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  1. I got this really neat looking sig item today from ThirstyMick, I think it was from their road trip cointest. Very nice, even though it looks like it got a little warm and stuck to the envelope a little. Got most of the paper off and it is going to be placed in the keepable items box. Thank you!

    Got a ThirstyMick Sig item as well on Saturday. Definately a keepsake. Wish the ole digital would work. But it doesn't. Thanks ThirstyMick!

  2. What do you do when the wife says "This came for you today!" nearly three hours after you get home from work? You open it up of course. That's just what I did and found that I had been bitten with a brushed copper version of the bug. Thanks G. O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire. Thanks for wasting some resourses on me. I love it and will keep it with my most cherished coins.

    We are also currently under attack from the chinese lady beetles (they look like orange lady bugs)trying to hibernate around here. Anyone else?



  3. Opened my package last night from my secret spook. Camera is on the fritz so sorry no pics. It didn't take long but I believe the package was from CF30. Thank you so much for everything.Along with some halloween candy and a neat card I got a Sweeeet! CF30 pathtag, a really cool FTF coin with a crow on it and a "Every cache you take" coin in copper. Sorry if the exact names are wrong I haven't had a chance to research the correct ones. Thanks Secerct Spook! I loved it

  4. This story started a few weeks ago. I recieved an e-mail from Ima-gine explaining that they would like to give me a coin. I have always loved the coin and the meaning behind it. You can't imagine the whooping and hollering that came out when I read the e-mail. I even had it on my hearts desire list with small hopes of ever getting one. So I sent my addy and waited. And waited. And waited. I began to think mabye it was lost in the mail. What should I do? Well,like any good person would, I waited some more. This last Saturday I came home from work and the wife said I got another coin in the mail. Could it be? Yes!! It had arrived. I opened the package and had a quiet peaceful moment to myself. I was in awe of this beautiful coin. Words could not express what it is like to have one of these coins in hand. Later that night (this is where it gets interesting), I was looking the mailer and noticed that there was no postmark. I asked the wife if this was in the mailbox. She said yes. How did this get here then? I guess that's the mystery. But I do know that many cachers were up this way hiding caches for MOGA this weekend. Hmmmmm... Well it doesn't matter how it got here just that I am ever thankful for this coin and will cherish it forever. Thanks Ima-gine.



  5. fun slide show! as always, neat to put faces to names. except, wait, they all said koolbrez!



    When I view it it shows the other cachers names that helped. bfiesler and mraycii. Let me know if you can't see the captions below the pics
  6. 1. Participating - Email sent

    2. Received Name-Name received 9-14-08

    3. Mission Complete-Gonna have to wait till tomorrow to send out. (10/15/08) Sorry. Had to work later than expected and the post office already was closed. Will still get before Halloween.

    4. My Mission package arrived! Gonna wait till Halloween to open it. Thank you secret Spook!

  7. Where to start??? Saturday was a blast. The Geocache booth and raffle did very well. Over sixty people visited 1 of 3 caches hid. Some found them all. There were many people stopping by and being inquisitive. Everyone had a great time. It was so much fun to watch them look for the caches, to tell them stories of caching adventures, showing them pics near cache locations, how neat TB's and geocoins are and showing them the variety of cache containers that could be hid. How well did the raffle go? I'll keep you in suspense for now. Some thank you's are in order. For if it were not for these people I would not be posting this right now.


    My company-- Thank you for allowing me to share this hobby of mine with my fellow workers and the GPSr to bring them my way.


    mraycii and bfiesler-- Thank you my voulnteers and friends for the geocaching displays, taking people to caches, your comradery in this sport and your belief in making this happen. I know you had as much fun as I did.



    Geok's,Arf2-D2,BrierPatch, and cache_in_hand--Thank you so much for you kind donations towards my mission. This truly makes one a believer in the kindness of others in the geocaching world.



    GSA-- Saving the biggest THANK YOU!!! for last. Thank you for getting me started on this mission in the first place. This whole experience has impacted me in ways that dig deep into my soul. I have had so much fun doing this. You have fueled the fire within me to continue doing what I have done. I know the money raised will be put to good use in our area.



    Oh, but you do not know how much was raised. Well, all in all, the amount raised through this mission was...








    I have a slide show being put together with some pics of the event. I still will like to get just a couple of pic added. I will have to post it later. :D

    If there are any mystery coiners out looking to surprise someone, anyone listed in this post I believe are so ever deserving.

    Once again. Thanks to everyone!!!

    My mission is now complete (or is it???).


    AS Koolbrez Out!!! :lol:

  8. What was the total mileage of my trip to GCF 765 miles roundtrip

    ---how long did it take me to get to the GCF 5 hours and 45 minutes (already answered correctly by someone)

    ---how much gas money did I spend $48.00

    ---what was the lowest price of the gas (per gallon) I bought for the weekend?? $2.83


    You know you would have not incurred the costs if you would have stay home like the rest of us. LOL


    What was the total mileage of my trip to GCF 0 roundtrip

    ---how long did it take me to get to the GCF 0 hours and 0 minutes (already answered correctly by someone)

    ---how much gas money did I spend $0.00

    ---what was the lowest price of the gas (per gallon) I bought for the weekend?? $0.00


    ----be able to go to GCF -priceless.

  9. Just a quick note to say My mission is complete. I would post more today but just as I arrived home from the picnic My wife and I had to get her niece from a hotel room where she tried to OD on sleeping pills and get her to the emergency room. I am totally drained for the most part and am awaiting a few more pics before I post the complete details. Look for it tomorrow. Let's just say "It was a good day at the picnic".


    AS Koolbrez


    BTW Our niece is OK.


    You'll do just fine! Are you going to place a few temporary caches for the visitors to "get their feet wet" on?? When we host 101's, we place an ammo box and a micro to let the visitors see what a find is like, we even place a logbook in so they can sign the log (adds to the adventure). One of us (we usually have at least 2 or 3 cachers manning the booth) will lead a small group out while the others hand out flyers and talk with visitors! We also take along our binders of coins, a few TBs and some demonstration containers to place on the table as well as a full ammo can (so you can show everyone what a typical real cache might look like). Maybe some of the natural camo is always good too!


    The most important thing is HAVE FUN!!! 101's are probably my favorite type of events, I LOVE talking with potential cachers and sharing the fun I find in this activity! Talking about something you have fun doing will be easy, you'll have them loving it just like you do, my friend!! Just explain it out as basically as possible so anyone (including children) can understand....and don't forget the flyers lol!


    GOOD LUCK my friend!!

    Thanks to all well wishers. We are having caches placed, flyers, displays, basically all of the above. I do plan on having lots of fun. But most importantly I get a chance to help a local charity in such a neat and unique way. BTW the company has purchased a Garmin Etrex Legend GPSr to give away as a door prize. Whom ever finds the cache with the entry tickets in it can place an entry into the drawing for it.

  11. Mission update.


    This next weekend I will hold my 101 booth at the picnic. Things are all set and ready to go. Tent set up will happen later this week and we will hide the caches on Thursday. We are expecting a big turn out. Man, am I excited! Wish me luck!!

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