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  1. Maybe one of the other upcoming versions will weigh less.
  2. I think this answers some of the recent questions...as for how to label the box on Customs forms, I think I just called it Jewelry Box. That should be clear enough that the wood has been processed. If the padlock concerns them much, they will be able to figure out the puzzle easily enough.
  3. Haha, Great job in this Photo...the Mystery of how to open the Lock, and what Coins are in there is well maintained!!
  4. At that rate, it should get to me sometime in 2015. What about me, I'm right at the bottom of the list! WSR didnt you say a while ago that you were coming up with a couple of ways for people to get higher in the list? Well...Higher on a DIFFERENT list...I'll work on those soon. Afew more traveling Cache type Tags, where the first ten from the previous lists cannot be in the first ten of any newer list. That will give everyone a chance to get in the first ten. Of course you can sign up for all of them, since it looks like you'd only have to send out about 1 each year.
  5. I think that the challenge that got archived after 7 minutes was somehow problematic while the one at St Stephen's Cathedral was definitely ok. I do not know whether it got archived due too many flags or a too high number of thumbs down. To provide a complete picture, one should also mention that parts of the Viennese cacher community are leading in coming up with provocating challenges that are either locationless or do not make any sense at all and just make fun about challenges. It might well be that some start to be anti challenge as counter reaction or they are just trying to be childish like those who come along with meaningless challenges, but decided to use a different approach. It appears to me that hardly any local cachers take challenges for serious. The few challenges that would make sense might well become victims of this situation. Cezanne Let's not rule out the possibility that some were archived by their creators. I almost archived one of mine because I wanted to edot it, but had accidentally accepted it, thus preventing me from making any changes.
  6. Well Said. This new game can go sooo many places, and us players are the ones to decide. WooHoo...
  7. I haven't read any of the replies in this thread, but I'm OK with agendas, and commercial type challenges. I think the rules were left open for a good reason, there's no limit on the creativity that this new game will allow. Bring it all on, and we can sort it out later.
  8. What better way to demonstrate what the challenge actually is, than by showing yourself completing it!!
  9. Of course in the logging and creation process, I've made a few mistakes and actually logged mine as completed. My thoughts on the qusetion are... I don't plan on issuing many challenges to other players unless I've already done them myself. Some exceptions will happen of course. One of the huge benefits of this new game is that I don't have to commit to maintaining a Cache. I can list a Challenge anywhere in the world, even if I haven't been there. That's an awesome way for my to play interactively with friends in far away places. We can create challenges for each other to complete!! A little internet research, and some google coordinates, and I can make my friends go pose in front of some starue in their own town!! Edit to add... Oops, forgot to mention that I plan to complete all the local challenges I create, but not log them until someone else has.
  10. No, I didn't keep a copy of the list, which I'm realizing now was pretty foolish of me. Especially since the packages contained your activated travelers. Like I've mentioned, this Mission has not progressed at all like I imagined. Experiment Failed. The best I will be able to do is email everyone on the list and remind them that they should report when they got their package.
  11. 3 weeks is not unusual and it's been 4 right now, so it is slow but not too bad. It should arrive any day now.
  12. that would be me...the two that are attached are activated .
  13. Bump...I'm starting to realize that this might take Much longer than I thought. I have three others I plan to set up soon, but will get them all ready to ship first.
  14. Seller posted two photos - one with the code on it. I purchased the actual coin in the photos so they are now out there on the www! I will send an email to let them know the situation. Thanks for the reply. If Ebay will not let the photo be removed because the auction is closed, perhaps reporting the photo as a copyright violation will coax them along/.
  15. Look under her Avatar on the left, it says she works at the Lily Pad!!
  16. Hey, I have one of those...I think mine is BN, and one of the very first Geocoins in my collection. I'm sure you would find this quickly enough, but there is a list of 441 activated travelers after a search for "Lapu-Lapu", BTW...Hi MissJenn. Remember me?? You gave me a Lackey Coin at GW in Sacramento!! Haha, forgot to post the link... http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?k=%22lapu-lapu%22
  17. Or Las Vegas... I saw an awesome framed print of the tower today at Michael's...looking up from the base, with some wispt clouds above. Kinda makes even ME want to go there.
  18. The answer is in post #111 - go have a look. As for how long to the bottom of the list - know one knows for sure - just sit back and enjoy the ride. I'm working on a couple of ideas that will allow people to get closer to the top of a list...Should be ready in about a week.
  19. that's exactly right, just add your name and number to the bottom of the list.
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