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  1. Well done Inokia you got it right. I also thought Holland but i looked it up and it was Turkey. Thanks Ding bat
  2. HI Dont blame it on me it is the first thing i thought of Any way here it goes. Where did the tulip originate from please for those who know the answer please dont answer. Ding bat P.S: I was just joking any one can answer.
  3. Hi one and all I would think the Dutch flag. Ding bat
  4. Think it comes from England or France. A short tie or a wide necktie Ding bat (fingers crossed)
  5. Hi what about the deceleration of independence. thanks Ding bat
  6. Hi there is no need to Put together a really cool Event as you have already done this. It was the great 2009 South African TB race. Im sure quite a few other cachers would agree with me. thanks Ding bat
  7. Ding bat


    Oh WOW!!! Congratulations RedGlobe! That is an incredible milestone to reach - Well Done! We still need to put our first EarthCache together...we've even gone and purchased a nice book all about South Africa's geology to help us along . Hi wasn't Carbon hunter the first one to reach platinum. Thanks Ding bat
  8. Carbon hunter dose one ton of carbon at a time. thanks Ding bat
  9. Hi besem and all. Your 4th goal is going to have to be this month as the pin are going to be stopping the end of July. Look here http://www.geosociety.org/earthcache/ecMasters.htm at the red wrighting and you shall see. thanks Ding bat
  10. Geocachers do it and it sounds wrong
  11. Ding bat

    I spy

    Hello cache-fan
  12. I have a question for every one why dose every one want a cup of coffee or tea. Soon my dad will be asking for a cup of tea. Ding bat
  13. My idea would be maybe put things like bandages ,plasters etc. Or you could put some toys that look like things for survival. Ding bat
  14. Its been About a hour now has time told you yet.
  15. Ding bat


    At my dads work loging previous caches and got to 100! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I'll start logging and thanks every one for the Kind words. Ding bat
  17. Ding bat


    Congrats DamhuisClan one your 250
  18. If my father will lend me his car then I can got all the caches again but we all know that that's not going to happen.LOL
  19. I am 12 and I have been geocaching with my own name for a while now but before I was geocaching with my dad as the DamhuisClan and we found lots of caches. At an event I had a chat to Fish Eagle and at the time he thought that it would be no problem with me logging the caches before I made my name on the net. Lets say it was your cache would you think its ok to let me log it. Please would you to tell me what you think of the idea.
  20. DONG! I thought most people would say it would be in Cape Town. And the amazing thing is Jors is the only one that found it. Over to you!
  21. Cape Town. I Goggled it. http://www.southafrica.info/travel/advice/ctairport.htm
  22. Ding bat


    happy birthday Andy it was my birthday on the 22 October. many wishes Ding bat
  23. welcome to the sport hope you have many years of geocaching. I was apart of DamhuisClan and loved it and at about 130 finds i decided to make my own team and I am Ding bat. just some help with the logs: TFTC: thanks for the cache SL: signed log TNLN: took nothing left nothing greetings from Ding bat
  24. thanks one and all we will try those. Ding bat
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