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  1. Yeah, I've taken to putting that sort on my ignore list. They bore me. If I'm in an area chasing a tripsheet full of caches and am playing with a person who wants to bag it, I will too. Otherwise, nahh. I'd rather be hiking.
  2. Jaypit has countered my Not a Micro in the Woods with this: A Macro in the Woods His good humor is appreciated. Now there's something for everyone on this pretty ridge in Morgan Monroe State Forest.
  3. 2qwerqE

    Winter Caching

    Yep, no doubt winter caching has its challenges. But it also has it's joys: Jan 05, Indianapolis Museum of Art Gardens:
  4. Thanks for chiming in, all. Yeah, I'm aware it's a tired thread, but at least I put a smiley where my point is. Former Hawkeye: now you have your bigger cache nearby! Hike on in. The 'Not a Micro in the Woods' cache is a fairly straightforward seek. No massive tornado alley of downed trees. You are on the top of the ridge so there are no high hills blocking the birds. The canopy is fairly heavy in this old growth area, which is a double edged sword. Yeah, coords can be jumpy under the canopy, but at least there's very little understory to get in your way. It's an easy bushwack, barely off trail. All of which is reasonably true of the Valley Seen cache too. Which, even though I DNF'd it Sat. When I returned on Sun, and stood at coords ground zero, the cache nearly jumped into my hands. It was just right there. Easy. The only reason I DNF's it Sat was because I lost my tripsheet in the woods and didn't know I was seeking a micro, and didn't have the hint. I figured like everything else out here in MMSF, I was seeking an ammo can or similar. i.e: DNF. Grins, 2q
  5. Here's a new cache and an experiment So: Do you count yourself among those who feel uninclined to seek a micro hidden deep in a forest just because it's a micro? Do you tell yourself and anyone who'll listen that it's about the adventure, the hike, the undiscovered green space, all the while thinking: <Sigh> Why's it have to be a freeking micro in an enormous expanse of living hiding places? Why? Well, now's your chance to put your hiking boots where your heart is and make a clear point. Seek this cache. And/or the nearby Valley Seen cache by jaypit. Now you can get two smilies to show for your long happy green hike. 3 if you count Gorley Hill (an ammo can in the woods) on the way in, though that one may or may not still be there. OK, we (Team J&K and I ) couldn't find it last Sunday. Or you can skip that inexplicable micro and go for what's behind door #2, where the thermos jug speaks louder than an unofficial boycott. Your choice. Besides: it's really a very pretty place in a broad green expanse and is worth the extra smiley if it helps induce cachers to visit. Thanks, jaypit, for showing it to me. And for the record, and to be fair, I must say: J&K and I found the Valley Seen micro, and not the Gorley Hill ammo can. So make of that what you will.
  6. Hi, Deermark. I tried to see GC995B, but it soesn't exist. How about the name of the cache? Or a hotlink? Here's my favorite J&K hide
  7. Saw this guy while caching yesterday. We left him where he was. About the size of a half a cantalope. Ain't he cute?
  8. FTF has been duly logged, so ya'll come on to MMSF for an interesting caching experience.
  9. Congratualtions to Team J&K, who hit 2000 finds today, just 1 month shy of their 5th geoanniversary. Here's a cache I plced in Morgan Monroe State Forest. Can you believe I found a place almost a full mile from the nearest cache? It's an interesting and beautiful spot. Come seek it to say congrats to Jerry and Karen. But you might wait til they log their FTF on it. 2K 4 J&K in Y2K6
  10. I was LTF on 3 caches in 2 weeks recently : The next seekers for one cache were attacked by a swarm of bees. Temporarily disabled pending winter, but I just looked at it and it's been reactivted. One was archived due to new construction. The third was pulled because of new permit requirements: DNR charging a fee for cache placement permits. My point is: none were my fault. One should not be too hasty in assumptions or blame about what kills a cache. Simply check the logs and you may see why it was archived/disabled.
  11. At a minimum I will bring mine to PCC next weekend. Will see if I cannot find one for you to keep in the meantime. Thanks, Rupert, But I've already put one in the mail to Lord Elwood.
  12. well, Torry, since nothing and nothing are zip, you can have any part of that you like! Yes, there's at least 1 or 2 pics of you, but trust me, you are fully clothed, your nose is not anywhere embarrassing and your hand is not in your pants. Believe me, I deleted those pics after I posted them on piggiefetishes.com. They were burning a hole in my disc drive, and utterly destroyed my old camera (which I could no longer bring myself to touch, so I sold it to Team J&K.) But thanks for asking! Torry, Did you get a copy? do you want one?
  13. 2qwerqE

    Cats? anyone?

    From the animalliberationfront.com website, here are no-kill shelters in Indiana: Indiana Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County Fried's Cat Shelter, Michigan City Harmony Haven Animal Sanctuary Terre Haute Independent Cat Society, Inc., Westville Pet Refuge, Inc , South Bend Second Chance, Boone County If you go to the website, each of these shelters has a hotlink to the shelter's websites. Good luck to you and yours.
  14. Oh, this will be fun! I'll definately play, if just for an excuse to revisit some of my favorite parks and see a few I haven't done yet. Hope there are enough weekends in the allowed time span to get it done. Glad to see the DNR mending fences after last year's guideline imposition and the Rose Island affair. Thta said, from a revenue-generating standpoint, whoever dreamed this up for the DNR should be proud. A minimum of $50 park fees per cacher, one of whom will win a $126 prize. Very nice indeed.
  15. OK, you asked for it. I didn't do the surgery, but after a dire diagnosis in Dec 02, I knew I had to lose the weight. I had no end of trouble sticking to excercise of any kind. Bored my socks off! Until I found geocaching. Now, more than 70lbs later and a surgery of a different type (breast reduction, because no matter how much weight I lost, those EEE's weren't going anywhere.) Yes, I too started out with one or two cache hunts, proud when I would top 1 mile in one day. Now I stay out down to dusk, stop counting the miles after 7/day, and am happier and healthier than ever before in my life. At 174 lbs, I'll never be skinny, but I'll take it. One problem: I am addicted to long green hikes, and when I can't get out in the woods for more than a week, even with concrete walks nightly, I start jonesing in a serious way. Must hike! Must be in the woods! I'm even considering seeking a job in the park service and dumping my desk job. But I like my job. Last wekend I had a 5 day weekend, spent 4 of the 5 days in 2 different forests in 2 states. Nirvana. The 5th day was spent shopping for new boots; I wore my Merrells out. Here's my before and after:
  16. Missing her already. Sandy was a sweet loving person with a quick wit and happy disposition. Here are some pics from my caching logs.Yes, it's true she didn't like to have her picture taken, but whenever I asked, she said yes, as long as she could see the pic and approve it before I psoted it. Rest assured, these pics were all Sandy approved: Front and center. Love that smile!! That's Sandy on the right with Team J&K and myself in the back. Her new caching boots at the MS Walk event 3/19/05. she loved her new boots, but man by day's end she was regretting not having broken them in before the walking event! Daggy and Sandy
  17. Ah, the joys of gross generalizations and circular if-then rationalizations. Both are just tools used to convince yourself that what you already know is wrong can be justified and made OK. Sorry, I'm not seeking to flame you, but I call em as I see em. Camp in designated camping places. Some of them are remote, quiet, beautiful and secluded. Try this one:Ultimate Camp Cache in Deam Wilderness, about 15 miles SE of Bloomington. This area is peppered with individual remote primitive camp sites.
  18. Hi. My sister lives in St Louis. Castlewood Park is da bomb! here's my log from that park, with pics, Also, check nearby caches for more pics. A great hike in a beautiful place. cache log Castlewood park We also enjoyed Tower Grove Park. Not nearly as dramatic, but a very nice park in the city. More pics on nearby caches: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...6f-975d43e30a48
  19. Mistaken identity, Team Neos. Don't know who was shooting your ridge, but it wasn't me. I didn't make it to the Rose Island trail mix. I tried, but got nervous about the worsening snow storm as I drove south, and I gave it up in Columbus and headed back home. At the rate traffic was moving southbound, I never would've made it on time anyway. But email me if you'd like a copy, or tag me at the Fall Picnic in a few weeks. Grins, 2q
  20. Way ahead of you, Karen. I feel the love! Jerry's right though: some of the pics of me were self-portraits with the auto timer, but most of them were by whoever I was caching with that day, when I'd shove my camera into their hands and smile. Thanks to Jerry, and all others who honored me with a pic that was used in this compilation. You'll each get a 1% kickback of the proceeds. J, Tell Evel I want my shin guards back. Some people can't be trusted with borrowed things!
  21. Thanks, JMBIndy. But I must say, if you are looking for a free, easy, fun and versatile photo editor, try this one: Picasa.com I've used several photo editors, including the clumsy Photoshop, and Picasa is my favorite, and the only one I use anymore. Repairs lots of problems and forgives lots of sins. And lets you play with effects that you would normally need a fancy filter and expensive camera to achieve. So, yeah, I gotta give credit where it's due: I run most all of my photos through Picasa before posting them, so they are better than I really am. Gott love technology!
  22. Call Garmin at 1-800-800-1020. They are famous for excellent service for repairs. My Vista C was messed up, so last Nov I sent it in for repairs. Never mind that it was 2 weeks past waranty. Garmin didn't care. Then, last weekend, the re-furb unit they had sent me as preplacement died entirely. I called Garmin. He said they didn't care that the re-furbs only have a 90 day warranty and mine was many monhts past that. He said he didn't care that the original receipt was almost 2 years old. He said, 'A GPSr that can't seek birds is just a paperweight.' and he said to send it in and they would replace it. Free. for the second time. Gotta love Garmin!
  23. oops. I meant the FALL picninc of course! Thanks, Rinkey.
  24. Shydog, that's a great idea. Especially since I lack the needed laptop myself. Seems odd though, for a group of outdoor enthusasts to spend an event day watching TV in the woods! But I'll take it!
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