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  1. My personal coin from 2005 isn't trackable.
  2. Funny how geocoins with errors aren't like currency with errors. Double struck US coins can sell for thousands of dollars, but with a geocoin missing enamel it's a problem? One of my favorite coins is my Fox and Hound, the first one that had a lot of enamel problems. They offered to let people exchange them for coins with correct enamel, but I kept the original.
  3. I paid $120 for a single coin and the only set of coins I've ever bought was some 2005 Calgary coins, which only set me back about $12 for the three of 'em.
  4. Kind of sad that you need to add a disclaimer to put everyone's mind at ease... I've got some of these coins already so I'll abstain from entering. Plus I'm a rifle man anyway. Gotta love those WW2 firearms.
  5. It doesn't seem like anyone is even bothered by the colors being wrong. Why fix something that's not broken? I got 3 with red enamel and I didn't even realize they were supposed to be black. Heck I already traded one away.
  6. Figures the one contest I enter gets canceled, lol. Anyway, I've still got all these nickels to trade. Any takers?
  7. I've got two of the copper and red enamel MOGA coins in hand for trade. One I want to trade for an antique silver MOGA. Any takers?
  8. Well, this is what I always say. Use your money to buy things and they're bound to break. Use your money to travel and the memories will last forever.
  9. Here's what I got today, and a few from a couple days ago. I haven't gotten much lately, but some good stuff overall.
  10. I think the link to geocaching is very thin at best, but if you pay for it then it's your coin to do as you wish with.
  11. Selling them on eBay is your best bet for getting the highest price.
  12. SCP-173

    MWGB Egg

    Looks like he tried to draw his gun but forgot to take it out of the holster.
  13. Are you willing to tell which coins brought such a premium price? One was a 2003 USA coin that wasn't activated and the other was a Dhobby v2. That one was for charity though. I wonder if I could use that as a tax write off...
  14. I bought one coin for $80 and another one recently for $120. I guess it's a good thing I don't buy a lot of coins. I guess you can still call that addiction though.
  15. You are super special.
  16. Maybe they said it to try and make bids higher. Frankly I'd rather have Signal own mine than me.
  17. This is written in an ebay auction but it's a load of crap, right? I've never heard of Groundspeak adopting over Lackey coins.
  18. I was going to buy 2 but it came to $15+ total to ship the "smallest ever produced geocoin" to me.
  19. What about all the existing knock off compass coins? Just because they don't have a website doesn't make them any less of a copy of the original.
  20. Why all the hesitation? Do you all get this suspicious over every store on the internet? I can't count the number of small businesses I've bought non-geocoin stuff from online and never had a problem. It doesn't seem fair to get an inquisition going on these guys when no one's really even had any interaction with them yet.
  21. Despite being legal in the Netherlands use of a certain usually controlled substance is lower for young adolescents in the Netherlands than in the United States. Say this is not family friendly if you'd like, but I think it puts the country in a very good light. Thanks for the cointest!
  22. I'm looking for a 2006 Australia geocoin. If you have one to trade, activated or not, send me an email. I'll trade a Finger Lakes geocoin for one. This would be the only Finger Lakes coin I've even traded since they were made, considering they're only sold to cachers from the Finger Lakes. I'd also trade for a BelKen coin.
  23. Great looking coin. I can really get behind the message of this one.
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