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  1. uperdooper - I have read that if a user has ever logged a cache then that username is forever taken. The logs are part of Geocaching history and need to be preserved. If you find a username taken but they never logged any caches then you can ask to have that username. (may or may not be given - up to TPTB )
  2. My kids call it 'the pointer'. It usually goes something like this: Emily: Dad, can I hold the pointer? Katie: I want to hold the pointer. Emily: I asked first. Katie: You held it last time. Emily: did not. Katie: did too. Emily: did not. (Katie pinches Emily) Emily: Dad, Katie pinched me. Katie: Did not. Emily: Did too. (Emily pinches Katie) etc... etc...
  3. I have a MeriGreen and I tried a 128MB and I couldn't get it to work. I'm using a 32MB now with no problems.
  4. What brand/model are you using? Different models have some problems with estimating etc. I use a Magellan Meridian Green - It estimates my position - so when I slow down, it assumes I am farther than I really am - this creates a "slingshot effect" - I get to ground zero and then It slowly tells me that I am past the spot. to overcome this - I stop at 50 to 75 feet out and let my GPSr settle down.
  5. Open Outlook Express tools - options - security tab uncheck 'Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus' This should work if you could see the attachment paperclip but could not save the file from the e-mail. If the attachment is deleted and doesn't even come withthe e-mail then I don't know the solution.
  6. I've visited a number of themed caches: Green Items Blue Items Coins Kitchen items Tools Toys It's sometimes a challange to find appropriate items in my swag bag to trade. I find it interesting to see what others have left to try to keep with the theme.
  7. I like the advice I read in another thread regarding what to leave in a cache. It was: would you give your 6 year old child that item? - If not then don't leave it in a cache. A bottle of champagne? NO A gift certificate for a bottle of Champagne? YES - I trust that the clerk wouldn't accept it from a child. EDIT: speelling(sp?)
  8. If you are standing still you turn around your pointer will not follow you. Your GPSr only can tell direction when you are moving by using where you are now compared to where you were. It assumes that you are pointing the unit in the direction you are traveling. for example - if you hold your GPSr upside down while walking tward(sp?) the cache your pointer will face the wrong way. Some more expensive units have a magnetic compass that will not have this problem. When I get close and slow down - my pointer flips back and forth - I then watch my distance reading to help me get closer. I think I read that I need to be traveling 2 mph to get the pointer to work correctly.
  9. When you get to waypoint 1 you will need to find something with a number that is formatted ABCD-EFGH. Then use the digits you found to fill in your waypoint 2 formula - do the math and you should end up with the coords for waypoint 2.
  10. I cache with my 2 daughters (6 and 4). They each pick an item and then we leave at least 2 items in return. Occasionaly they will find an item that 'mom would really like' (mom stays at home but collects cat or snowmen items) and we will take a third item and then we will leave at least three items in trade. We take turns with who gets to pick first. At the first cache of the day - the daughter that finds it first gets to trade first and at the others that day first trade is alternated. BTW when I see the cache first I just announce that I have seen it and then let my daughters search until they see it also.
  11. I would log a not found and explain your story just like you did for this thread. Thh cache owner would see that the cache probably is not gone - just as you explained - you think you didn't find the hiding spot because a number of factors.
  12. There needs to be a variety of caches. I would worry if all of your hides were 1/1, but if you are placing a variety - then you are making some available to all types of cachers. I cache with 6 and 4 year old girls - so we try to stick to 2.5 or less terrain caches. The girls love nothing more than parks to play at with the bonus of a 'treasure hunt'.
  13. Lurking, learning, and being entertained. I visit the forums about 5 days per week to read. I feel like I know some of the non-lurkers from reading so many of their posts( criminal, snoogans, briansnat, J5, robert m, GPSSax, septic tank come to mind) - sorry if i misspelled your name, didn't list you or abreviated. I would like to see an Off Topic forum. and now back to lurking...
  14. Check out stickerjunkie.com 100 black/white stickers 2 lines $25 only one size - but cheap Price
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