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  1. BTW Congrats all new Agents. I hope everyone's as excited as I am.
  2. Alright. All V1 coins had a non trackable "number" on them and that number became the number for the agent that found it. Curious that V2 coins are trackable and have a tracking "code" on them, What will the. Agent numbers be for the large group of new Agents. Will I be Agent KD095TX if that were to be the code on my coin. Which I haven't recieved my coin yet and this is a bogus number just so everyone knows. Any ponderisms about this?
  3. I read my e-mail this morning and found out that I too am now a secret agent. Been at work for 12 hours waiting to reply. It was killing me. Now it will kill me until I see the prize in the mail box. Thanks GSA. This Cointest sure was fun. Agent Koolbrez out!
  4. You did say 12pm CST right? If so then I should be good with my entry since I posted at 10:30 CST. Thanks
  5. Agent in Training Koolbrez out in my Cachemobile "notice the graphic" announcing that "Yes, I am a Geocacher!!!" Mission complete, Sir!
  6. Picked up Mr Jiffy at the Lighthouse here in "America's Hometown" Hannibal, MO. Being the fourth of July and a nice hot day I took # 4 to the parade. What's summer without going to the greatest 4th of July parade anywhere.
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