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  1. Mission Complete. We went to our church for an improv comedy night. Free Babysitting for the 4 kiddos and inexpensive tickets made this a real joy. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed time away from the little ones.
  2. Dropping mine today. Should have put it out yesterday and now I have to contend with a few inches of unexpected snow. Thanks for letting me participate in the mission
  3. after the merge, the subtitle is now incorrect. Post 39 is no longer valid for information
  4. D.J.. I will have to trade you for another camera
  5. Got a mini-quarter today in the mail for finishing second... Thanks, I wasn't expecting that.
  6. 10 teams enter-1 team wins , sounds like "under the thunderdome;, bartertown,Master Blaster So do we get Tina Turner to announce the races...
  7. I am definitely in.. Thanks for the thoughtfulness of this cointest
  8. Man... Minnesota can't keep the ball under control
  9. looks like a high scoring game... 28 points already with most of the 2nd quarter remaining
  10. Also I am assuming that a rule for the cointest is no renaming the coin
  11. Okay... My take on this game.. Saints 35 Vikes 31
  12. First Race is in February correct?
  13. Second Half Guess Cowpokes 27 Vikings 34 Edited just before the end of half... hope thats okay
  14. Cowboys 35 Vikings 34... A high scoring affair with last minute score to seal it. Thanks for the Cointest
  15. How about first, second, and third place winners? .. ie first place 10 coins, second 7, third 3
  16. Just an FYI... the password didn't work initially, but when I put it in as all lowercase it was fine
  17. Great info... I was curious as to if it worked with the macro.
  18. Okay... Looks final now... Good Job on the win... Who would have thought a scoreless 4th quarter. Thanks for a great cointest... I look forward to next year.
  19. You did it you jinxed me.. They punt you win .. Congrats and a good win it was fun
  20. Stop you will jinx me .. no congrats till its over
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