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  1. I got bit by the steelers earlier in the year... when they lost to KC... in another league a one strike, I went out when Cincy lost to the raiders the same week..
  2. I am in two leagues and picked Pittsburgh here and Cincinnati in the other. Couldn't by a win yesterday.
  3. I bought one earlier in the year and Passing Wind was the one who got my code
  4. Yup.. lots of issues with them today.. I have had some major problems connecting to anything on there today OK, thanks. I thought my computer was crappin' on me. I should know better. I would hate to be a seller today... They have to be losing out when people cannot find your stuff. I have been looking for a food processor and that search is blank as well.
  5. Yup.. lots of issues with them today.. I have had some major problems connecting to anything on there today
  6. Way cool coins. Congrats to all who got one. DJ Rock Lives near bye... maybe he will let me see one in person
  7. Glad to see you got the LE set this time. I wasted no time ordering mine once I saw they were for sale. Thanks, and thanks again for the trade for the 5 year set
  8. If you kept the codes and watched them, lets say that someone was stealing the coin and activated it a few months after the claim. It seems to me that you could contact ebay/paypal with this information and you would have proof via activation of the coin. Now if they are collectors they wouldn't activate anyway so maybe activate the coin 90 or 120 days later, well after any postal delays could kick in. Question.. I have just shipped a couple and one was international. It seems to me that according to ppal/ebay that even if I state responsibility of the buy that if the coin doesn't arrive it is still on me correct? Here is why I believe that : I actually had one package I bought arrive that had been ripped apart in shipping. It arrived in a plastic sleeve from the USPS with a we are sorry, our machine ripped open the package etc... so one of the coins was missing. The other was there and I figured it was the responsibility of the postal service. When I called paypal and ebay, I explained that I didn't believe it was on the buyer, but they both wanted to immediately put is as Item Not as Described to go back on the seller. They essentially told me it is always on the seller to ensure the package arrives as described. I dropped it and didn't process a claim because I felt that it wasn't fair to the seller to do everything correctly and have the post office mess it up.
  9. Fascinating. Has anyone else ever done this? This must be a bird thing.. I took a bunch of 6 graders out to a migratory bird banding event and the field researchers were able to something similar to every one of the birds. They were mostly song birds and they would restrain the bird in a "banding hold" on its back head down etc. They would then put the bird in my students hands where it stayed frozen until eventually the kid moved a little. The bird would then quickly right itself and fly away. It was pretty neat for the students.
  10. Me as well. Has anybody contacted them about where they got our emails? I might contact them today if I have some time
  11. Coins and Pins has a category for Scouting Pins but no products. Could be something is planned
  12. Huh ! ? !how can a pre-sale be sold out ? There was a set of 6 with a BN LE, that was a limited Pre sale for that set. same with the 5 year ones. I got home from work and saw the announcement from the newsletter and ordered the LE SET immediately My wife asked if we could talk about it over dinner and I had to convince her that I couldn't wait for even a few hours to decide on the LE set. Last time I did that I lost out (5 year set). BTW it looks like the announcement was made via newletter then facebook. I saw it in my in box before anywhere else
  13. Hey what about some of those non-trackable numbered samples. Those fakes sure sell for a lot
  14. Here is a wiki I came across about untrackable coins. I believe many people collect them (I have a few) and some other sites also track coins separately from gc.com http://untrackablegeocoins.wetpaint.com/
  15. WOW, kini, congrats! Definitely a congrats. That is a nice looking coin. I wouldn't mind finding one of those
  16. Please do other finishes.... I look forward to that. I am not big on collecting every version (can't even think of affording that) just having one of anything science related.
  17. Anyone want to buy one at the event for the lowly science teacher who collects anything and everything having to do with science to share with his six graders. I could paypal the money to anyone willing to pick one up for me. Thanks
  18. Something funny to remind us its just a game (for geocoins that is) Peyton Manning
  19. I was pretty lucky this weekend. I had big days from ronnie brown and antonio gates. I have lousy quarterbacks, but some of my other players are pretty good. I am a colorado native and denver is my team and it was pretty funny finding myself hoping for a denver win but a strong performance from dallas (they are my defense this week) What fun.
  20. This is a lot of fun... Thanks for setting it up
  21. Oh and be sure to tell opalsns to pick up a kicker so that its a fair fight. Her's is out for the day, but I think Jay Feeley is available
  22. I am having problems with my WRs in this league. But still I think this will be a very close game. Or then again it could be a blowout LOL It will be fun to watch which ever way it goes. I decided though that I will root for Atlanta and San Francisco defense this week!! You don't happen to have an extra QB do ye
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