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  1. Hope it wasn't a cache: Man finds suspicious object in Indy park Updated: Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011, 12:39 PM EDT Published : Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011, 12:39 PM EDT INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police is trying to figure out who left a suspicious package at Glenn's Valley Nature Park on Bluff Road. IMPD and Indianapolis Park Rangers responded to a call around noon on Monday that a man found a large cylinder at the park. Police say it was wrapped in camouflage duct tape and laying in the grass in front of a park building. The man who found the cylinder told police he asked a man if the cylinder belonged to him and he quickly left the area. That's when the man decided to call police. The IMPD bomb squad was on scene but later determined the package was not a threat to anyone.
  2. Exit 15, Veedersburg, off I-74 in west IN, head south 20 miles. I know: 20 mi! But it's worth it. River-cut limestone canyons along beautiful Sugar Creek. I'm talking about Turkey run and Shades state Parks. Try Turkey Run Stash for a jumping off point. In Indianapolis, from 70 to 65N, get off on the 38th St exit and try the very nearby Indy Museum of Art Gardens, Fairbanks Art & nature Preserveand Marion UNiversity Ecolab 3 Bridges cache. Both are just off the exit. More caches in the immediate area. You'll be amazed at the wildness in the middle of the city.
  3. I did this for This cache. I put the camera IN the cache, so that when the box was opened they got ambushed with a photo flash. It was tough to keep up and running. The camera used 10 D batteries, and the cold weather just sapped them over night again and again. Too expensive, so I took the camera out. Pics are posted to the page, and it was fun. But since our area has since developed a very healthy social group of cachers, and we get together for a dinner event once a month, we know what everyone looks like now anyway.
  4. Thanks again, twolpert. I've sent the adoption request and you should have it in your inbox soon.
  5. Never done this before. What's the adoption procedure? Thankyou so much! good question. I looked it up, and here it is:Adopting a cache
  6. I am seeking a St Louis cacher to adopt my GCGTJ7 Elk Hollow in Lone Elk Park cache, or I will have to archive it. It's been there for 7 years with almost 300 finds. The gallery alone is worth saving this cache. It was the first cache I placed when I started caching in 2003, and my sister in St Louis was caring for the cache since I am in Indy. (I know: vacation caches, blah blah... It's been well cared for.) But now she no longer has a GPS, and mine is broken too. After 7 years, the cache needs a new container. Yes, I'd drive the distance to repair it if I thought I could find it, but it's been so long, I'm not at all sure I could find it again without a GPS and I can't afford a replacement GPS any time real soon. So, is there a St Louis cacher who is willing to adopt this sweet cache in a great location? Failing that, is there a St Louis cacher who is willing to pick up the container, deal with any travel bugs there might be, and keep the rest so that I can archive it?
  7. Watch this video. It tells us that the oil from this plant makes your skin super sensitive to UV light, and stays that way for years, so that sun exposure on effected skin can burn you over and over again for years. Yikes! Here's another link, complete with burn pics: more info
  8. I'm not a coder/programmer, anything. Query: Might the left-hand issue have to do with the size of the computer monitor it is viewed on? I can see the pages fine on my home computer's 21" wide screen monitor, but on my work computer 17" box, the left side of the page is chopped off.
  9. I live in Idianapolis, but visit my St Louis sister often. Remember to bring apples and stop and pet the Clydesdales. But watch that top rail: it's wired and it'll bite. The horses know this, which is why they don't come too close to the fence. Caches are all a series of micros for the most part. Be prepared to stop every 524 ft or so. Clyde: Clyde and his fetlocks: rolling in the grass:
  10. I have a sister in ST Louis, so I visit often. Here are some great parks to check out. Can't promise there won't be snow, but you'll have a stellar time in these amazing parks: *Lone Elk Park in StL south county has several caches. You walk around among herds of elk. Come at dusk or dawn for an amazing time. There are also bison, but you can't get out of your car in the bison area, so no caches there. * Castlewood park on the edge of the Missouri River has 150 ft high white river bluffs. You haul yourself up to the top and be rewarded with an incredible view of Lone elk Park on the other side of the river. *There is a rails-to-trails asphalt strip that runs behind Grant's Farm. Tons of caches along the trail, but the real show is the Budweiser Clydesdales in a mile of white fenced paddocks along the trail. Look for the interesection of Grant Rd and Gravois Rd and you are there. * Chain of Rock Bridge: beautiful place on the Mississppi river, but beware. Our car got broken into while we cached there. * St Louis Zoo has several caches in the zoo, and admission is free. The surrounding park is incredible.
  11. 2qwerqE

    Hello All

    Welcome! Here is a link to the newest IN caches. The ones on top with the speach ballon icon are get-together events. Join us at one. always a blast. New IN caches and events
  12. Dept of Homeland Security Earthquake caches: Check it out. The Dept of Homeland Security has created 8 geocaches around the midwest. They've just made one in IN. They are about earthquake safety and information. I just thought that was mildly interesting. The IN cache If you click on the CO's profile you can see them all.
  13. GIG stands for Girls (and/or Guys) in Geocaching.
  14. Ken, gently off topic, but here's a great read for you: The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime The story of a man who stole anitique maps from libraries all over the globe, and the efforts to catch him. check it out.
  15. Two years ago, we had a cache maggot stealing dozens of ammo cans, and befouling other types of containers with human waste and other nasty things, all around central and northern Indiana. There was a lot of conjecture about who the culprit was, and even games initiated to try and catch him. At some point, a name was bandied about, but I don't know if they ever did confront the guy. Eventually, he got tired of his own game and quit, just as many cachers do. Things that helped: As suggested, premium members only caches may help. It did in our case. Don't state the container on the cache description. Saying 'Ammo can' in these parts is tantamount to ringing a dinner bell: "Come and get it." There is an active market to buy ammo cans for $3-$4 each at army surplus stores, likely entirely related to the demand that cachers create for them. Just post the size of the cache and leave it at that. Or use a different type of container. Old thermos jugs are pretty watertight, roomy, and there is no used market for them. I find them at thrift stores and flea markets for $1 or two each. Take it out of the forums. He/she may like the attention and enjoy reading the rants. If you seek support of cachers in your area, try private email groups instead. Close this thread.
  16. Congrats, DG and MG! Couldn't happen to a nicer pair. I always anjoy attending your events when I can, and when I see you 'will attend' on another event, it always makes me smile.
  17. FYI: Morgan Monroe Forest service is planning to log the back country area off Low Gap Rd. The area includes Gorley Hill, where there are a number of caches since a Trail Mix last year. I wonder if there's anything we can do? Do voices count when there is money to be made? I am headed there today for cache maintenance and to seek a new cache a River Runs Through It.' This article is linked on the cache page. Here's article about the planned logging. A quote from the article: "Seifert said logging is necessary to maintain the forest, and “we can make some money.” Article
  18. False. I've tried it a few times, and barked my shins on logs and poked out an eye with a branch and got set upon by coyotes and homeless beggars on the Circle and got mugged and robbed and beaten and even killed. That was the last straw. No more night caching for me. The next poster loves Walmart Box'O'Wine and drinks it with a straw. I have the photos to prove it.
  19. Don't know why that didn't post the body of my post. Trying again. Last night, Mary of Walkabout46 died of a brain aneurism. She was out enjoying dinner with Dulcimer Guy and others. (I don't know who all was there.) when she fell ill, was transported to Methodist Hospital and was pronounced brain dead. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family, and certainly to the many friends she has made in our gc community.
  20. Every year, I come from Indy to meet my St Louis sister, and we go play in Alton/Grafton area. Just last Oct we learned that the Winfield Ferry has been permanently closed. What a shame! Winfield is another great place to watch the eagles, as there is a nice lock and dam there, lots of huge old eagle-friendly trees and a viewing platform. We love to ride the ferries and see the eagles fishing from the ice floes on the rivers. We are making plans for Feb now, and your link to that great article was the stimulus for us to get moving on naming a date and making plans. so thanks!
  21. I shoot wildlife (no bullets!) so I'm all about big zoom in a small camera, so my beast is the Panasonic FZ18. It's a year old, and newer versions are available. Panasonic was one of the first to offer mega-zoom on a small(ish) fixed lens. Others are doing so now, but no one else uses a Leica lens. Panny's image stabilization is also top of the heap, which matters hugely at 18X zoom. Peruse my gallery, or visit my webshots page to see what this camera can do. Everything since late Jan 08 is this camera. Since then, I have played with a few other mega-zoom fixed lens cameras but haven't found any that make me smile like this one does. Color is sharp and deep. That long zoom is astonishing. It's tough. I've dropped it three times and it's fine. It's snappy, able to shoot and track a bird on the wing, with burst firing. Lots of manual settings, about 15 scene settings that make things even faster. Drawbacks: blown out whites are a problem in bright sunlight; spot focus is too broad, making it hard to focus on the bird and not the tree branches that surround it, but practice and persistance wins out. Proprietary battery means you can't just pop in AA's when it's depleted. so buy at least one backup battery. My Webshots page
  22. I went to Eagle Creek Park this afternoon, hoping to stalk deer in the fog for photo ops. But for the first time I've ever seen, the gates were locked and the park is closed. Nothing to explain why. So I went home to see what I could find on the net and here is what I found: >Four Pike Township firefighters were being hospitalized this morning after their fire engine struck a tree during a dispatch run at Eagle Creek Park. The firefighters' names have not been released, but their injuries appeared to be non life-threatening, said Division Chief Rob Saunders, a spokesman for the Pike Township Fire Department. The park will remain closed for the rest of the day because of the road conditions, said Paula Freund, a spokeswoman for Indy Parks. The four firefighters headed out on the engine just before 11 a.m. on a call to help an injured person at the park. While driving to the scene, their engine hit ice near the 5700 block of Eagle Creek Parkway and the driver lost control, Saunders said. All four of the firefighters were conscious and talking when medical personnel arrived. They were transported to Methodist Hospital in separate ambulances, Saunders said. The officers' names and more information on their conditions is expected to be released this afternoon.< I'm curious why they needed a huge fire truck to respond for an injured person instead of an EMT wagon or ambulance. No mention is made about that person's outcome. There's a video here: http://www.theindychannel.com/news/18361941/detail.html Anyway, no one will be Geocaching in Indiana at Eagle Creek Park today.
  23. Just thought I'd share Jenischmeni's door prize from the recent Westside Pre-Holiday Bash event. Even if she didn't! Photos by Mr Schmeni, because Jeni waited til she got home to open her prize. Her log is a riot, but I wanted to post the pics here to give Torry a chance to caption them for us all. Her log: link (sorry, Jeni, I just couldn't resist. I tried. Really I did. Failed miserably, as you can see, but I tried.)
  24. Hi, Rebecca. You can check this linkevents for events all over IN, and new caches too. The events are at the top with speach bubbles. Two coming up in Indy: the Westside eatNgreet this Sunday west side event and the GIG event on the 24th GIG girls in geocaching
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