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  1. There's a link then, The MoonHerbs introduced the BarberClan to GeoCaching . . . . The MoonHerbs on the other hand heard about it via a Radio 4 program . . .
  2. I was unaware that there's an off topic forum ??
  3. You're quite right that the us has a bad reputation in other countries. I'm sure that the majority of US people are 'nice' but there are obviously a number of prats. In the UK we now have strict gun laws, NO handguns and licences required for all types of guns. Therefore if someone has a handgun, they get arrested, if someone has another sort of gun, they get questioned. It's very difficult for peoples of a country such as the UK to understand the American gun culture. The idea that most people have guns at home (for whatever reason) is frankly disturbing to us. The earlier comments about burglary sort of say a lot, in the long run, what's more important, material possessions (which are replaceable) or a life, be it yours or the criminals (which is irreplacable) ? As for carrying guns while geocaching !! I had thought at some point it would be nice to do a 'caching exchange' i.e. invite someone to stay here and cache, then do the same at their place. Now I'm thinking, seeing as you're saying it's so dangerous, just to stay at home . .
  4. In the UK we carry big fluffy pillows in case we come across anyone who really needs to have an emergency sit down . . . . . . . . It's a different world isn't it ??
  5. Are you saying that there'll be no more "The Chumleys do the ton" threads? Say it ain't so. I'm going to miss them. Not at all . . . The MoonHerbs are getting close to their 100, I wouldn't want to miss out !
  6. Count us out as well ! We're happy with our total of less than 100 ! It's not about numbers here in the UK, it's getting out there and enjoying nature. The idea of teams is just stupid ! What's the point in having a team of 10-20 people 'mass-caching' just to pump the numbers up ? MoonHerb is a 'team' (Man, Wife & Dog) we nearly always cache together. There are rare occasions when Mrs.MoonHerb is otherwise engaged and Mr.MoonHerb and GeoHound.MoonHerb go out alone. Get with the program guys, enjoy yourselves. forget about the numbers !
  7. Any more news on the South West (Forest of Dean) situation ?? My contact is still refusing to reply to my emails ? Can anyone let me know the best way to start a dialog ?? Should I keep emailing or should I be 'phoning the offices ??
  8. How about - "Do you specifically take trips to GeoCache or do you GeoCache as part of another pre-planned trip ?"
  9. I quite regularly welcome cookies when I'm sitting down with a cup of tea in the evening !
  10. It could be a 'bouquet' after a particularly heavy day of caching, particularly in the winter . . .
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