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  1. I've been into geocaching now for a couple of months, and I absolutely love it (even though I don't get to do it nearly enough...). A good friend of mine has asked me about it a couple of times, and I can't seem to get him to see past "so the website tells you where it is, and you go get it. What's the point?" I think we're going caching this weekend, and I'm looking for tips to help him "get it". Either things to tell him, websites to point him to (besides the geocaching.com FAQ, and other obvious things), or specific caches to go look for. I think we're going to try some in Rockport, MA, but I'm open to anything within an hour or so of Boston.





  2. Wow! thanks for the quick responses! When I head back to the hotel room tonight I'll let the gps find itself, then I can use it this weekend for some caching...hopefully the dallas-area caches that i've found are walking distance from the hotel!


    Thanks again!

  3. hello all-


    I've used my gps (magellan sportrak) around boston for the past couple of weeks without a problem. I tried using it in dallas yesterday, and it couldn't find any satellites. I re-initialized it, telling the device that I'm in texas, but it still didn't find a single satellite in the (approximately) 5 mins I had it on. Did i do something wrong? Does it just take longer? Is dallas a bad place for gps?



  4. So I found my first cache yesterday (a mere 3 hours after actually purchasing my GPSr), and I'm hooked. The problem, though, is that I'm getting on a plane in a few hours for 6 weeks of travel for work. Has anybody tried taking a GPSr on a plane recently? I have a funny feeling security wouldn't appreciate it too much, and I do'nt want to check it. Any advice would be appreciated.



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