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  1. The Assassin's Respite was made in response (and adversary) to the musketeer coin. I love historical themes...
  2. Ok I have made up some grab bags, first come, first served (already made up so no requests). Each bag has 3 regular sized trackable coins (including an Artist Edition or Limited Edtion) and 2 trackable tags + an extra geopin that goes with one of the coins. All 6 are trackable and there are no micros. $45.00 shipped. Add $10.00 for shipping to Europe. Email me: avroair@sbcglobal.net or through my caching profile. First to pay, first served. One grab bag has an extra treat!
  3. Very cool. Will have to remember to order these.
  4. Ok, looking for the Arnhem coin. My grandfather fought in that battle. Anyone? Name what you'd like.
  5. Aw crap! Missed out on these, my Grandfather was in XXX Corps, the tank platoon that relived the Paratroopers (or tried). If anyone had one for trade let me know.
  6. Says $18.76 in the terms of service so I expect them to honor that.
  7. Exactly. Having a username such as Tigger is going to be fine, but once you use the likeness as a logo that is potentially commercial or even distributed then you may get a cease and desist letter. Each company has different legalize concerning their copyrights, (for instance Lucas Film the parent of Star Wars allows fan art, altho this might change since Disney is buying them).
  8. The event was Awesome! It was the most creative log book I have ever seen, each of us got a colored tile and we wrote our names on it and made a mosaic (stuck them to a huge board) to form the geocaching logo. Complete also with a Beattles and Abba cover band. There was SO many coins I haven't even seen before and they love their wooden nickels there (10,000 were displayed) all in all what a wonderful experience! On the vending side I sold about 3/4 of my Prague Astronomical clocks and all of my Cache Wars. I also brought handfuls of my previous designs (about 300 coins in all) and ended up selling all of them! Onward to Vegas!
  9. I was attending Geocoinfest Prague 2013, and I stepped away from my booth to go and watch the group performing ABBA, when I got back to my table Mama Mia! There was a Project My Gray #99 in my coin box! ~ #99 My link Thank you very, very much for such a kind gift!
  10. I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pockets... heading there from the 4th through 9th. Will have a new version of the Prague astronomical clocks. FYI they won't cost $20... anyways, I am hoping to have a new Prague mask 2013 to trade and maybe even a new Cache Wars color... now i just need to get ernies to say i can vend with him.
  11. I haven't been in this thread for a long while, I would like the following non-trackables 1) wandering dragon 2) bucksnort 3) indydiver 4) dhobby1 v1 5) team fisur
  12. I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pockets... heading there from the 4th through 9th. Will have a new version of the Prague astronomical clocks.
  13. In the past, next year GCF is not annouced until the end this years GCF. So I would not excect the winner to be anounce to the public until October. Yep. The selection has been made. The bidders have been notified. The announcement will be at Gecooinfest Las Vegas 2013! Hope to see you all in Vegas baby!
  14. hehe. Been away for a couple weeks. I have a color by number artwork available for anyone who wants to draw their own version. Email me. I should have minting and cost numbers soon.
  15. Correct. Coins were minted by hogwildstuff.org Both came out the same time. Although the Phone booth was later reminted (100 of them) for a Special Geocoinfest Pittsburgh edition. I don't know the original minting numbers but the shaped one was more limited at the time. Original thread
  16. I was messing around with this sort of image...
  17. glittery Lynn still hands out his coins, or did last year, if it's a momento or a keepsake then I would just bring it to events to show people and have them log it. Otherwise, might be fun to set it traveling and see where it goes.
  18. I haven't seen a list. If there is a specific coin that inspires you or a similar style coin, it's fairly easy to find out who designed it and contact them directly. I work with a designer on most of my pirate coins, he visualizes what's in my head and makes it work.
  19. Slated for Friday 13th, September 2013. Following up from 12-12-12 and Pi Day, a Friday 13th event and (Groundspeak wanted to do a 13 cache Zombie walk). I know October is typically when people do funky stuff but October 13th isn't a Friday.
  20. Jerk! The biggest Irk is when an anonymous reviewer leaves a will attend from their caching account
  21. What would you consider a Deadly Sin in geocaching? What irks you most? I'm compiling a list for an event...
  22. Been a hectic couple of weeks with work, but was able to check my stock and I have 3-4 left for trade or sale still if anyone would still like one.
  23. I have a couple left if anyone is interested.
  24. That's right. It's a conflict of interest having a vendor running the show. They can be available as a close consultant for answering questions about event coin design and minting, vendor relations for the event, and can certainly make tags or coins for fund raising efforts. And of course promoting the event locally. But can't be the ones calling the shots.
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