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  1. Holy carp!! Just yesterday I was listening to Episode 5... Question.... In addition to downloading episodes, 6, 7, 8, and 9, iTunes is also downloading something called CacheCast 070805. I don't see anything abuot that on the site... What is it?
  2. That's not a problem with the website, it's something your browser is doing. Unfortunatly, I forget how to fix it.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't use cachemate, I just have GSAK generate HTML files for me. However, while screwing around, I discovered that I can change the number of nearest caches shown from 5 to just about anything. I set it at twenty and I'm pleased with the results.
  4. Okay, I just discovered I can print my database from GSAK. It's still not quite what I'm looking for. I have nine pages of information when really I only need a name, a distance, and a waypoint code.
  5. I generally use GSAK to get my pocket queries onto my PDA. Anyway, I'm going to an event this afternoon, and I've loaded up 250 nearest caches onto the PDA. Is there anyway to get a list in order sort of like a normal cache search page would have? Basically, I just want a list of all the caches, in order of closeness from my center point, and I want it on my PDA. It's hard to explain, but I think someone knows what I mean.
  6. I'd go back the next day with several large cans of bee killer. I would thoroughly spray a ten foot radius. around the cache.. Use one of the "house fogger" style. That way you and start it spraying, the THROW it toward the cache, and wait. There we go. Make a couple bee killing grenades. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember the CSI episode where they used the fre extinguisher to kill the ants. Wouldn't the cold do the same thing to the bees? I don't know that you'd want to lug a fire extinguisher into the woods, but it's a thought.
  7. That's absolutely astounding. Is that a cache, or something else?
  8. I'd go back the next day with several large cans of bee killer. I would thoroughly spray a ten foot radius. around the cache..
  9. It especially when someone pulls up a topic with a similar date (they're doing it just to annoy ME) Like, when there's a topic from July 7, 2004. Generally, I wouldn't even notice the date, but if I did, I wouldn't pay ANY attention to the year.
  10. Just my opinion, but I'd say it's not a find, because he didn't actually sign the log book, and it's not really a did not find, because he found it, he knows it's there and where it is, he just didn't sign the log book. I know it's a weird double-standard type thing, but it makes sense to me at least.
  11. Yikes... I definately would have freaked, and I'd be dead in a ditch somewhere...
  12. Very cool... How long does it take you to make a batch from start to finish?
  13. Reviewers can unarchive a cache, but I think it's more pain than it's worth to unarchive a cache that wasn't ever even approved. I don't know if those are even kept in the database. Anyway, I think New York DID get a new approver recently, so the email you sent might not be getting through. Nevertheless, I'd say submit it as a new cache...
  14. I'd ask your local approver, because I am in no way an authority, but I'd say list it as a puzzle/unknown cache...
  15. Or post a topic without ample opportunity for sarcasm....
  16. Cool... I love veggietales... And I'm 15!!!
  17. Bottom right, drop down menu, use the "Close this Topic" button. And don't accuse people of taking potshots at you, when you use phrases like, "you people are little footnotes on what I will be."
  18. Several of the points you made here are entirely inaccurate... First of all, caching was started with a bucket with some beans and other random trinkets on the side of a road, no major hike, in fact, I'm fairly confident it was a total park and grab. Probably pretty lame by your standards. Haven't you ever heard the saying "Change is Good" How can change and variety be bad... If you didn't change your underwear every day and have a little variety in your warddrobe, you'd start to smell, and you wouldn't have any friends. I'm assuming you have friends, so obviously you DO change. CHANGE IS GOOD. The idea isn't to be competitive, it's to have fun, in whatever way you can. Some people enjoy being competitive, that's why there are statistics and micros to give them higher stats. Some people like long hikes in remote areas, that's why people like you and I enjoy caches by my good buddy Quest Master. I say play the game you like to do it, and don't worry about how everyone else is doing it. And I don't see why you're complaining about micros ruining the sport. You live in an area that is mostly micro free. In fact, I just looked at all the caches in your area, using your hide as a center point, within twenty miles (which is about 140 caches) there are only about FIVE micros. You, like myself are probably in high school, so I'm sure you can do the math and see that that is less than three percent. Suck it up, go out, and have fun!
  19. I'd recomend asking the general membership of Tri-Go before volunteering us to host a massive, international event. That being said, I feel that I can represent all members of Tri-Go when I say, we do NOT want to host GW2006.
  20. I don't think the maps you're referring to are at all related to any gpx files. I think people manually just click boxes for the states. I've seen the site before, but I don't know where it is...
  21. Unfortunately, the part about paying $17 to get in is probably going to prevent you from placing any cache there. Under most circumstances, if you have to pay to have the priveledge to get the cache, it's considered a "commercial cache" and against the guidelines. Some exceptions are made however, and I think I remember something with similar circumstances being discussed earlier...
  22. They seem to have calmed down now... But I guess it's getting late...
  23. You know, it's sad, they're making fun of us for getting away from the computers and enjoying the outdoors... We're making fun of THEM for spending too much time in front of their computers.
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