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  1. e-mail sent. Man I've been missing out on a great series of games. Thanks for the cointest and congtrats to all previous winners. Had to do a lot of reading to catch up.
  2. Stashed as one, a cache for all!! had to get in on the mean face kick too!
  3. Black nickel and Copper my fav's. Great coin.
  4. Yeah. Great accomplishment! So what happens next?
  5. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name-Name received 9-14-08 3. Mission Complete-Now the fun begins. My first mission like this, yeah! 4. Package Received!
  6. TSUN you have got to make this coin. What a twisted and warped coin it could be. I would envision the back with a Twister game spinner on the back and say TWISTED instead of twister. It would give you a way to decide where to start.
  7. Great looking fruit. Congrats on such a juicy looking coin.
  8. Great to see a new spin on the mystery coin idea. I wonder where he will plant his first coins. I have a new cache I have been working on and am going to have cachers remember to CITO as they are there. This is my favorite park in town. I would hate for it to get trashed any more than it is. Koolbrez
  9. How about registered mail? Will that work to help this problem. Is it cost effective? Would it work better for 1 or 2 coins? Just a thought.
  10. Maybe he's held up with Santa at the north pole. Training in Santa stealth. Cuz we all know Santa is one of the sneakiest around. Heck he might bring back some early presents.
  11. Thanks for sharing the pics. Very fitting place to take the coin.
  12. Great cointest! Thanks for posting it. Tequila Sunrise- The Eagles
  13. This is like a company putting fliers under you wiper blade out iun the parking lot. Sure most will throw it aside and nothing will come of it. But a few pick it it and use it to support the business then great for the business. Sure the company can put them out all day long, but do you ever see them picking up the ones tossed aside. Why do it when The customers can for us. Sounds like he don't care to get deleted but if he gets a few to be ok with it then it is a win for him. Show him by deleting everyone he has done then if he wants he can ask individuals to discover coins. Bet he won't after that. IMO, I would not want this to happen to any of my coins either. I do not have as many as some but I am new to this and believe in taking this and making changes to the future of how this can be avoided in the future. This feedback is not "beating a dead horse" it is a catalyst for making a change for the good of all. Thanks to all who openly spoke their mind to bring this to light. Koolbrez
  14. If the person whom you are going to trade with was informed prior to the trade that you did not have it and was OK with that then IMO it is OK. I would not trade something without having it in hand.
  15. Great topic! Must have crawled away.
  16. maybe if you post the coin names that were logged it would kind of hint to who made them without mentioning names. It might inform others who have that coin to look at there coins.
  17. This is a great thread! Well My nick came from back in 1994 when I need to create my e-mail name. I had just got back from basic training and had been driving my 87 GT mustang convertible around and fell in love with it. I had bought it with the money I saved while in training. My bestfriend had asked why I loved the car so much and I would tell him that "I love to drop the top and feel the cool breeze". So he began calling me cool breeze. So my first e-mail name became coolbrez69. the 69 was a random number but I like it. Later on I swiched e-mail and had to make another account and had to change it to a K instead of a C. Kinda of grew on me and have never turned back. So naturally I bcame Koolbrez when I joined Geocaching. Thanks for the cointest.
  18. Well said. I hope you still have hair left TSUN. Congrats on your new store.
  19. I do not believe the thread was asking dealers to give up sources. Just other people dealing with companies directly. I believe if someone was capable and comfortable dealing with a company directly then that's great. The coin dealers had to start somewhere, right.?
  20. It appears that the thrill of the unknown keeps coins going out. We all wish for the best of a coin but yet if we accept the fact that anything can happen on it's journey then it will lessen the impact if something does. I am going to release my first coin very soon on it's way. It is like a close family member. It travels will become its memories that it shares with me and like all good things it's travels will end and I will treat it as a death in the family. I will be sad at first but will remember it always when I look at it's travels in the logs.
  21. Congrats to the latest recipients. Especially Luckycharmer. She is from my local area and I can attest that we can get some nasty bugs here around the Mississippi River area. May flies can get so thick that the snow plows are called out to clear the roads and bridges near the river in the middle of summer. Good to see a nice bug for once. Maybe he can fly across the river and bite me. LOL
  22. These came today from my trade from cainrcc. Now I have a few that I can release and trade. Love them all!!
  23. Koolbrez


    Love the antique nickel. Awesome coin overall!!
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