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  1. 1311 Happy Anniversary Too late.
  2. I would just worry about pin pointing an area as a "bad" area for coins. I enjoy coins coming into my area and would not want someone to read that my area is bad and not want to drop a coin here. Thoug my area in Northeast Missouri seem to be a good area to drop. We are lucky that local cachers take care of each other around here. I have checked a few caches that I heard were reported muggled or damaged and have checked in on them. I know that others in my area would do the same. Good topic. Thanks for starting the thread. Koolbrez
  3. Devastating. My heart goes out to RR. edit to add that I've got a bid in
  4. I have accepted a mission from the GSA. Please read Post #1951 of The Geocoin Secret Agent for the details. I am looking for coin donations or similar to use for the raffle and Geocaching 101 booth. Nothing big. I have a few things plus the GSA V3. This is the only event like this I have seen in my town and I am really excited that I have been chosen by the GSA to do such a marvelous deed for the charity and geocaching. This will allow quite a few people to experience geocaching first hand. Everything will be given away or raffled with 100% given to the charity. I really want to make this event over the top. It already means so much to me. Please e-mail me if you would like to help out. Thank You Louis
  5. I could see taking 1 or 2 of the same tag but that many that's insane. What to do with that many. Karma will in turn get this person. Sorry for your loss.
  6. Wow, what a response on the levels. The forum seems hungry for another mission. Help GSA!!
  7. This is what the GSA V3 is all about. Excellent work Agent Koolbrez. You will soon be promoted for your work and efforts. There is officially a new level to reach for all agents. Level 0 - wanna be's Level 1 - Agents Level 2 - Double Agents Level 3 - Agent Supreme This is amazing that the GSA has promoted me to this level for my work on the last mission. Maybe the next mission will allow for someone to be promoted also.
  8. Koolbrez


    I'll take them off your hands if you would like. I would get some use out of them. Thanks.
  9. Maybe the collection was so good it sold before it could be posted.?
  10. V3 arrived today. What a beauty! Even better than the V2. I have gotten the thumbs up from the higher up to raffle it off and have a geocaching booth set up. They were very excited to hear my story,plan and the fact that it will all go to the United Way. You should have seen their faces when I decribed who the GSA was and what he is about. Can't wait till we put it out to the whole plant. Bet there will be plenty of folks asking me about the GSA and geocaching. Now to put together the activities for the booth and additional items for the raffle. I was thinking of a ready to hide cache and swag. Maybe a gas card since I know the pains of filling up to just go geocaching. But hey it's worth every penny. I will keep the thread posted of the progression of my mission as things happen.
  11. WhooooooooHooooooooo! Double agent status now. I'm sure it was hard (since there were some great charities and ideas) for the GSA to pick. I will be honored to carry out this plan and I will share the results for all to see. My Picnic is Oct 6th and preperations are underway. Double Agent Koolbrez
  12. OK, My favorite charity is the United Way. This charity touches everyone in our area and the money is kept locally. With the recent floods they have helped tremendously. Now what to do with the coin. My company that I work for raises $100,000+ yearly through employee contributions and fund raising events then matches these and donates to the United Way. Our yearly Picnic is coming up and I would like to have a Geocaching 101 booth set up. I would run a few caches on the grounds for all to find and recieve a prize if they find it. I would ask local cachers and cachers that I work with to help out. I would raffle the coin and some other goodies off and give all procedes to the United Way and my company would then match this. There are approximately 1400 people attending each year. This would promote the game, bring local cachers together and show some benefits of getting out and finding caches. This is my plan. Koolbrez
  13. Though the last mission ended with mixed results Agent Koolbrez has accepted the next misson. I will make my plan and post when complete.
  14. WOW! This is still going on. Odd for the boss to extend it so long. Maybe we haven't nailed the perfect answer to the mission yet. Agents, keep sending the ideas in! My latest idea would be to make a video about goecaching (funny, informational, etc.) and post it on that TUBE site. Then post a link to it in the forurm and who ever has the best video wins.
  15. OK!OK! I get what it means by period. But If I misunderstood it so could others.
  16. This is why I take my 4 year old with me as much as possible. She don't mind going either. There is much that can be learned through geocaching. The GSA's mission has really brought some good thoughts out on this subject of kids and caching. Thanks GSA. You have benefited geocaching by getting us to talk about what is important. You should give yourself a coin. hehe
  17. 36.00 a month for 1 coin a month. Would rather buy off e-bay or trade.
  18. Every agent/wannabe chose an agent name and write a short background story on how they came to be. The more creative the better. Though it may not "benefit" geocaching it may give us all a good laugh.
  19. Koolbrez


    Same problem here. Help!!!!!!!!! My new avatar is awesome and I want to share it so badly.
  20. Ok! Hiding caches seems to be a popular idea. Hide a cache and Take a picture of the cache container and whoever has the most creative Secret Agent container wins.
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