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  1. The LE versions only sell in a set of 3. That's to much for me to buy now. If some buys the set and would like to trade or sell the 1 LE – Shiny Gold + Green, I'm very interested!

    I think I can work out a deal with ya. :santa:




    Today I received the LE - Shiny Gold + Green, with a extra pathtag. Crowesfeat30 thank you very much for the deal. With these two versions I have now, I'm verry happy :santa:

    You are most welcome. :santa:


    Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my hands on one of those Antique Silver/Blue ones. That is my favorite version. :santa: If anyone has one available for trade or sale I would be very grateful. :santa:




    probably I will have, I will keep you updated

  2. I would be interested in a trade or to chip in for a lot.

    What is the story on these roosters? I had a statue of a rooster much like this in my kitchen. I was told it was good luck but more of a South American thing.


    it calls (in uk version) The Rooster from Barcelos


    The symbol has its genesis in the history of Barcelos. The city of Barcelos is located just east of Braga. Even though it is not on a major highway, it still is a good sized city. The legend of the Rooster is so old that no one knows for sure its real source. There are serveral versions of the legend. The version below came from post cards found in a tourist shop on the Ribeira in Porto.


    you can read more here


  3. I will be applying for a lot, let me know afterwards if you are interested


    regarding the price.. i guess the problem is with the € is rising compared to $


    t@ndre, should you be interested in a trade when you'll get your order, I would be very happy to get one of these really cute coins :rolleyes:


    sure, send me PM with trade list :)

  4. segue uma pergunta:


    imaginem que queria organizar um evento que decorresse um fim de semana todo, qual a solução? criar mini eventos do tipo manha sabado, tarde sabado, manha domingo, tarde domingo. Ou fará mais sentido criar um único evento e ter todos a logarem o mesmo mesmo aparecendo apenas um dia?


    PS: assim seria mais fácil chegar ao mega

  5. Well, here goes...worst people can say is 'no' right? :rolleyes: If anyone buys a set a does not want the Black and White LE would they consider trading it with me? It really is the only one I want. I have a thing for black and white coins. :rolleyes:


    depends if you have nice tengwars for me :rolleyes:

  6. Wow tsun loved your words!


    Whenever you need courage emails I can be the first to send..


    keep your awesome work!


    It's not something I would suggest and that's the honest truth. Having done this for 4 years now, I wish I had done some things differently but it's too late for me :rolleyes:


    Jackalgirl had a good idea in that, shop your design to one of the larger vendors and receive Artist Editions which you can in turn sell or trade. There is virtually no expense to you doing it that way.


    The geocoin "business" from a small time vendor perspective can be very deceiving. Many small-time vendors go rogue and there is a reason for that, it's not as lucrative as people think.


    In my case, I pay a monthly fee to have my site hosted and that is not cheap, I paid thousands of dollars to have my site built since I know nothing of computers. I pay a high monthly internet fee because I don't live in an urban area and I need to be not get bumped off my store during a high customer load/sale :rolleyes: Aka F5 storm :D I don't sell designs every month so I lose money in this area.


    The majority of the time, you lose $$$ on your time. I've spent countless hours, logging orders, shipping, packing, going to the post office, etc. all of which I do for "free". I often ask myself what's wrong with me, lol.


    There are alot of tiny expenses on the vendor side which the average person does not see. Your initial investment for 1 design will cost you probably over $1,000. Many of my designs, the die fee alone is over $500 granted I do big, shaped coins. The Pegasus coin I just did, was closing in on the $800 mark for the die fee. I haven't even made my $$$ back on that design yet on the first round of selling. Hopefully I will on the remint.


    The killer part as a vendor (at least for me): The ebayers are making more $$$ on my designs that I am and quicker! That is a fact. I only surpass them in the long run.


    If you can keep your expenses low, come out with popular designs, you could make a few extra bucks and get yourself a couple of meals from McD's :unsure:


    There is also the design aspect, if you can do all the design work yourself, you can save yourself the design fee.


    In my experience only, I've found that in the end, I kind of break even. I give alot of coins away, I've tried to keep costs low. I lose money on my time and just try to cover my investment.


    Most people today do presales and reservations to play it safe, I tend to buck that trend with an outright order and sale and take my chances.


    There really are so many things to think about as a small time independent vendor. I've learned alot over time but I could afford to do it being retired from one career and working full-time in addition.


    If I had it to do all over again, I'd work with a large vendor and let them sell my designs so I wouldn't spend countless hours on coin matters. I'd let them take on all the costs and time consuming efforts and I really do mean that. It's one of the reasons I've really slowed down on design output, it's just alot of work for very little payback on the $$$ side of things (for me). I would defintely do things differently.


    The one thing I don't regret in all of this which has kept me doing designs here and there is the emails and comments I get from people. My designs mean alot to me, I love the drawing aspect of this and watching the design come to life. Giving a piece of yourself through this medium is an awesome opportunity and I feel very fortunate to be able to allowed to stay in this community. There are times when I've wanted to just throw in the towel because this was just so much work and there were so many frustrations that I don't voice about all of this however I'll get an email from someone. These emails are special stories that a customer will will take the time to open their hearts and tell me how much a design has touched them or how meaningful the coin is to them. It's in those moments when I think I can't do this anymore, that I keep going because that is all I ever wanted to do in the first place was make meaningful designs and hope that people could see that "magic" if you will.


    As a small time vendor going it on your own, you need to do this because you love to do it, if you can do this for the love it the community will allow you to stick around :unsure:


    If you want to make $$$, do a kick-butt design, let a big vendor sell it for you and sell your AE coins on ebay.


    Best wishes either way...




    edit to add: I did not touch on alot of things because I have to go to work :rolleyes: however I just wanted to get the main idea across that tis is not a get rich quick thing :unsure:

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