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  1. Thanks everyone It's been an eventful 100 !! Thanks to everyone whos caches we've found. Hopefully we'll spread out in our range soon and find others caches. Thanks again . . . . .
  2. We recently visited a cache and discovered that the ammo box had been flattened by being driven over. The contents were fine (even the camera) but the box is in a sorry state and no longer waterproof. I emailed the hiders but nothing happened. I've just checked their profile and they haven't visited since 'Monday, March 29, 2004'. So, what do I do ?? It's not my place to ask someone to adopt this for a period, nor can I sort it out as it's a long long way from home (I didn't have a spare box with me at the tiem). Any suggestions ?
  3. What is the reason for this ban, I thought most of the Forest of Dean was common land with open access to 90% of its area, hence the abundance of cycle tracks and walking trails. Has the ban been made by Gloucestershire County Council or by a UK rep of Geocaching.com or for some other reason? It's not really a ban, just a temporary 'please don't place any' type pause until we can get the forestry commission to answer a few emails. Having said that, it is a forest and most of the best places do happen to be under some pretty heavy tree cover. Pity though, I was in the final stages of an 8 part multi cache which should have brought some more cachers into the area.
  4. Only one group of cachers had any help. They were the FTDNF (!) and I felt sorry for them !!
  5. Very sad news. We didn't know Mark but our thoughts are with his family and friends. . . .
  6. Check out one of my caches - Wye Rapids I used this as a tester to try an idea in cache hiding. Originally there was going to be a 'regular' cache 0.2 miles further down the trail so Wye Rapids was going to be a 'bonus' cache. Unfortunately, due to a ban on cache's in the Forest of Dean, the 'regular' cache never got placed . . . . . . . but that's another story. Wye Rapids has had 5 finds and 8 did not finds, here's the question: This cache was hidden in such a way as to make it purposefully difficult to find, are people going to enjoy it for the challenge or are they going to be hacked off because it was too difficult ? I was thinking of hiding another similar 'hard-to-find' but I'm a bit worried that it won't be visited much because it's too difficult. . . . . . Opinions please . . . Oh, yeah. Because the first lookers did-not-find I sent them a pretty explicit clue 'cos I felt sorry for them ! Would you do this ?? The last thing I want to do is p**s people off !
  7. No. 11 needs to be sent to Fortean Times as a possible ABC sighting !!
  8. If you get really stuck, make another copy of the disc and snail-mail it to me and I'll resize them in photoshop for you . . . . .
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