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  1. I didn't even know it was down, so I don't know what I was doing!
  2. I don't post as much as I used to because there's fewer and fewer threads about coins themselves. Now there's loads of mission threads, which don't interest me.
  3. Slight differences or not, why not use your money to produce something unique?
  4. I would be hard pressed to see it as anything more than a plastic signature token like I often see left in caches.
  5. Last week I got a package in the mail just before leaving to go on a little trip. What a surprise to find a Mickey Diver coin inside of it, my very first mystery coin! And what a perfect coin it is, since I've been diving since 2000 or so. Last time I was diving was in Honduras (and of course I found some caches there). Thank you, oh mystery sender. I love it! I wonder what the D.H. stands for?
  6. People cheated on my puzzles all the time. It's called phoning a friend.
  7. I got five more of my old 2005 Vargseld/Team Proline personal geocoin in the mail today... surplus from Team Proline that they didn't want anymore. They had 20 of the original 100. I'd like to trade them for some other 2005 or older coins that are a bit harder to find. Anyone interested? I'm still looking for a 2006 Australia coin, too. Activated or unactivated, doesn't matter. Heck I'm willing to trade multiple coins for one of those at this point, if someone wants to offer one from their collection.
  8. I got five more of my old personal coin in the mail today. Surplus from my folks.
  9. This coin was made before Coinswag even existed.
  10. At least I think it's the first pirate themed geocoin. Does anyone know much about these coins? I was going to email Trez with some questions, but it seems they haven't been online since 2008 (and apparently moved out of Georgia if I'm looking at the right account). I remember back in the day when I first started collecting geocoins in 2005 I wanted one of these so bad but could never find one. I finally got one in the mail yesterday and I'm really loving it. What a strange coin though, the back is an advertisement for KV Coins. They used to be really popular but until I read the name on this coin I don't think I've heard any mention of them in years. Maybe he got a price break by letting them have an ad on the back of the coin? Does anyone know if these coins were sold, traded, left in caches or what? Any idea how many were made? I know he made a version 2 coin with a similar front some years later.
  11. It's not silly at all. Putting a coin in a cache you/it has been to is for the miles you've traveled. It has absolutely nothing to do with finding the cache.
  12. Doesn't the geocaching website do all of that already?
  13. I was wondering the same thing. Why would people just learning about caching even know about or want a geocoin? Some of them would likely not even be interested in caching.
  14. No matter what side of the machine you're looking at the cache icons are always facing you.
  15. Every time I try to make an account there the link to make one just leads to a page that says "Sorry, the product was not found.". It's been like that for quite some time, actually.
  16. I can't remember the details but last night I had a dream about geocoins, too. I think it was my first one ever.
  17. Well, this is what I always say. Use your money to buy things and they're bound to break. Use your money to travel and the memories will last forever.
  18. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I don't care if any of the coins are activated. I've got a Rhode Island coming now, still looking for the other 3 though. If you've got any other old coins you think I might be interested in shoot me an email, too!
  19. Are you sure it was a geocoin? I've never seen one like that. It sounds like something that would have limited appeal and would make more sense as a commercial/commemorative coin from a business.
  20. I can say for certain it's only the one. I asked when I was making the Finger Lakes coin's icon and was told they're not allowed anymore. A good and bad decision, really. Done in moderation they can be cool, but I'd hate to see the icons page turned into a 1998 geocities webpage.
  21. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I don't care if any of the coins are activated.
  22. Well, let's try this again. Here's some coins I'm looking for 2006 Rhode Island 2006 Australia BelKen 2004 USA I've got my old personal coin (not many of them) and Finger Lakes coin that I'd trade for these, as well as a few other misc coins. I'm especially interested in getting a BelKen coin, and the 2006 Australia.
  23. And the irony is I'm pretty sure it was deactivated after the sale.
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