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  1. We joined on 8 April 2008 and had hoped to reach 200 caches by our 1st anniversary. With Enzo's arrival, we weren't able to do it and only reached our 200th in July 2009. We realised that with little people, you simply cannot do all that you want to do. So now we just appreciate the times that we can geocache and the caches that we find. The ones we cannot do, is just one of those things. We are not sure where we'll be at our 2nd anniversary, but we would like to achieve the following:


    1. Place our 1st Earthcache (and some more if we get things right)

    2. Place one or two Mystery caches

    3. Place a Letterbox Hybrid cache

    4. Increase the finds of Multi & Mystery caches

    5. Get some more caches done with higher difficulty and terrain ratings (not so easy with two little critters!)

    6. Put together a really cool Event


    Well done Jors for nearly caching for 10 years WOW - that is a huge milestone! :lol:



    there is no need to Put together a really cool Event as you have already done this.

    It was the great 2009 South African TB race.

    Im sure quite a few other cachers would agree with me.



    Ding bat

  2. Congratulations to RedGlobe on reaching PLATINUM Status as an EarthCacher! The 1st in Africa! :D


    Oh WOW!!! Congratulations RedGlobe! That is an incredible milestone to reach - Well Done! We still need to put our first EarthCache together...we've even gone and purchased a nice book all about South Africa's geology to help us along :) .



    wasn't Carbon hunter the first one to reach platinum.



    Ding bat

  3. I am 12 and I have been geocaching with my own name for a while now but before I was geocaching with my dad as the DamhuisClan and we found lots of caches.

    At an event I had a chat to Fish Eagle and at the time he thought that it would be no problem with me logging the caches before I made my name on the net.

    Lets say it was your cache would you think its ok to let me log it. Please would you to tell me what you think of the idea.

  4. welcome to the sport hope you have many years of geocaching.

    I was apart of DamhuisClan and loved it and at about 130 finds i decided to make my own team and I am Ding bat.


    just some help with the logs:


    TFTC: thanks for the cache

    SL: signed log

    TNLN: took nothing left nothing


    greetings from

    Ding bat

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