a MOC. Neither of the two cachers with the most finds in our area (around 5000 between them) have premium accounts.
  15. I enjoy setting up events and group hikes. My wife I like hiking, I like geocaching (the two are not always inclusive). So... I set up group hikes and cache with others on a large loop trail... keeps both of us happy, and together. Or... Drop the husband... there are plenty of eligible cachers out there
  16. I have a series of caches that bring the cacher thru 5 linked parks - the 6th cache brings you back to near the start (and your car!).
  17. Fifth element had a cool temple with a cool puzzle cache idea!
  18. Bushwhack - what happens when the president comes to town and disrupts your commute But at least I get to 'work from home' (aka geocache) all week
  19. This was in the main forum, but posting it here for people in NE. Check out the 20 caches closest to your house that you haven't done. What are their ranges? What are the reasons for you either skipping them or not having done them yet: For me: 5.6 miles to 10.2 miles 3 are in a direction I never go 1 I tried to reach but don't know where to park 1 I am saving for after the convention 3 I posted DNF, and haven't had a chance to go back 4 are newish caches, haven't got to yet 3 are brand spanking new 4 I are south of me, I plan to scoop them up in one outing 1 I found the first stage of the multi, haven't had a chance to get the cache
  20. NE by a landslide... the are some very good topics in the general forums, but people pounce quickly and others are too sensitive. Usually turns offbase after 3-4 posts.
  21. avroair

    Ammo Cans

    I have only ever found to ammo cans with leaks. One had a hole punctured in the side and in the other cache the sides of the ammo can were knocked out of whack and the top didn't shut properly. You could put the prizes in plastic ziplocs?
  22. Okay so if people can 'skip' past the audits, are there ANY advantages to MOCs? from the posts so far, seems they only come with disadvantages. And yes, I did read the whole e-mail just choose what i wanted to respond to.
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