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  1. Interesting Netherlands Flag Facts:

    The Netherlands flag influenced the design of the Russian flag when Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia, visited the Netherlands in the 17th century to observe the country's shipping industry. When he returned to Russia he assembled his own shipping fleet and designed a white, blue and red flag in honor of the Netherlands. That flag eventually became the state flag of Russia. The Russian flag would then inspire the flags of many other Slavic nations, and the colors became known as the pan-Slavic colors.

  2. Netherlands Flag History:

    The Netherlands flag was adopted on February 19, 1937. The Netherlands flag was originally orange, white and blue and featured up to nine stripes. The Netherlands flag is nicknamed the 'Prince's Flag' and was based on the heraldic colors (coat of arms) of Prince William of Orange, who led the campaign for independence against Spanish rule in 1568. The Netherlands independence was finally recognized by Spain in 1648. The orange-white-blue flag first appeared around the early 1570s. In the early to mid-17th century, the orange stripe was changed to red but the reason is unclear. One theory is because red is more visible than orange when viewed from a distance. Red, white and blue were officially announced as the colors of the flag in 1796. The flag was banned for a short period at the turn of the 19th century after France occupied the Netherlands. The Netherlands was again independent in 1813 and the flag was reinstated.

  3. A bit about the Netherlands Flag:



    Netherlands Flag Description:

    The flag of the Netherlands consists of three equal sized horizontal stripes - the top stripe is red; the middle one white; and the bottom stripe is blue.


    Netherlands Flag Meaning:

    The red stripe which was originally orange, along with the white and blue stripes, are based on the heraldic colors (coat of arms) of Prince William of Orange, who led the fight for Dutch independence.

  4. Hello mfamilee,

    Fredheads Sister here, yes indeed he does have additional information as it turns out moonchaii is waiting for a special coin so that it can be sent to the next Agent.


    He will not even tell me what was said exactly as he said until i get the mission I am just an Agent in Waiting... :o


    Frehead said it should be moving soon :)

  5. Mr. Yime,

    I vote for #2 I like the Yime coin design and using it in the Icon continues the theme.

    As for the eyelashes, and other references, not to sure but I think the lines make the Icon POP.

    I like the idea that it seems to be giving off presence.


    Or maybe it is Yime Juice being squirted into the eyes of those whose eyes were a bit wide from the other side.......


    Either way another great coin in your series.

  6. As was said before since GC.com was down so no caching for us….

    Had fun watching Dad go back and forth between chores and the computer, worrying Mom would bust him.


    So I sat in my room planning what I will be doing form my dance classes, I need to pick the music, costumes, and choreograph routines for my classes.

    So I listened to songs on my Ipod, down to three or four.

    Searched on-line for costume ideas, getting somewhere here.

    Started the choreography of the routines, still need to know how many girls I will be teaching so I can get the balance correct.

    I have written all the ideas down for later review.


    Laughed some more at Dad. :unsure:


    In the afternoon I got to practice many of my Martial Arts forms, getting ready to test for my Black Belt.


    Laughed some more at Dad. :)


    Next day


    Laughed some more at Dad. :o


    Dad made breakfast, great morning with him and my Brother…

    Played Football with Dad and my Brother

    Headed for the July 4th party



    This is a great idea I wonder how many caching org's do this:


    As the operator of the L & A Cachers blog, I keep an up to date GPX file available for people to download. It is the closest 100 caches from Napanee, Ontario (Our home town).


    Just in case of a Geocaching server failure, or just to make it easier for cachers coming to our town.

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