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  1. Indiana farm scene Castle Rock, Lake Superior Rainbow at dawn, Lake Superior Yosemite Falls, my 1000th find.
  2. Juvenile Bald Eagle, yelling at me. Walking in on soft pine needles beneath my feet. I saw 3 eagles, but too many branches defeated my camera. They all took off. Then I heard a splash in the lake and this guy flew up from the water, soaking wet to land in the tree and shake off like a retriever scome to shore. He was too wet to fly off right away, so we regarded one another for a time. whatever he was fishing for got away.
  3. How bizarre. There aren't any events this weekend in Indiana, on a sweet spring weekend. No holidays. No major sporting events. So, if not Geocaching in Indiana, where is everyone going to be? OK< I'm sure there will be plenty of Geocaching in Indiana this wekeend. Just not at an event. Are we getting tired of one another? Spending too much time snarfing poptarts and hotdogs and pizza in the name of Geocaching in Indiana? Just seemed odd to me. So, how long's it been since a weekend passed without an event in Indiana? That's enough inane questions for now. Discuss amongst one another. and while you are at it, here's an eagle from Eagle Creek Park, shot 2 days ago.
  4. Leaddog, But how many of them did you place? Tons. (and thanks, BTW.)
  5. How'd this get by our collective noses? Six days ago, dougsmiley hit 5000 finds! Doug, that's an awesome feat! Congratulations! Watch the new cache listings for something interesting for you! Grins, 2q
  6. Congrats, Wayne. That's a gorgeous spot, and an FTF to boot. Now I need to scope through your recent finds and explore your gallery! -2q
  7. SixDogTeam, you have waaayyyyy too much time on your hands! How did you generate your list?
  8. Andrew RJ, there is another place to visit near Martinsville that has the prettiest valley in early spring. Search by keywords 'Ravinia Woods' and you will find them, but then also seek 'nearest' caches from any one of those, so you see them all. Ravinia Woods was, until about 3 years ago, a huge farm on forested rolling hills thta had been in one family for centuries. A few years ago, though I don't know how or why, the proerty was given or bought by the IN DNR and is now a section Morgan Monroe State forest, though it is miles from the rest of the forest. You will see ruins from the old farm, and inexplicable car cadavers along an old fire trail. There's even an old trash pit that's mildly interesting for antique glass bottles and other things, but be careful. It's in a tight V between ridges, and there's plenty of rust and broken glass to contend with. Grins, 2q
  9. Congrats Mark! Waonderful to have you well again. Or, did you do yourself in completing this hike? I know you've seen these before, but I can't resist a few of my favorite mark pics:
  10. Wow, it's been a solid week since there's been a post to this board. All snoozing through Feb?
  11. Happy 3000th to Team J&K!! While they vacation in sunny warm Florida, J&K hit 3000 this weekend. Congrats, friends!
  12. Happy 3000th to Team J&K!! While they vacation in sunny warm Florida, J&K hit 3000 this weekend. Congrats, friends!
  13. OK, then Mark: just what were you puckered up for?
  14. Piggies for Torry: The event was at GT South BBQ, and there were pigs everywhere! When pigs fly... and: A huge soft fat pink one for Torry!
  15. From last night's GIG event. 5 brave men showed up, but the lipstick was not the ladies idea. Doobies did it, and I can prove it! For more pics, visit my log: Jan GIG event log Go ahead, Torry: Make my day.
  16. Here's my story of my lost GPSr. Three years and 2 new GPSrs later, I can't say that much has changed in the obsession arena. But I've never lost it since so I can't be too sure about that. A Fine Obsession by 2qwerqE
  17. I don't know who your reviewer is, but why not post your questions here? Perhaps we can clear things up for you.
  18. Glad you're OK. Hope your insurance company is good to you. Bad enough to experience an event like that; worse still if the insurance company drags its feet and gives you grief.
  19. A recent stop on the way to a cache: Yes, that's me behind the wheel.
  20. Bad Majec is also sitting on a nice fat 2000 finds. Congrats, Bad Majec! Race ya for the next 1000! 2q
  21. Hi, and welcome to our RASH (Recreational Activity/Sport/Hobby). I am one of the cachers that hid multiple caches in the same park. One day I was seeking parks I had not yet been to, and saw Summitt Lake SP. So I went to gc.com to see what caches were hidden there for me to seek and surprise surprise! Not a single cache in that park. So I contacted the park mgt, obtained a registration form, and jumped through the hoops. Yes, I promptly placed 3 caches in that park, so that visitors would get more than one smiley for their $5 admission fee, and hopefully draw more cachers to the park for a multiple find day. In the early days, park mgt let me know that they were very happy to see the added traffic that caching brought their way. The caches remain popular, and I do maintain them. In fact, when a fisherman found one of them, he talked with park mgt to learn what he'd found, (he thought he'd found someone's fishing tackle at first) and mgt helped in getting the cache returned to it's proper spot. Similarly, I placed 4 caches over a couple of years at Cataract Falls, because there was only one cache there, plenty of room and it is such an awesome gem of IN that I wanted to encourage more cachers to visit. If you haven't been there, go. You'll be glad you did. It's true that if I find a nice, big uncached area, I like to place more than one, to draw people there and offer them hours of caching happiness. Better than going out to a remote area, finding one cache in a half hour and then you are done. Grins, -2q
  22. Is it just me? At the risk of being Torry'd mercilessly: I don't get it Torry. -2q
  23. Smashcar Torry and Yoric, Gorley Hill Trail mix: Coyote, Starkey park, Zionsville: OK, this one was actually, Dec 30, 2006. Celtic FC and Strohem's wedding reception geobash: Columbus IN: And one last pic: My 1000th find, Yosemite Falls (not in IN, if you're wondering ) Torry: feel free to go crazy with captions! Grins, -2q
  24. Technically, this one's not IN. Newport Aquarium, across the Ohio River from Cincy: Eagle Creek area again. Lots of great wildlife there this year: Doobies, hitchin' a ride, Trail Mix 9: Pair of muskrats, Eagle Crk again: Jeremy, at Minnestrista GPS Adventure Maze: Great Blue heron, Holliday Park, Indy:
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