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  1. Last chance today and tomorrow to get your migrations in! Sorry if I wasn't reading them over the weekend, I was migrating to visit family.
  2. Since these seem popular I made up another 10 grab bags, they are slightly different. The coins offered are similar (such as a different astro clock, a couple are the same, but no pins). Since I shipped all the last packages with insurance, the price is $45.00 shipped (with insurance) for a total of 5 coins. One of these is my personal avroair micro which is an added gift. I prefer a check or paypal. Shipping to a foreign country is an additional $4.00 The grab bag packages contain 4 coins: all 4 coins are trackable all 4 coins have unique icons at least 1 Artist Edition version coin at least 1 limited edition no duplicates no requests, the bags are already made up The coins available to make the bags from: astronomical clocks assassin's respite diving helmet Atlantis lost continent 4 musketeers crop circle venetian mask Arabian nights Cache of the Titans Medusa Cougar Mountain Macaw Chess: check mate
  3. Arabian Nights AE Celtic Circle of Life: purple (body) june club coin with pin atlantis lost continent AE macaw marvin black nickel LE
  4. The Cyprus flag micros are still available on geoswag.com
  5. Diving helmet LE --- didn't design but gave the idea for. Medusa tempest --- 2009 design Avroair personal --- 2009 (antique copper), this is a micro and not the aviator Macaw BN --- event version Crop Circle (with pin) --- May Geoswag Club
  6. Well, your photo is certainly better than the one I took!
  7. 1) Monarch Butterfly 2) Coho Salmon (local to me) 3) Grey Whale 4) Canada Goose 5) Green sea turtle 6) Arctic Tern 7) North american Caribou Here are the 7 animals... Now you guys just need to keep submitting this list A with something from B.
  8. These are really cool. Will they be available at Geocoinfest EU?
  9. And that so happens to be in the coin.
  10. Cup half full, bright side... your coins are moving and not being taken outright. I understand the misery though. We have a travel bug \ coin hoarder (thief) in our area who has by best estimates over 4,000 bugs and coins in his possession... kinda a big, dark, black hole... there is just no reasoning with some people.
  11. Thank you. As I mentioned in my email my inspiration for the coin comes from the children's book: On the Day you Were Born (Debra Fraiser), one of my favorites. I read it to my daughter all the time. On one of the pages the news of a newborn's birth is passed from animal to animal (migration). I wanted to design a coin that celebrated the wonderful and mysterious idea of migration. With the animals migrating from North to South on the coin. It will be the September geoswag club coin as well as a geoswag store version.
  12. You got 3, 4 (I like em too, but you did name green), 6 and 7 correct.
  13. Was wondering who the first person to bring that up would be! To answer, depends... were they geocachers or just migrating! Geocaching is migrating with a purpose!
  14. Yes. The species I don't need a scientific name... just Grizzly bear rather than Bear. As well as guessing all of the seven animals.
  15. The King's Own will be going to Geocoinfest Europe. The Night's Watch version (black) will be sold in August on Geoswag.
  16. Any plans for a GCF version?
  17. Quick cointest that features my new Migrations geocoin design. Photo below. Winner will be picked randomly out of people who answer both 1A and post correctly for 1B Cointest rules: 1. there are two stipulations to enter: A. as part of the answer name the seven animals featured. names need to be specific: eg instead of bear say Grizzly Bear B. Add an animal (and photo if possible) of an animal that migrates (doesn't have to be on the coin) give a few facts about the migration 2. one entry per day (if you edit your entry you lose) 3. if you pick an animal B. from above that has already been picked you lose 4. if you pick an animal that doesn't migrate you lose 5. please be careful about photo permissions and giving credit or you lose 6. have fun! do some research! or you will lose 7. cointest lasts 7 days (after that we'll migrate to something else)
  18. I live in the Pacific Northwest which is famous for it's annual Salmon Runs. My city happens to have a Salmon Hatchery as well as a regional Festival called Salmon Days that runs the first week of October. Thought it would be fun to design a migrations themed coin since travel bugs and geocoins migrate to their destinations through traveling from cache to cache. The coin features a number of animals that migrate. Seven are featured on the coin, spreading the word of geocaching. Trackable: YES Unique Icon: YES Size: 2" Thickness: 3 mm Versions: This will be the Geoswag club coin for September, there will also be an event version in different colors and well as a version for the geoswag website. Might also do a spring edition. Here is a really bad sample photo since it's hard to see the turtles and other details under the enamel. So here's the bare metal mint submitted artwork:
  19. If you have an a** then, sure you can laugh it off! Forgot to mention I found one of these coins in the travel bug bin at one of my events! How did it get in there? Awesome coin!
  20. Mailed them all out today. Missed the post office on Saturday by 2 minutes!
  21. Looks familiar! Are you showing any color combos. And have much do you think they will be selling for?
  22. all gone. (no more matching pins left)
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