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  1. I would like your Geocoin Forums, enter at your own risk piranha silver with green/blue/yellow colors
  2. Yes. The seller has an avatar of [his daughter?]. What life lessons she's learning from him! The world didn't even need another one of that guy. I'm thinking there's something real fishy about the whole deal. This may make the ebay sale turn out very badly, we'll have to wait and see. Well if Ebay fails to do anything and allows this sale to go on, then what is to stop others from profiting by selling other peoples TB's?
  3. Well that pretty much makes it clear that this TB is not his but is owned by Jeep, so how can you sell something that does not officially belong to you? Regardless if he "bought it from a Thrift Store" excuse, once you are made aware that this item belongs to another, isn't it unethical to profit from it?
  4. by far the puzzle cache Necropolis of Brittania Manor III, In Austin Texas with 224 favorites http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=0bd88942-31d9-4ecb-b230-2ef84af70b11 Lord British aka Richard Garriott is the proprietor check out this video: http://www.notaboutthenumbers.com/2011/11/09/for-sale-multi-millionaire-geocachers-home/
  5. just click on the Cache Owner's name at the top of the Cache Page it will re-direct you to the cache owner's profile...there you should see E-Mail Address: Send Message. Sometimes it will show an email address otherwise it is sent thru Geocaching.com. Good Luck
  6. regardless of how the Ebay seller acquired the geocoin, it appears to have come up missing from a cache in 2007, and interestingly enough, the seller ended the Auction early. So it would appear they are now aware that this geocoin belongs to someone other than the person they bought it from! Hopefully it gets back to it's rightful owner.
  7. It appears the Auctions have been removed by the Seller! Hopefully the actual geocoin owner will get his property back!
  8. I too have a cache in a park adjacent to an elementary school, and I had to explain to the Reviewer that the School yard is completely fenced off from this park and the only way to access the School yard from the park is to walk around the fence via the sidewalk, and also, that this park is open to the public.
  9. Thanks for getting back to me! I have sent you my payment for the 3 coins I asked about! Can't wait to get them!
  10. I just sent you an email with a few That I'm interested in.
  11. I believe it's too late now...according to RSFISH guess' had to be submitted by midnight Wednesday 2/29
  12. Unique Icons for Hogwild geocoins? I have purchased the Tick ID geocoins & Stone Mountain benchmark geocoin, both list "Unique Icon" on the vendor description but both have generic ones? I have asked the Vendor Numerous times when this will be corrected, but have never received a response? Anyone else having the same issue?
  13. It appears this too, is Wrong?!?! Dominos I believe is a volunteer cache reviewer and as such has prerogative to contact members regarding logs caches etc. when he believes there is a problem. Based on his status as a trusted member of the geocaching community it speaks volumes to me that the current policiies are extremely unclear so I would hesitate to label his actions as "wrong". well then He overstepped his boundaries.
  14. Wow...very cool! Just need to know: Where do I go to purchase and how much will they cost?
  15. Okay...how & where, do I purchase these?
  16. The most dangerous animal I've come across was a 4' Rattlesnake! He was concealed under some fallen branches and I just caught a glimpse of his tail, that was protruding, right before I was about to step on it! He was about 11' from the cache sight! I scared him off, but of course he headed right for the pile of rocks that concealed the cache I was after, so I gave up that day and returned a while later to claim the find. The most common is the tick! I've found a few on me but my dogs seem to always pick some up on our geocaching excursions. I once had a homeless person follow me all the way to my car. I think he might have done something, but I had my two very large dogs with me, and he hesitated long enough for me to reach my car and leave the area! I have since gotten a carry permit so I never leave home without protection!
  17. The estimated price should be approximately $12 (US) plus whatever shipping method you prefer. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to support the great work of Wolf Haven International. Thanks Wolf_Pack Wolf Haven GeoCoin V3 - Gold Please put me down for 2! They're wonderful!
  18. Cool Coin! Would definitely be interested in having a few for my own! Please consider re-minting!
  19. Here's a favorite here's another favorite And yet another:
  20. Got my coin today! Yeah! I love the detail & color! Excellent buy! Just curious to know when the Icon will be fixed?
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